August 25, 2016

Don’t listen to Muslim apologists (or Justin Trudeau) about burkinis

Faith GoldyArchive

After a string of French towns banned the full-body Islamic “swimsuit” following the ISIS terrorist attack last month in Nice, imams and Islamic apologists took to social media, to share a photo of nuns in full garb frolicking on the beach.

Tonight, I tell you why the Catholic habit and the Islamic head covering (particularly the niqab and burka) are not the same.

I'll also explain why it was wrong for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau come out in support of the medieval body tents in front of reporters just this week.

Then former Rebel commentator Marissa Semkiw joins me with her forecast for the US election.

Plus we've got your week's top headlines and Quote of Honour!

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commented 2016-08-26 01:06:32 -0400
Bigotry and Hatred—- You sit there and accuse people of bigotry and Hared. You better cleanse your own soul before your even attempt to be pure.
commented 2016-08-26 00:58:06 -0400
Dang! The video crashed right after I tried to skip back to the topless-lady-with-Trudearp picture!
Keep up the great episodes!
commented 2016-08-26 00:53:22 -0400
Oh, for sure , Faith wonders what the difference is between the attire if a Muslim and a Dogan——- Faith probably does not even think about you assholes anymore.
commented 2016-08-26 00:45:31 -0400
Flopping around in a lake or sea coast serf or a crowded swimming area in one of those water-logged body bags is a sure way to drown.

Self-destructive religious-enforced modesty is another machination of cultural retardation the west disposed of a long time ago – time for cultural retards who want to get along here to move forward socially/culturally/civilly
commented 2016-08-26 00:33:37 -0400
Faith Goldy is not under attack. She wonders what the difference is between a Muslim scarf and a Catholic nun’s habit.

The difference is bigotry and hatred. Somehow the nun’s have been able to portray themselves as harmless, while those women wearing anything that might point to Islam — even full body suits — seem threatening.

France has a struggle, but in Canada it is obvious. A woman can bathe in the lake with a full swim suit which covers her from top to bottom. A women can bathe in the lake wearing a two-piece bathing suit . A woman can bathe in the lake topless if she likes. She just needs to ensure she is not causing scandal.

When the water is warm, it is easy to swim. In November I do not think that this question will come up.
commented 2016-08-25 23:59:21 -0400
I hear tell that the Jehovahs are going to start making demands . They may as well . We have a fucking pussy for a PM. May as well Bleed the Country while the sucking is good.
commented 2016-08-25 23:49:11 -0400
Imagine , a young Lady with The name of Faith , actually being honest. It must be difficult – when everyone wants to shoot you down —-j Just because you are smarter than them.
commented 2016-08-25 23:37:44 -0400
I’m fully expecting that the RCMP and other Canadian police forces will soon be announcing that any of their employees who want to wear a full burqa will be permitted to do so, in the name of diversity of course. Each police force – and eventually the Canadian Forces – will create burqas that vaguely resemble their traditional uniforms so that the dissonance is not too extreme. Sonny Boy will coo with pleasure as will the mainstream media.
commented 2016-08-25 23:32:07 -0400
Imagine that a woman at a beach would be accosted because her swimsuit was too modest! Over the decades women have worn various outfits in the heat of the summer when they head to the beach.

Surely we who grew up in Canada recall the relief at being able to swim in the lake. There was some “boys will be boys” and some “girls will be girls”. But by and large it was just a relief at being able to dive in and enjoy.

This summer, some towns in France actually banned women from swimming at a public beach because they wore too much clothing. The Rebel forgot to go swimming this summer and agrees with this.

Young women, who wanted to swim and enjoy the water, were banned because their swimsuits were not revealing enough.

Is that not sick? I am glad I live in Canada instead of France.
commented 2016-08-25 23:16:17 -0400
Faith, too many are oblivious to the reality of good and evil so it’s dismissed as normal.
Good to see you Marissa, still remember those first reports from the great white north. Glad you’re up to bigger things. Loved your passion. Hope you’re making your voice count down there.
commented 2016-08-25 22:35:30 -0400
What a LADY ! And more smart than most men. I am referring to you guys.
commented 2016-08-25 22:15:39 -0400
George Dyer, well said.
commented 2016-08-25 22:12:03 -0400
Give them ALL hell Faith ! They deserve it.
commented 2016-08-25 22:12:02 -0400
Give them ALL hell Faith ! They deserve it.
commented 2016-08-25 22:09:36 -0400
Faith, thanks again for a great show and thank you for bringing Marissa back. It was a pleasant surprise.
I think Trudeau is but a narcissist gay man. I am serious; I find something disturbing about him. Time may tell.
commented 2016-08-25 21:49:39 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,612 Attacks, 200,927 Killed, 281,687 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-08-25 21:45:37 -0400
Not many Nuns chasing people down and killing them

Evil = islam
commented 2016-08-25 21:39:36 -0400
the west is going to loose everything we hold dear.
commented 2016-08-25 21:38:39 -0400
Our leaders would rather FORCE us to be Ttolerant than allow us to be FREE.
commented 2016-08-25 21:37:38 -0400
I have been calling this burkini thing…marking territory, or establishing TURF…Sharia Creep is more accurate, thank you.
commented 2016-08-25 21:06:47 -0400
People who are truly modest would rarely dress in a fashion that draws attention to themselves. While all people should be at liberty to wear, or not wear, anything they want, we must not forget that the civilized world is at war with Islamic terrorism. Niqabs, hijabs, burkas, and their variations etc., subtle or otherwise, are part of the uniform of the enemies of civilization. Wearing them is win-win for terrorist organizations. It becomes either an incremental foothold for Sharia creep or a provocation that ultimately stimulates a favourable decision for them from the kangaroo court of a Human Rights Commission.