October 02, 2017

After Muslim “refugee” terror in Canada, the media, authorities push “diversity,” censorship

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Saturday night, outside an Edmonton Eskimos football game — and it happened to be military appreciation night — there was a policeman working traffic control behind a barrier. 

A man revved his car and crashed through, deliberate hitting the policeman. Then the driver jumped out, stabbed the officer, then fled.

Police later found an ISIS flag in his car.

The footage of the Edmonton attack was released by the police. I can’t imagine anything more newsworthy, but on Sunday the CBC announced that they would not be showing it on TV, for policy reasons.

In their headline, they put “acts of terrorism” in quotes.

The terrorist was a Muslim “refugee, a Somali national named Abdulahi Hasan Sharif who was “known” to police. 

A former co-worker says Sharif played Arabic broadcasts, and talked about his support for well-known ISIS leaders. So the co-worker reported Sharif to Edmonton police, who passed him onto the RCMP.

So why was Sharif granted refugee status, and allowed to roam at will? 

That city’s police force tweeted:

.@edmontonpolice urge the public not to make broad assumptions in regards to religion, race, or nationality in light of #Edmonton attack

Reporting & blocking racist comments

Five people wounded — including a fellow officer — and this cop thinks the problem is Edmontonians upset on Twitter.

Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley rolled out their predictable responses — “diversity is our strength.”

But there is no diversity in these terrorist attacks.

They’re Muslim.

This is all part of conditioning you to accept this as the new normal. 

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Veteran journalist Lorne Gunter, and Professor Salim Mansur, will join me to talk about this terrorist attack, and any possible effect it will have on Justin Trudeau's open borders refugee policy.

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commented 2017-10-24 07:35:45 -0400
Trudeau government is considering bringing in the Rohinya Muslims from Myanmar and they are sending Bob Rae to Myanmar and Bangladesh to assess the ‘crisis’ on the ground.

Follow the money folks. Consider the political benefit to the Liberal Party of Canada. Trudeau is concurrently pushing to change the Canadian electoral system to fast track immigrants and refugee’s right to vote in federal elections. Then ask yourself this. Is the confessed open border globalist, Trudeau, along with his henchmen, at all concerned about the largely self induced humanitarian tragedy of the Rohingya Muslims? Why does the Liberal ‘humanitarian concern’ not, first and foremost, extend to the plight of Canada’s poor and downtrodden, such as Canada’s indigenous people? An indigenous people about whom the Liberals were ‘allegedly’ obsessed about during the period that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper ran the country? Where is that concern now that the Liberals are in power? Or, are the Liberals bound and determined, in arrogant indifference to the the protests and concerns of their own citizens, to rapidly change the demographic, religious and cultural face of Canada? Furthermore, in the process of doing so, to ensure their own political hegemony in the coming years. Follow the money folks. When it comes to understanding the motivations of the cynical Liberals, ALWAYS, follow the money.

The first commandment of cynical, opportunistic and corrupt liberals everywhere? “Never let a crisis go to waste.” ~ Rahm Emmanuel (disastrous Democrat mayor of the murder capital of the U.S., Chicago, and former Chief of Staff for unrepentant globalist, Barack Hussein Obama.)
commented 2017-10-04 15:50:31 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented, “I like Lorne Gunter, but he is a bit of an apologist for Islam in my opinion. I agree that not all Muslims are terrorists( a tired refrain) but that does not mean that unfettered Islam is any good for the country.” Like you I like Lorne Gunter’s perspective by likewise disappointed that he was an apologist for Islam, not just a bit, when he said, “Instead of saying that we recognize that radical Islam is not representative of the Muslim faith but it is a political ideology that is a threat to western values and we will defend our values, defend our people against radical Islam” essentially the lies spun out by the Muslim front groups in e-411 that there is no connection between terrorist activities and the religion of Islam, which is a foundational assertion as part of M-103. As pointed out in this testimony by James Aloysius “Ace” Lyons Jr., a retired admiral in the United States Navy, quoting Erdogan of Turkey, “Islam is Islam there no modifiers”.
commented 2017-10-04 14:56:01 -0400
The Maclean’s article by Liberal mouthpiece Scott Gilmore, “The Right’s Terrorism Problem”, was on September 14th and, interestingly, less than a week later we have the testimony at the Heritage Committee’s M-103 hearings of a Liberal star witness Michel Juneau-Katsuya, a former CSIS and RCMP officer, on September 20th who regurgitated the same narrative of an imagined “extreme right” bogeyman who, according to Juneau-Katsuya, represents an even a greater threat than Islamic terrorism.
Ezra you say you do not understand. It is understandable, a left/Islamic alliance, according to which “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.
commented 2017-10-04 00:37:00 -0400
LIZA ROSIE: And I agree with every post of yours I’ve read. :)
commented 2017-10-03 17:24:19 -0400
Maybe what’s needed here in this country for a while is a little patriot supremacy…!!
commented 2017-10-03 17:19:31 -0400
One thing the islanimals have right is the following:

They do not allow any graphical representation of their pedophile, murdering hero to be made or to be publicized.

