April 07, 2016

BOMBSHELL: Panama Papers leak linked to George Soros

Faith GoldyArchive

The mainstream media would have us believe Russian President Vladimir Putin and mid-level global elites, like David Cameron's dad, are our off-shoring enemies. However, the corporate media has buried the lead:

The group responsible for the leak, on the eve of the Netherlands' EU referendum, is funded by scores of pro-open borders organizations backed by billionaire George Soros.

This, as the U.S. becomes the new Panama of white collar money laundering...

Then, my guest Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack gives us the police perspective on those politicians who've adopted Black Lives Matter rhetoric.

PLUS: We've got the week's top headlines and your "Quote of Honour"!

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commented 2016-04-12 13:23:03 -0400
You don’t know the lede.
As a result, the piece has no credence.
commented 2016-04-12 11:53:25 -0400
DAVID ROSS : It would seem Faith finally found the REAL cause to be angry at over the Ukraine. Russia was merely a fraction of the problem, and not the antagonising force. Soros was largely behind the Orange Revolution, the current corruption in Kiev, the provocations with Russia, and the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians throughout.


The sad part is it was all a ruse to cover for the bullshit in the Middle East, and to distract and weaken Russia, whom the World Bank cannot control. That geriatric parasite Soros isn’t alone and there are many things other billionaires and himself are up to in the world right now, which is mainly all rooted in grasping onto global control.
commented 2016-04-11 17:25:29 -0400
George Soros is behind every world chaotic event that serves to weaken and cause unrest in that particular city or country. In a nutshell George Soros ( who funded the coup in Ukraine that took out the legitimate democratically elected leader to name one of many recent atrocities ) is a past Nazi sympathizer and present New World Order puppeteer that rates down there lower than pond scum.
commented 2016-04-11 07:12:21 -0400
I proudly voted NO for the treaty with Ukraine last week!! :-)
commented 2016-04-10 01:13:17 -0400
The more I hear ‘Black Lives Matter movement’, the more I’d love to hear you folks just say ‘extremism’ in place of the former word. I once thought Black Lives Matter were akin to the KKK, but considering they not only also include white members, but spew hatred against really anyone who does not (fully) submit to their cause too … they’re practically neo-Nazis.

I hope all goes well with the officer behind that incident and that those retarded Black Lives Matter extremists are dealt with accordingly. Shame on Kathleen Whine for pandering to them.

Thanks for the great show and especially the light shined on the Panama scandal! Keep it up! :D
commented 2016-04-08 23:04:36 -0400
And a horse walked into the bar.
The bartender asked, "Why the long face.?
commented 2016-04-08 20:27:13 -0400
John, you fucking moron. “Harper supported the Panama free trade agreement and that was tantamount to him being in support of tax havens”. Where does one begin? You are dumber than the pieces of crap in my morning crap. The more you comment the dumber you look. People’s standard of living is going down because government takes too much of our money and wastes it or steals it. Climate change hoax is one of the worst waste of money schemes. So GFY and leave us normal people alone.
commented 2016-04-08 18:54:43 -0400
Poverty can only truly be relieved with a national housing strategy and no amount of tax cuts can alleviate poverty. Poverty is systemic and generational and the fact is it is becoming harder and harder for families and people in society to rise up with standard of living going down. The people after the financial crisis needed a bailout and not the corrupt banks and large companies as was done by the Harper regime. All governments around the world followed the same strategy. Capitalism in past generations was about looking out for the little guy, but it has become more and more predatory because capitalism in its purest form can only exist with regulations and with an open and transparent democracy shining light on it. Without it, we have fascism meaning governments merged with corporations. Which is why to me libertarianism is fascism with a smiley face meaning it cannot exist in real life!
commented 2016-04-08 18:48:10 -0400
Small government does not exist as it only leads to selling out the nation because it results in these failed free trade agreements which have led us to this point. Also, Harper supported the Panama free trade agreement and that was tantamount to him wanting to be in support of tax havens. Free market economics does not exist because when does it end and we were sold down a river since the FTA agreement in 1988? Don’t forget about the thousands of jobs lost each month since 1988. The experts at the time said this would happen and this was inevitable and no matter what government presided over Canada whether it be PC, CON or LIB the results have all been the same.

