April 11, 2015

Facts about murdered, missing Aboriginal women contradict "racism" narrative

Brian LilleyArchive

I'm tired of the issue of murdered and missing Aboriginal women being used to beat up on Canada as a whole, and paint the rest of us as racists.

As TheRebel.media first reported over a month ago, the recent RCMP report shows that 90% of these homicides end up being solved.

When they are, it's revealed that most of these women were killed by someone they knew -- and the majority of offenders are Aboriginals themselves.

Sad to say, that statistic shouldn't be surprising:

In Canada, 84% of murder victims of all races are killed by someone known to them. That's more or less true in most countries in the world.

Aboriginal leaders are still demanding a national inquiry, but I think that's the last thing we need, and I tell you why in my report.

Do you agree? Tell us in the comments!

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commented 2015-04-19 18:21:34 -0400
I could not agree more! My brother in law is aboriginal and he knows this as fact having lived on a reserve. The problems are not of Canada’s making but of the society that instills poverty by their chiefs. This system will never end with an inquiry, because the root problems are mostly with the aboriginal and their reserves. Alcoholism and drug abuse is rampant on most reserves. If the aboriginal people want an inquiry, fine, but let’s look at all aspects of life on and off the reserves for the aboriginal population. Then we can finally call the end to this Indian Act. Aboriginal people must become a contributing member of society. Ban all reserves unless they choose to be there, but then get no funding from the Canadian people. We are in the 21st century and it’s about time they become apart of growing this country instead of always crying for more hand outs.
commented 2015-04-12 13:54:12 -0400
We need to scrap the Indian Act and settle the treaty claims challenges. That will remove much of the rationale for protest, including by foreign interests using FN oppression to advance their interests in undermining our economy.

There is a significant element of organized crime driven by supremacy ideology that controls a lot of Native unrest. Saskatchewan Professor Many Guns says FN want an inquiry to pressure parliament to make law that holds our government accountable to FN.
That is a supremacist demand FN activists hope international pressure will facilitate.

Yes, Shawn Atleo came under heavy fire for promoting good education for FN children. Because, due to all the protest, that initiative failed, FN children lose. They will lose even more if Trudeau’s legalization of marijuana passes. It will keep FN youth even more stoned, and safely out of politics on reserves where Trudeau wants them to stay.

I say let’s be proactive. Take the legs out from under the advantage FN protesters make of apartheid law. Scrap the racist Indian Act and hold FN to the same standards as the rest of Canada. Settle the land claims and put a tight lid on them. Forever. Then we can get on with the business of building the united Canada, the true north, strong and free, that we need to weather current world conflicts.
commented 2015-04-12 06:39:27 -0400
Thank you Mr. Lilley. I would like to honour you with a quote from my favourite Philosopher, Denis Diderot, " skepticism is therefore the first step toward truth." A Philosopher I had to find on my own since the Toronto area universities I attended only promoted Diderot’s nemesis, Jean Jacques Rousseau. The father of the romantic primitivism that is behind this duplicitous sophistry.
commented 2015-04-12 00:15:12 -0400
Hear, hear!
commented 2015-04-11 23:58:39 -0400
Brian, I’m with you 100% on this. Ms. Fontaine says the gov’t is spinning & wants to blame them for their problems. Well, I’m sorry Madam, but it is. We are not living your lives, you are. Where are these same people when the (now deceased) was alive. It’s always after the fact, when they come out to protest & march with framed pictures of the deceased & blame everyone else but themselves. Does the white man demand an inquiry every time a white woman is murdered? No. The statistics are factual & it’s about time those people take responsibility.
commented 2015-04-11 23:51:42 -0400
70% end up having been murdered by othe raboriginals – that’s the exact number I’d guessed at, long ago.
And I, too am sick of liberal victimologists agitating the natives to Blame Whitey for everything all the time.
commented 2015-04-11 23:18:09 -0400
I think you’ve got that right Ken.
Wayne, Sounds like a good move toward levelling the playing field. As well more jobs wouldn’t hurt. A job is the best social program available. Too bad a certain segment fights us on resource development. A job and a roof that you own, goes a long way to keeping a family together and strong, which would cut down on people being lost to the street. Lots of Aboriginals are getting out of the reserve, finding employment and prospering, just not enough of them. There are also some successful reserves who have managed to be profitable, employing their members and even people from outside the reserve. We need a climate where all Canadians can have the same options. but I don’t think most of our native Indians want that much assimilation. Look at what happened to Atleo when he tried to bring up educational standards so Aboriginal kids would have a better shot.

