March 09, 2016

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims “we're all immigrants” in far-left, pro-illegal immigrant Facebook post

StaffRebel Columnist

Pro-censorship Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a post on Tuesday in support of Obama’s executive actions to prevent illegal immigrants from being deported.

I've been extremely vocal when it comes to taking Zuckerberg to task for his positions and the danger he can cause by influencing elections through his website by censoring opinions.

“Today I joined 60 technology leaders in supporting President Obama’s executive actions to prevent undocumented immigrant children from being deported,” Zuckerberg wrote.


“As I travel around the world, I see many nations turning inwards. I hear growing voices for building walls and distancing people labeled as "other". Whether it's refugees, undocumented immigrants or underrepresented minorities, I hope we have the wisdom to understand that the best path forward is always to bring people together, not divide them.”

Notice how he never uses the word 'illegal' but rather 'undocumented' as if it changes the fact that these individuals are in fact in the United States illegally.

Remember, this is the same man who censors opinions he doesn't agree with. Whether it's about Muslim terrorists, refugees or even Black Lives Matter. It shouldn't be long now until anti-amnesty Facebook pages and comments are removed.

Zuckerberg then goes on to explain how when he was teaching a class, some of his 'best students' were illegal immigrants and because they were in the country illegally, they could be denied the chance to go to college.

As they shouldn't. As proper-Americans deserve that opportunity far more than people who shouldn't even be in the country.

The infamous Facebook CEO caps his status off with, “We are a nation of immigrants. We are one world. And we are all connected. We must have the humanity to welcome in these children and to bring people together -- and that's what we told the Supreme Court today.”

How many times have you heard these BS left-wing talking points from socialists who advocate for open borders? Remember, I was the first to tell you how Zuckerberg supports a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT with open borders back in January.

In a reply to a comment on the post, Zuckerberg took it one step further by writing “We're all immigrants.”

No, we're not. I was born in Canada, but if I was born in the United States I'd be American. Not an immigrant. And certainly not an illegal immigrant like the ones Zuckerberg is so quick to defend.

Zuckerberg insults law-abiding immigrants who brought their families to the United States legally by equating them with illegals from Mexico who knew they were breaking the law.

This man being in control of the world's largest social media platform is like having a kid in a candy store. Only the kid has unlimited funds. And the kid is a leftist. And the candy store is filled with uneducated voters instead of gumballs.

With great power comes great responsibility. Zuckerberg is anything but responsible.

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commented 2016-03-11 13:32:27 -0500
A lot of the children you are decrying (the post relates specifically to the children of undocumented workers) were actually born and raised in the US, making them “Americans” by your standards. However, the status of their parents makes claiming that status difficult.
commented 2016-03-10 15:21:31 -0500
I suspect Zuckerberg is either a Muslim or a Jew. He most certainly is not Hispanic.
commented 2016-03-10 02:32:27 -0500
Acuuna when it comes to this ahole he probably thinks we all came from Mars or something. Sad thing is that when i was on FB i saw many insulting posts about natives that never got removed or got the posters banned for 3 days. Another selective progressive.
commented 2016-03-09 22:33:55 -0500
I love how they call illegals “undocumented immigrants”.
So if you’re in somebody else’s house without home owner’s knowledge and consent, you’re not an intruder, you’re an undocumented inhabitant. And if you’re taking money from a bank without bank’s consent, you’re just an undocumented customer.
That’s really funny.
commented 2016-03-09 20:42:24 -0500
Nice try Zucky.

If you don’t like the law, lobby to change the law.

You better hurry up though, Humane Trump will be here to scotch your one world community pipedreams in a few short months.

commented 2016-03-09 18:14:56 -0500
The only thing FB is good for now is that it’s a useful tool for the terrorists, and for tracking others who don’t conform to the censorship czars. Zucker is aiding and abetting terrorists, while lecturing others on what they can and can’t say on his useless service. I have news for Zucker, you aren’t God and never will be, so take a hike on your lectures. All you leftists think you are so important, well I’m here to tell you that you aren’t.
commented 2016-03-09 17:55:47 -0500
Can someone please suspend his facebook page
commented 2016-03-09 17:24:48 -0500
We’re all equal in the world? What a demented, deranged thing for this a-hole to say. What if say, I don’t know, a white Christian wanted to move to a middle east muslim majority country, would this person be welcomed with open loving arms by that country? NO! Shove it Zuckerburg. You and everyone else like you are destroying the democratic nations of the world and promoting giving them away to the Islamic invasion of the beheading raping cult. Giving away everything the true citizens of these countries built and went to war for, to keep it free and democratic, from scumbag dictators like yourself, Merkel, Trudeau and Erdogan. I guess Europe isn’t enough for the Islamic bastards to rob and shit on, they want North America too.
commented 2016-03-09 17:06:23 -0500
I never did the tweet or facebook thingy. No offense to anyone that does, but I just didn’t see the relevance, for me. Especially now that both platforms appear to have been high-jacked by the “triggered” crowd of perpetual whiner victims.
commented 2016-03-09 17:02:57 -0500
I am not a “face” on Facebook nor a “twit” on Twitter. Hope all those leftard companies go belly up! The sooner the better. Just like B. Gates – makes $$$ off the same people he now wants to “de-populate” ??? I used to respect Gates until he started his campaign to de-populate. All these people are in serious need of a lobotomy!!
commented 2016-03-09 16:11:47 -0500
I concur, I was born here. In any case, my parents were LEGAL immigrants.
commented 2016-03-09 15:03:24 -0500
Are any of these the undocumented children that kick around an infidels severed head to play soccer?
commented 2016-03-09 14:57:49 -0500
My foot is connected to me but if it developed gangrene I would cut it off. Same goes for morally/ethically decaying segments of human society. Zuckerberg is a fool who got lucky with a social networking platform.
commented 2016-03-09 14:48:02 -0500
Never use Facebook or Twitter, bunch of LW Wankers. National Socialists (Nazis).
commented 2016-03-09 14:17:54 -0500
somehow these people ,like mark, equate money with righteousness.
commented 2016-03-09 14:14:41 -0500
I was born here in Canada, so if I am an immigrant and was to deported…..???? Really Mark, get your head out your butt.
commented 2016-03-09 13:16:40 -0500
we aren’t all immigrants. get off my fuckin’ land and bring back the great herds of buffalo, mark.
you killed them all…remember?
the war on terrorism began here in 1492.
the rest of you are newbies.
commented 2016-03-09 13:13:01 -0500
What a dangerous and disgusting puke. This moron hit it big with Facebook before he ever had a chance to actually experience the world that the rest of us live in. Lets face it, he was a silver spoon baby who was going to have an easy life anyway but his ridiculous wealth at such a young age only amplifies his stupidity and naivete. The problem is this guy has a massive amount of sway and influence on the spread (or censorship) of information. REAL information. This dummy is nothing more than a puppet for the leftist elites and I don’t think he even knows any better.
He’s a chimp with a machine gun.
commented 2016-03-09 13:11:33 -0500
Zuckerberg strikes me as being one of the typical regressive socialist hypocrites. He has made his money through a successful business in the capitalist system; which requires freedom of expression to be successful in that system. Now that he has done so, he wants to deny others a chance.
commented 2016-03-09 13:02:23 -0500
Facebook is Cancer.