As for your story about Robin Hood, taxes are necessary to run a society. You cannot have zero percent tax rates and expect to have programs function. A society with zero tax rates would mean anarchy and chaos in government and no ability for services to be run. It would mean massive downloading as was seen during the Harris years.

It is a simplistic argument used to justify your own ideology without understanding how it would work in real life. Tax collectors are not evil either. Your own messiah, Jesus, befriended them as well. We were lied to since 1988. We need real economics and real mixed economics which has been shown to be the real way to run a society. With manufacturing outsourced, no wonder capitalism does not work that well. Blame can exist between left and right but LIB, CON, PC have all sold Canada down the river and why to me nationalism and slight protectionism are the best ways to position Canada’s economic structure.
commented 2016-04-08 18:46:55 -0400
Expect Soros to be given a full pardon by his pal Obama if he faces any heat over this. Obama’s been helping him build up his massive fortune since he was first sworn into office. A sad state of affairs.

Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group that is designed to cause as much racial division as they can. They have no use for facts & no amount of giving in to them will ever satisfy them. I’m not surprised that Wynne is sucking up to them. They’re her kind of people.

The connecting factor between these first 2 stories? George Soros funding.
commented 2016-04-08 16:30:55 -0400
Glenn Craig, well put, but it lacks some of the context of the Robin Hood story. It’s commonly portrayed as “steals from the rich” when he was actually stealing from the legitimate government of the day. That is, Robin Hood was not only a tax cheat, but he actively stole the common people’s taxes back from the government. That would make him a small government type, wouldn’t it?

John S – I’m eagerly awaiting your explanation about how Robin Hood was evil, and Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham were on the side of the angels, and how much better off the people were before Robin Hood came along and disrupted the tax collection system.
commented 2016-04-08 12:48:45 -0400
well said andrew
commented 2016-04-08 12:15:53 -0400
“I only support Trudeau as far as him wanting to create a force to go after tax evaders”…

Well, I don’t support Trudeau in ANYTHING, Harper got my support in a few rare instances. I generally don’t view government libtards like Trudeau as doing anything worth a single dollar of my money, so as far as I’m concerned, the man is a tax cheat, he cheats me out of my taxes and does shit all other than his libtard feelgood socialist pet projects.

Drew you are right, Putin is no saint, in fact, he’s mafioso trash, BUT… The “legal” overthrow of Ukraine was done by Soros, make no mistake, as was Syria. What a place we’ve come to that the mafioso KGB trash sparkles like a diamond compared to his globalist-puppet opponents.
commented 2016-04-08 12:13:33 -0400
ACUUNA commented 1 hour ago
trudeau has been on the job for about 6 months now, but every other picture you see of him is him ‘on vacation’ somewhere. in the real world, we actually perform work for about a year before we get holidays.
I think that says it all about trudeau and his elitist empty brain. I bet a whole bunch of his cronies are in those files.

Obama did the same thing for 8 years – it’s the marxist method of demonstrating power to the masses – they do what they want, when they want.

Obama is not that bright, but Bernie Trudeau is just plain fkg retarded. The problem is that Canada’s independent/conservative voice is dwarfed by the media party – not so in the US.

So Trudeau the mental deficient will never get called out. The best we can do it call Trudeau out here.