We don’t need an inquiry, we know what the problems are already.
commented 2015-04-11 22:56:49 -0400
How cold and insensitive is any group of people that would use the tragedy of death and abuse of women, or anyone for that matter, to promote an agenda. Who really is the racist here? Who really are the ones actually concerned over the murder of the innocents? This reeks of victimizing the victims again by the very people that are freely playing the race card for personal gain. Shame on you.
commented 2015-04-11 22:26:00 -0400
Natives need to own the land that their houses stand on as individuals in order to fully participate in modern society. How can you expect anyone to repair his own home if he is not the owner? If we white people had to depend on governments to build our houses, we would be living in shacks to. Native reserves should be abolished and house lots given to those live in the houses. Unoccupied reserve land could be used to form corporations and the shares should be issued equally to all band members. As it is now, no one can start a business or collect debts on a native reserve. Let natives buy sell and mortgage just like the rest of us. Let natives fall under the jurisdiction of the provinces, just like other Canadians. This would greatly increase the wealth of the natives. The present system just perpetuates poverty.
commented 2015-04-11 21:57:40 -0400
Right on Glenn, I would like to relate to you this story. Years ago my wife worked in a western store, now it was store policy to place the bounced cheques under a piece of glass in the sight of the pubic to view beside the cash register. One day a well known “activist Luney left bedwetter” came in the store and pretended that he was shopping. He then walked past the cash register paused while he looked at the names on the cheques and then left. About an hour later he came back with the guy from the local paper and at the top of his lungs started yelling " see I told you that they just display mainly all the Indian bounced cheques I told you they are racists here". My wife just calmly pointed out to the newspaper man that whenever they have a bad cheque from any one from the reserve that we simply call them and someone comes and fixes it up. All the cheques you see here are from white people. The newspaper man looked at the luney lefty and just said “don’t waist anymore of my time” . I just wish all media people would do that!!
commented 2015-04-11 21:30:19 -0400
There is a crime going on in Canada and there can only be one resolve- stop separating Canadians by race! The only race in Canada that makes it clear they do not want to be Canadian is those of Aboriginal decent! These people declare themselves to be not Canadians but rather "First Nations. Apparently this then gives them the right to call Canadians racists. Of one thing Canadians can be certain, this will not stop until Ottawa sits down with Native leaders on a 24/7 sit down meeting until all treaties are signed, sealed and delivered! Ottawa is the problem; only Ottawa can correct it! If this is not completed within a year, Canadians need to file a lawsuit against Ottawa from which either the treaties will be finished or the Supreme Court of Canada ends this disparity once and for all! The failure to clear off all outstanding Treaties is a crime against every person who calls Canada home and we’ve had enough!
commented 2015-04-11 20:06:44 -0400
In a broader picture and not just for the sake of aboriginal women….family law reform,,,that is to say deconstruct the mess the Liberals created particularly in regards to child custody and access…would go a long way to reduce domestic violence.

That would be my input on the majority of the cases that are solved and involve partner violence….don’t raise the stakes to the point that murder becomes an option to be considered.

The scenarios that would worry ANY parent are the ones where a pretty teenaged girl just disappears and nobody has any clue as to why. I would certainly be in favour of extra police funding to solve those. That is a loose end nobody wants ignored or trivialized.

Anyone who watched the TV series DEADWOOD would appreciate that it is vital to warn your daughters that if you piss-off the pimps in DEADWOOD you will be fed to Mr. Wu’s pigs…we know that many who pissed off the pimps in Vancouver were fed to Mr Pickton’s pigs.

Gangs that pimp use gang rape as a rite of passage and a stage of recruitment…the leftists blame the gangs on poverty and social marginalization and say that money is the cure…unfortunately they tend to spend the money on research grants to their academic cronies.

I would be all in favour of funding a task force of aboriginal officers….I know that there are some who have experience as military police in the US Marines and in the Provost corps and some who are serving members of the RCMP. But make it clear that their mandate is to break up pimp posse gangs and to turn over every rock until any hidden predators have nowhere to hide.

Domestic violence is not a uniquely aboriginal problem.
commented 2015-04-11 19:50:42 -0400
Exactly, Brian. In many cases the facts show the opposite of the “racism” narrative, that often it’s non-aboriginals who have come to the aid of aboriginals.

In this as with most serious aboriginal problems, it’s the failure of aboriginal leadership to address systemic on-reserve problems like corrupt governance, family breakdown, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, child abuse (the number aboriginal children in foster care is off the charts) is, I hate to write the words, a “root cause”. Of course the reserve system itself is a big part of the problem but those same Indian “leaders” have resisted all attempts to reform it.
commented 2015-04-11 19:24:02 -0400
Pam Palmater, isn’t she a Canadian gem!
commented 2015-04-11 19:14:43 -0400
If racism didn’t exist, the Liberal cultural Marxist machine would have to invent it, and in many cases they DO invent it. If there was no one else to blame for their societal ills, that would mean that they’d have to take responsibility for the results of their own behavior, and we can’t have that. Besides, so many jobs are dependent on racism, good paying jobs. Without this racism narrative what would Dr. Pam Palmater, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton do for a living? They’d, like, have to get a job or something.
commented 2015-04-11 18:12:06 -0400
I’d like to know the role alcohol abuse plays in aboriginal domestic crime. Oh darn, I think it was us white guys that introduced them to evil rum. Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! Let our penance be to send more millions to the reserves.
commented 2015-04-11 18:00:36 -0400
Thanks for this . . . I was always puzzled about these liberal lies but didn’t have an answer. A local church minister even went as far as to post on Facebook about the “tragedy” and the neglect of government to conduct an enquiry. I did tell the minister that most of these charges are brought on by people who want the government to outlay some tax dollars to investigate something that is not really so. As you said, once the facts were confirmed what would these “wanna-be do-gooders” and accusers do. They will drop it for a while until the public has forgotten it, then bring it forward for another go around. Liberals never stop until they get what they want.
commented 2015-04-11 17:37:00 -0400
What is that saying … oh yea, “Of COURSE I am paranoid, everyone IS out to get me!” :)
commented 2015-04-11 17:36:42 -0400
The thing is – you’re a nobody these days if you don’t have a white racist problem. Think of it like cultural bell bottoms.
commented 2015-04-11 17:36:17 -0400
@ Maurice
Yea, darn those white men. They cause all problems that exist today. :)

