October 09, 2017

FACT CHECK: Liberals lied after blowing budget to lecture Trump

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


The Liberals spent 50 per cent over budget on hotel rooms on a trip to lecture Trump about the Great Lakes. And I have the proof: Catherine McKenna's Environment, Climate Change and Parks Ministry's expenses.

It's the usual hypocrisy: A lot of air travel for a bunch of people scared to death of C02. 

That trip to Washington, DC was for "Great Lakes Day." I know: The Great Lakes are not in Washington. But that's where McKenna went anyway.

McKenna’s trip was really an opportunity to lecture President Trump about the environment because he plans cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency's Great Lakes program.

But lecturing our closest ally in comfort and style is expensive.

The minimum authorized cost per hotel room per night is $200, but the Libs put themselves up in rooms costing at least $314 per night because according to an email, the rooms were in an "ideal location" and "there weren't many hotel rooms on the list."

So I did something whoever is approving these expenses should have done the first place and in my video today:

I fact checked these claims...

The Liberals don't need to raise taxes.

They need to be more careful with the money we already gave them.


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commented 2017-10-10 18:50:02 -0400
“Climate Bimbo” in action!
commented 2017-10-10 18:26:34 -0400
The Liberals lied when …………………………………………………….(fill in the blank. When haven’t they lied?)
commented 2017-10-10 15:39:15 -0400
Ya.. me too.!!!
However budgets are the only thing the climate Barbie is blowing.!!
commented 2017-10-10 08:26:12 -0400
Flat Earth; I’m appalled at your lack of sympathy for the plane.
commented 2017-10-10 01:20:35 -0400
I swear I wouldn’t shed a tear if lightning struck a plane that the entire liberal caucus inner circle was on causing it to slowly lose altitude with no chance of recovery and they knew it, letting everybody on board know for at least 15 minutes they were all going to die without a doubt … And wouldn’t it be completely ironic if that plane crashed on a mosque while flying to Saudi Arabia to lecture on CO2 emissions and visit one of Justin’s high profile Muslim brothers.!!!
commented 2017-10-10 01:12:43 -0400
Stephen Eisenberg SHHH! They may take that as a challenge. Sadly your comment reflects about positive an outcome as we can hope for under these corrupt pigs.
commented 2017-10-10 00:42:05 -0400
Those spending and approving this waste is in Breach of Trust
commented 2017-10-09 21:15:41 -0400
We got off cheap. Usually when Baby Doc or his minions virtue signal it costs us millions, if not billions of dollars.

With a bit of luck, people will catch on and Baby Doc and company will be tossed the next election. But with the MSM, its a bet I won’t take.
commented 2017-10-09 20:37:57 -0400
The only time Liberals care about Tax Payers money is when someone fails to file their Tax Return.
commented 2017-10-09 20:04:04 -0400
Poor Climate Barbie… And with Trump lifting Obama era restrictions on coal burning generating plants in the coming days, she and her crew will no doubt be renting those overpriced hotel rooms again on yet another junket… Sigh… (Do they maybe get a discount after the 10th stay there??)
commented 2017-10-09 19:56:34 -0400
McKenna is really an empty-headed manikin placed to serve other interests.

She sits there, quietly, mute of anything resembling a coherent thought; on command, she rattles off her often used talking points, without considering for a second whether or not they make any sense.

She not there to any real work: she’s there to have fun. She’s all about fun and being a cheerleader.

What can one expect of a Barbie?
commented 2017-10-09 19:56:21 -0400
Sometimes words just have this natural flow, eh?
Liberals, blowing, lying.
commented 2017-10-09 19:12:52 -0400
SHEILA , keep digging , in the Liberals manure pile
commented 2017-10-09 18:47:53 -0400
Donald Trump is just nuts if he will entertain cabinet ministers while he himself is the president of the most powerful country in the world… From this day forward I would be sending the lowest underlings I could find to engage the underlings that Ottawa sends to the USA on our behalf.!!!
commented 2017-10-09 18:47:34 -0400
Quote I came across today that is sort of related. From The Edmonton Bulletin, Nov. 1, 1884.

“The sun rises in Halifax, shines all day over Montreal and Ottawa, then sets in Toronto.”

Not much change in 133 years.
commented 2017-10-09 18:35:39 -0400
… Lies and corruption from Justin Trudeau and his government are just business as usual. The disgusting outrage is that it means nothing to Liberal supporters.
commented 2017-10-09 18:29:16 -0400
You don’t understand, Sheila. The Liberals are the new royalty, as in Saudi Arabia.
commented 2017-10-09 18:26:08 -0400
Great report Sheila. Keep sifting through paper, we appreciate it.
McKenna’s nasal chastising is beyond annoying, then, add her “approved climate propaganda” and it’s nauseating!
commented 2017-10-09 18:14:58 -0400
Thanks Sheila..Keep up the great work!