Eat shit and die Trudeau – there, that feels better.
commented 2016-04-08 10:55:38 -0400
trudeau has been on the job for about 6 months now, but every other picture you see of him is him ‘on vacation’ somewhere. in the real world, we actually perform work for about a year before we get holidays.
I think that says it all about trudeau and his elitist empty brain. I bet a whole bunch of his cronies are in those files.
commented 2016-04-08 10:54:21 -0400
A lot of social upheaval and civil unrest can be linked to Soros funded meddling. The man is the single most disruptive manipulative force in America – I hope Trump deports him with the illegals – then he can be the king of Mexico or Gwandanaland er something more suited to his corrupt politics, but the 1st world needs shed of this malevolent megalomaniac.
commented 2016-04-08 09:53:43 -0400
We pay somewhere around 50% taxes if you includes all sales taxes, property taxes, income taxes and a variety of other “hidden” taxes. That’s because governments have no clue on how to do anything else.
All taxes should be eliminated and replaced with one tax only and that would be a 50% sales tax on everything.
Your common crooks do not report illegal gains (ie: money stolen from a bank or from taxpayers) so they don’t pay taxes on these ill gotten gains.
However, they need to spend that money on big cars and boats and meals. This is where you’re going to get their share of taxes.
Somewhat simplistic but we would save money in the long run, CRA would be pared down some.
commented 2016-04-08 07:40:32 -0400
Soros should just die already and join his friend Maurice Strong in hell.
commented 2016-04-08 05:20:59 -0400
Is it possible that there is a SPECTRE ? It seems that George Soros has appointed himself Number One , and perhaps is a real Ernst Stavro Blofeld. His money certainly found its way into anti -Alberta oil and pipeline protests. He really is a menace to freedom . But there doesn’t seem to be a savior James Bond out there to save us..
commented 2016-04-08 04:57:57 -0400
Back in the days when on class of people taxed the other classes….you had class exploitation….you had a basis for left/right political theory….but there are no functioning hereditary aristocracies left in the west.

Now the socialists tax you like the Sheriff of Notingham and call themselves Robin Hood.

While the trust fund brats of the rich become the “Bourgeois Intelligencia” (funny how that term vanished from leftist vocabulary) who are the scolds of the left.

How much tax does George Soros pay and in what jurisdiction? How much tax does Oprah Winfrey pay and in what jurisdiction?

There is no fair and equitable way to tax income so let’s stop doing it altogether….get the needed revenue by taxing sales. There are no offshore tax havens for sales tax.
commented 2016-04-08 04:19:26 -0400
Russia Today was quite quick to point out how no Americans were mentioned in the Panama leak, and how Putin will be turned into a villain even more to justify further sanctions.
commented 2016-04-08 01:26:34 -0400
@ndp Sucks commented 3 hours ago

Ya! NDPiggers do more than suck. You know – after much research – I would much rather have Putin as my next door neighbor than that Hillary Clintoon! or Obumer! Do some research on their “kill list” – at least with Putin I know his standing and would respect that – but with Clintoon – is there a word for less than no respect?
commented 2016-04-08 01:19:12 -0400
Faith – Great reporting!!
…but – we here in Canada are at war too – to stay viable and free
commented 2016-04-08 01:14:27 -0400
OH! John Siciliano commented 2 hours ago

So you are a TruDoper who thinks us small business people are tax cheats!! Well come and look at my books – you Socialist Fascist! Go join your friends at ISIS they know how to deal with shit-heads like you.
And no, I don’t have any off-shore accounts – can’t even keep one open here in Alberta – FFS – Why you may ask – because in 4 years of busting my phuckin ass off – doing major overtime in a mine – you fuckers took 1/2 of what I made!!! SGFY
commented 2016-04-08 01:06:43 -0400
Mik Mann!! SOB here I thought you went and joined ISIS! Did ya chicken out! Scared of loud noises close to your body?? …didn’t stomach the little pieces you ended up with after hitting the “switch”? HM?
Ah – you are afraid of guns. GOOD! ’cause you need one pointed at that hollow head of yours!
commented 2016-04-08 00:18:22 -0400
John, you sound like a typical communist. You are no better than what we have today. You have no idea what Canada needs. Less of your kind would be a good start and then take all the socialists and put them in Europe so they can FIX that country…or go down with the ship. Get a life moron.
commented 2016-04-08 00:06:11 -0400
John without capitalism who pays for all your socialist garbage? Oh yeah people are forced into slavery and sorry but i owe no one a free ride.
commented 2016-04-08 00:04:40 -0400
Richard i know Obama and Justin are tools and idiots, but Putin is not some saint.
commented 2016-04-08 00:03:55 -0400
John all of those things come from capitalism you halfwit.