We should adopt the same policy when it comes to our prime traitors such as Trudeau, Notley and Wynne.

People will suffer less nightmares if they don’t see these evil faces posted everywhere!
commented 2017-10-03 16:03:05 -0400
j bissonnette commented 3 hours ago, “Maryam Monsef posted a blab on facebook about some celebration she attended on the weekend. the photo montage she posted showed a drawing with the words ‘stop white supremacy.’ (Not my) PM re-posted it to his facebook page. So it’s ‘white supremacy’ causing all the problems here, no one else.”

So, is MP Maryam Monsef, herself non-white, saying that when white people object to the Edmonton terrorist attack by a non-white person and illegal non-white migrants pouring across our borders 24/7, somehow that makes them white supremacists? Interesting to see how her mind works and how she plays the race card!!
commented 2017-10-03 12:59:28 -0400
Sorry, Colleen Morrison Lyons.
commented 2017-10-03 12:25:05 -0400
I sure agree with that Colleen Morrison.
commented 2017-10-03 12:10:06 -0400
SAMANTHA ROBERTSON, Thank you so much! I think the key is to disallow radical beliefs of any kind. The minute any authority of any religion promotes the abuse, death or killing of any other group, they should be arrested and every individual in the religious organization hierarchy who were complicit in spreading this sort of hate speech should be held accountable as well.
commented 2017-10-03 12:02:02 -0400
Yesterday morning, CBC had breaking news on their site that the refugee in Edmonton was being charged with Terrorism. An hour or so later, they retracted that story (I have screenshots of both stories.) Now today they’re busy telling us why he CAN’T (and in my opinion won’t) be charged with terrorism.

I’ve tried talking with my family and friends about what happened in Edmonton, no one wants to hear about it, no one wants to talk about it. Not even those I know in Edmonton. They just shut me up immediately.

In the meantime, Alexandre Bissonnette who is charged with the Quebec mosque shooting is now facing another charge of attempted murder. CBC says:

“A Crown prosecutor has added a new charge of attempted murder to the list of charges against Alexandre Bissonnette in connection to the Quebec City mosque shooting.

The new charge collectively includes 35 people — 31 men and four children — who witnessed the shooting that killed six people and wounded 19 others at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre on Jan. 29.

“It’s a charge which includes 35 victims who were physically present with the accused when the events occurred,” prosecutor Thomas Jacques said on Monday.""

I’ve never heard of this before.

Also this from the CBC article:

“The Crown is also proceeding with a direct indictment on all charges, avoiding the preliminary inquiry which would take weeks to prepare.

Judge Jean-Louis Lemay had previously reminded Crown and defence lawyers in the case to be mindful of delays in order to avoid having the case tossed out due to excessive delays.

Bissonnette is due back in court Dec. 11, when a trial date could be set."

the full article is here:


Maryam Monsef posted a blab on facebook about some celebration she attended on the weekend. the photo montage she posted showed a drawing with the words ‘stop white supremacy.’ (Not my) PM re-posted it to his facebook page. So it’s ‘white supremacy’ causing all the problems here, no one else.

Unbelievable things happening.
commented 2017-10-03 11:55:26 -0400
@ SHOBHNA KAPOOR, " I find it obscene that the Canadian government is importing people into Canada who want to kill and forcibly convert Hindus."

I find it obscene also. Why does Justin think it is a good idea to import more hatred and expect us to all get along. As I have said before, I’ll bet there are a lot of immigrants who worked hard to come here to get away from Islamic oppression only to find their government is putting them at danger by importing it and moving it into their neighbourhoods. It is madness.

