April 27, 2017

Facebook apologizes for removing photo of boobs after uploader claims the woman “identifies as a male”

StaffRebel Columnist

A screen grab of a Facebook notice has gone viral for the most hilarious of reasons.

Posted on Reddit, the screen grab shows a typical Facebook alert page where the site claims a user violated its “community standards” with a photo.

The notice did, however, tell the user that if he thought the photo shouldn't have been removed, he can supply them with more information.

So, he did. “She identifies as a man, so technically her nipples should be acceptable on this page,” the user replied.

Following the message, Facebook apologized for the inconvenience and restored the photo. Wow.

Facebook's censorship has been out of control for awhile now. Its most recent controversy came when it blocked Conservative YouTuber Mark Dice for his comments on a transgender Dove ad.

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commented 2017-04-27 21:59:18 -0400
Hey advertisers on FB, from now on you can just send them monopoly money , tell them it identifies as actual money.
commented 2017-04-27 21:58:24 -0400
Damn never thought of this when FB used to block me. Well played, put them in a position where they cannot win.
commented 2017-04-27 21:03:20 -0400
They seem to be making up the rules on the fly.
commented 2017-04-27 17:07:21 -0400
There is an alternative to Facebook and Twitter, no censorship. Check out GAB.

While you are at it, check out this Video, if you are a Trudeauphile.

Why Trudeau is our weakness
commented 2017-04-27 16:21:00 -0400
Do as I do. Do not use Twitter and Facebook. They are leftist globalists who are against us, the people, our freedom of speech, our privacy, our rights and freedom. You can live happily without them.