Seriously though, the white man IS blamed for much of the world’s woes. And all the time in the media, I as a white man, am made to feel guilty for being a white man. I guess I am just paranoid.
commented 2015-04-11 17:25:53 -0400
I meant "I blame the “white” man, not the “Whit” man. We metis! Not the best spellers in the world. That’s probably also the fault of the white man.
commented 2015-04-11 17:25:02 -0400
Of course Canada is not a racist country. At least no more than any other. But make no mistake. The Indian act is racist law. It legislates apartheid in Canada.

The Gladue says FN offenders must be given a break because of the injuries they suffered from colonialism. So FN offenders get out sooner and are given lighter sentences than others and can therefore more easily kill their victims.

Scrap the Indian Act. Include FN as equals with every other Canadian under one law.
commented 2015-04-11 17:19:18 -0400
Wrong, William Wiser. I’m Metis, and I’m fatter’n beluga whale. That’s because I eat way too much cheese burgers and pizzas; white man’s food! If I’d of just stuck to buffalo jerky and wild berries I’d be alright. I blame the whit man!
commented 2015-04-11 17:07:20 -0400
My heart goes out to the families of these murdered women. It appears on the surface that nothing is being done but what about these facts? The facts say something is being done. A huge number of murders are being solved. Comparing the percentages given with the non-aboriginal population, it looks like all of us have a long way to go to truly have a safe and caring society. Far too much violence everywhere.
commented 2015-04-11 16:56:52 -0400
Aboriginals need to stop blaming the white man for all their problems and start taking a long look at themselves, their leaders, their beliefs and their culture for the current situation they’re in. Until they are willing to accept some responsibility for their own actions they will never see positive change in their communities.
commented 2015-04-11 16:39:15 -0400
Like EILEEN MCRAE, “Do not misunderstand my feelings on this. I sympathize with aboriginal people across the country, and feel that every murder (whatever the race of the victim) needs to be solved!” However, this kind of left-wing, politically-correct narrative, like that espoused by the NDP Aboriginal Issues Adviser, is understandable considering the kind of thinking that is taught in our universities these days, namely, the supposed “Web of Oppression”, which undergirds the contemporary thrust of social policies among ‘progressives’:
Note on the Race/Ethnicity slice of the “Web of Oppression” pie where Native Americans are positioned. Can’t let the facts get in the way of ideology.
commented 2015-04-11 16:38:09 -0400

This is an article on the CTV News website, in which the RCMP themselves have said that in the cases they’ve solved, fully 70% of the native women killed were killed by other natives (read, “men”).
A quote from the article: “The consolidated data from the nearly 300 contributing police agencies has confirmed that 70 per cent of the offenders were of aboriginal origin, 25 per cent were non-aboriginal and five per cent were of unknown ethnicity,” Paulson wrote.

“However, it is not the ethnicity of the offender that is relevant, but rather the relationship between the victim and offender that guides our focus with respect to prevention.”

So why are we being told that this is racist? These are facts, pure and simple. Black and white. How can facts be racist? Now that this report is out, what “inquiry”, as has been being demanded, is needed?
commented 2015-04-11 16:31:28 -0400
Boy am I out of touch. I had no idea this narrative existed. I thought it was just a question of “What’s going on? Let’s find out!”
commented 2015-04-11 16:20:40 -0400
Autochtone whiners , tired of them they are responsible for their problems , always blaming the evil white.
commented 2015-04-11 15:56:21 -0400
Just more liberal pig foot print left on the country’s systems – liberal judges hand out lighter sentences to native criminals who commit crimes on reserves – reported as greater tolerance since the poor old natives lost the wars hundreds of years ago. So these native criminals get out early, return to their reserves and recommit crimes. As these native criminals commit crimes, others watch and follow – they effectively train the future native criminals. And the liberal pigs are happy to watch, increase transfers to solve these problems (for greater kick backs) that never flows to native communities. Just like a mafia racket. Liberal pig sht show!!! And the nastiest pig of all – justin trudeau wants to run this country – shoot this bastard dead.