Why is it always about Muslims? In Mayamar the Buddhists are the ones being wrongly portrayed by the stupid Islamic apologizing west. This Muslim supremacy will only cause more resentment. Besides we have enough damn refugees. Damn you Justin Trudeau.
commented 2017-10-03 11:47:49 -0400
@Shobhna Kapoor commented 3 hours ago,
It is very disturbing what the MSM reports on that but also very telling for who looks a little further than the story on the surface.
commented 2017-10-03 11:44:16 -0400
@ COLLEEN MORRISON LYONS . “Muslims are just like any other religious person if they aren’t radically devout. Show me a Muslim basically taking what they want from their religion and leaving the parts that seem wrong or outdated to them, and this is most likely a sensible and thoughtful person, who just happens to be of a particular religion due to geography like everyone else”

Absolutely right Colleen. I call them buffet Muslim’s. They pick and choose what they want from the Koran. I put Raza Raheel and Tarek Fatah in this category. Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is an apostate and a self defined atheist seems to advocate for reformation now also. I don’t hold much hope for it myself. I think it is a nice idea. However those few who are ‘buffet’ Muslim’s are far out numbered by fundamentalists, and can and will be bullied. Iran is full of moderate ‘modern’ buffet Muslims and the past several years has shown just this kind of bullying by the Mohammedans. Women who dressed as they wished, bathed on the beach in bikinis are now required to cover. They have no choice. In Canada the fundamentalists have the strength. Muslims here will be pressured.
commented 2017-10-03 10:38:20 -0400
@ Sam Hill commented 11 hours ago
It looks more and more likely that the Vegas shooter is a patsy like Oswald was for JFK.

Yes! …and that Clintoon witch is conveniently in Canada at the time – spreading her satanic message of hate & division! That Marxist witch needs to be burned at the stake! Clintoon body count = 130 & counting!
commented 2017-10-03 10:11:21 -0400
The leftest media has pushed the" Edmonton terrorist attack" to the back page and is running all out to cover the Las Vegas shootings.

I’m not surprised our Lieberals (domestic terrorists) are down playing the terror attack.
commented 2017-10-03 09:49:21 -0400
COLLEEN MORRISON LYONS Lovely comment, and great clip (love that show).

My fear is that, as more imams are foreign trained and more mosques foreign funded, those Muslims who would prefer to practice a modern day or moderate version of Islam are being pressured to adhere to more radical beliefs.

This is measurable, IMO. For example, we see more female Muslims in Canada wearing full face coverings, and even very young girls wearing the hijab.
commented 2017-10-03 09:37:31 -0400
The problem with the islanimals is they believe their holy Quaran is the literal word of god.
By definition, God is a supreme loving being and creator of everything in heaven and earth.
With that kind of power at his disposition, why would he need a bunch of islanimals to go around killing people. He could do it himself in a flash.
No, islanimals are simply a bunch of inbred lunatics who have contributed nothing to society, culture, medicine, the arts or humanity.
If all the moderate islanimals, seems our politicians and those in authority believe there are moderates, actually existed,then, they should be the first to go to the mosques and clean these hotbeds of radicalism of the lunatic hateful mullahs and imams.
They don’t do this simply because they believe in what the holy book of terror is preaching and secretly hope that the terrorists overcome all other religions.
commented 2017-10-03 09:29:00 -0400
Mette Reed – I like that – in the end God wins. He has the biggest guns – His sovereignty is absolute and beyond anything we humans can devise. Truer words were never spoken. I sometimes think that it must be somewhat amusing for Him to look at the foolishness that goes on in this world, the attempts of so many people past and present to usurp His authority and think that they are in control, when He has the plan set out already, and it does not end well for the majority of them.
I have often pondered this idea of not allowing any Muslim immigration to Canada, prohibiting halal, closing mosques, etc., etc. No politician I have seen has the backbone to even recommend that, even Conservatives – it would be political suicide. Also too many people in Canada are totally ignorant of the situation and would be up in arms against such a suggestion. The press would have a field day and twist and turn the issue to make these ideas seem like the most bigoted, racist proposals EVER.
As well, the legal challenges would be enormous, and, given that Saudi Arabia seems to have unlimited funds, they would finance any and all challenges to it in the courts, and win, given the spineless blobs we have in the judiciary today.
The UN would be all over us, like the EU and the UN are hammering away at Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic for the some similar types of actions. And we know how Trudeau and the UN are – I wonder if Sophia ever gets jealous at his love affair with them!
I wish that someone could come up with something practical that we could do. Islam adds NOTHING to western culture, and actually is undermining all the good that has been won and defended over the centuries at the cost of many lives. I guess that is another reason I have turned the NFL off totally, with their cry baby whiners taking the knee with their total disrespect for the flag. If the NHL players even think about going there I may be back to only watching golf and the Discovery Channel.
But, as David Menzies so often says, excuse me, I digress!
commented 2017-10-03 09:21:07 -0400
Muslims are just like any other religious person if they aren’t radically devout. Show me a Muslim basically taking what they want from their religion and leaving the parts that seem wrong or outdated to them, and this is most likely a sensible and thoughtful person, who just happens to be of a particular religion due to geography like everyone else. Every religion has people who adhere to the original as closely as possible, even if the rules seem outdated generally. Now an excuse to link to a hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm clip;


