January 13, 2016

FACT CHECK: Apple claims its data centres "are powered by 100% renewable energy"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Apple claims that much of its organization are powered by 100 renewable sources. Is it true?

On my show, I asked energy expert Alex Epstein -- author of the terrific book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels -- whether or not this could possibly be true.

Epstein says that instead of talking about renewable vs. non-renewable energy sources, we should talk about "reliables and non-reliables."

He says Apple's claims are about as believable as any company claiming, "We hired a bunch of bums off the street" and everything works great.


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commented 2016-01-14 16:22:16 -0500
“Someone said they’re doing something that we don’t approve of”. (Rebel journalist 1)
“Let’s claim that they might be lying” (Rebel journalist 2)
“OK, let’s just find any old critic who will say something like that” (Rebel journalist 1)

Another day of grade B (generous) non journalism at the Rebel.
All you said was “but maybe they’re lying” and never even asked the company to prove it. And someone decided to hit “publish” on this trash. Sorry, but please do better.
commented 2016-01-14 09:29:30 -0500
I’ll tell you one evil corporation I hope OCCUPY manages to confiscate the assets of….HARPO….why should anybody become a billionaire exploiting the bitching of bored women with nothing better to do.
commented 2016-01-14 01:36:38 -0500
I wonder how many big corporation hating occupy hypocrites shop at the apple store , then they go and hat anyone else who gets rich while they fork over for a new type of charger for the latest iphone.
commented 2016-01-14 01:35:21 -0500
I wonder how many big corporation hating occupy hypocrites
commented 2016-01-14 01:35:19 -0500
I wonder how many big corporation hating occupy hypocrites
commented 2016-01-14 01:34:43 -0500
Sam Young you got that right, yet the whiney progressive bleeding hearts never criticize them, their iphones are more important than their humanity , and Steve Jobs always wore a sweater, that means he is a saint, or something like that.
Apple is one huge source of hypocrisy in the trendy enlightened circles. They could probably burn puppies alive to make a part for the next iphone and the progressives would not even blink.
commented 2016-01-13 18:27:32 -0500
Sam—-Don’t you think that Cap n Trade just permits them to proceed as usual ? Just another tax.
commented 2016-01-13 18:27:16 -0500
Charleton said, “Bull Shit is renewable!”

That is certainly true. They recycle their bullshit all the time.
commented 2016-01-13 18:09:40 -0500
This is just a red herring. Apple has bigger issues, dealing with how their products are all manufactured by Chinese slave labor in Foxconn and its shadow companies.

There are few corporate giants that are more abusive than Apple
commented 2016-01-13 17:52:51 -0500
Rotten, right to the core.
commented 2016-01-13 17:32:44 -0500
The point is , Apple will be telling the TRUTH once ‘Cap and Trade’ or ‘Carbon Tax’ comes into effect. So much for saving the Planet .
commented 2016-01-13 16:07:47 -0500
Bull Shit is renewable!
commented 2016-01-13 15:40:33 -0500
Who cares.

Unless those centres are completely off grid they are lying.

Why would anyone believe a corporation like apple?

Only an idiot would.

Mind you there are lots of idiots out there.