More than any one particular religion, the danger lies in the radicals of any religion. It’s the extremism that causes the problems, especially if your particular beliefs taken to the extreme advocate that you should convert or kill everyone who doesn’t share these beliefs. Everything needs to be filtered through Aristotle’s Golden Mean, and if you can’t do this, your belief system is flawed.
commented 2017-10-03 08:58:53 -0400
There has been non stop propaganda from the National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CTV and CBC on the so called oppressed Rohingya Muslims NOT ONE of these Hinduphobic presstitutes mentioned the fact that on August 25th in Rakhine, Myanmar, 300 Myanmar Muslims kidnapped 100 Hindus, killed 92 of them and converted 8 women into Muslims. The women have disappeared into Bangladesh. Mud pits filled with corpses of Hindus including women and children have been found in Myanmar. As a Hindu whose paternal grandparents and great parents survived partition of India by pretending to be Muslims, whose country of birth, India, has suffered over 80 million dues to Islam, I find it obscene that the Canadian government is importing people into Canada who want to kill and forcibly convert Hindus.
commented 2017-10-03 06:44:50 -0400
Notice every so often the US has a mass shooting! I believe the elites are behind these shootings! It’s another attempt to cause fear and remove guns from the people. One of the first NWO Globalists to come out and speak was Hillary. Looks as if she was waiting in the wings. No empathy for the victims. She went straight to pushing “gun control”. All planned. Maybe, we even paid for some of it with our “donation” to the Clinton foundation! The Corruption is getting worse. Trump has thrown a stumbling block into their plans, and they have completely lost it! They are pushing Trudeau to do more, using anything he can including Canadian taxpayer dollars to Clinton foundation, millions sent to French Navy, EU putting together their own Military, Funding and promotion of Abortion all over the World. Both the EU an UN pushing Abortion. And, on the ever increasing insanity goes. But in the end God wins. He has the biggest guns.
commented 2017-10-03 06:16:41 -0400
“We will not let them divide us” Goodale And, “Diversity is our strength” ????
And, what does this mean? Nothing! Different day, Same BS from the Canadian government!
commented 2017-10-03 02:12:34 -0400
Of course there is diversity in terrorism.
commented 2017-10-03 01:27:54 -0400
Sam Hill, those shots certainly didn’t look to be coming from the 37 floor did they.
commented 2017-10-03 01:13:30 -0400
I’m violence weary today. Edmonton and Las Vegas. In Canada any non Canadian citizen who draws the attention of police for Islamic extremist expressions should be brought before a judge whos job it is is to give the Canadian citizens the benefit of the doubt. If there is any doubt the person does not separate Mosque and State, love freedom and accept the rule of law and is here to solely live a life that will seek to enrich Canadian communities and values, the person should be deported.

As to Las Vegas I think mental illness was the reason and ISIS was all to quick to take credit for that illness as they are the illest of all. There is never an accounting of, or a tidy solution to crazy. You don’t limit the freedoms all to balance the rare insanity of others. The guns at the door stopped him from killing more.
commented 2017-10-03 00:55:39 -0400
Never forget that a Mosque is a territorial statement and the world is Islam’s country.
So are we paying to feed and educate this guy in jail while he radicalizes the population on the inside or will we pay him to join Omar on the streets of Edmonton?
commented 2017-10-03 00:52:38 -0400
The Middle East as a whole is 100 times richer than us. While our countries are all in debt that we will never be able to repay. Why should we take in muslims? That’s the new world order, one totalitarian gov’t disguised as democratic, a melting pot of indistinguishable countries constituted of a melting pot of cultures, all middle classe people (meaning poor). Canadians will never be able to stop the train of the totalitarian one-world gov’t when muslims are in greater numbers. Because that’s what they want: one gov’t under islam. But the Left thinks they’ll keep their current lifestyles, fancy clothes and trips and boats and parties, and all their Hollywood movies, and concerts and shows, when muslims become the majority. How disconnected from reality they are.
commented 2017-10-03 00:48:45 -0400
@ Carole Masse, “Why do we need muslims as immigrants in Canada at all?” Looking at history it does not seem to work out very well for the host countries. Seems the same result every time. How our ‘leaders’ expect us to believe it will be okie dokie here is truly a mystery to me. But Islam is here, we have to live with the ones that are here. That does not mean that we can’t gain control of the situation. Moratorium on immigration/migration. Strict banning of all and any sharia, from halal food to niqabs. Clamp down on death threats coming from the mouths of Imams, and restrictions for Mosques, size ,locations and numbers. Revoke this ridiculous bill 6 that has come into law, make citizenship hard to get and deport all troublemakers.
Regaining control of the country looks dismal with no one on Canada’s side.