February 16, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS from our free speech rally (that the Media Party won’t show you)

Faith GoldyArchive

Tonight, I take you behind the scenes at the Rebel rally for free speech that's now making national headlines.

Over 1000 Canadian patriots, including four Conservative Party leadership candidates, rallied in Toronto, shoulder to shoulder in support of free speech, against the Liberal Government's blasphemy motion M-103.

We have my reflections one day after the event, as well as all the highlights for you at home!

Then, Conservative MP Andrew Scheer joins me to talk about his opposition to this toxic motion, as well as his proposal to put property rights into our Charter.

Plus, we've got your weekly Quote of Honour!

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commented 2017-02-19 09:38:37 -0500
Please get rid of your stupid caption. It is counterproductive. Reasonable people are not interested in offending. We are interested in educating Canadians about the horrors of Islam.
commented 2017-02-18 21:18:51 -0500
Jack stop crying. Just accept that no body cares about Candyland.
commented 2017-02-18 09:14:52 -0500
Nnaumbua Farrell,

It’s not my site and of course you are not interested – you think The Rebel is the definition of high quality journalism.

It simply confirms that you are ignorant and live in a bubble. If you provided a link to something that might be informative and in this case with Canadaland – it is, I would click on it. It’s really not hard to click on a link and read, but apparently for you – it’s a huge burden.
commented 2017-02-18 03:40:48 -0500
See Jack, even you’re on here more than Canadalane
commented 2017-02-18 03:38:41 -0500

Sniff sniff, you’re ignorant for not clicking on my site.

Nah, I’m just not interested and I’m not the only one. Ezra must have been Jackie’s most popular guest. No one cares about Canadalane.
commented 2017-02-18 02:40:56 -0500
Nnaumbua Farrell,

I understand – you prefer to remain stupid and uninformed. No problem. Don’t click on the link.

Besides, you are on here constantly, so obviously clearly you don’t have a job. I suspect The Rebel is all your brain can handle.

Have a great long weekend!
commented 2017-02-18 02:25:27 -0500

Sniff Sniff. Gleeenn. Pleeease click on the liiiink. You can trust me. I’m a coward who hides behind multiple usernames to attack commenters.
commented 2017-02-18 00:51:23 -0500
Glenn Craig,

If you clicked on the link, it would be quite clear why I referenced it.

Is The Rebel the only website you go to? Are you able to be critical or objective of The Rebel at all or are you just a good little sheep – Ezra owns you?
commented 2017-02-17 23:32:09 -0500
@jack CARTER? You are not even part of CANADALAND? Then why did you reference it? And more importantly…who are you and why should I or anyone else here give a damn?

I admit I didn’t spend a lot of time there nor was I concerned about verifying YOUR name…you have given me no reason to …I was looking to see if Bilbo Poynter was a member…I could give some insights on THAT benchmark of journalistic professionalism.
commented 2017-02-17 22:41:26 -0500
Lol. Jack Carter’s still angry that no one knows who Jackie Brown is.
commented 2017-02-17 22:37:09 -0500
Glenn Craig,

I don’t have a website.
commented 2017-02-17 22:34:25 -0500

The Rebel is growing? LOL. They are within the same ballpark internet ranking now as they were 2 years ago.

But oh yes, YouTube subscribers is such a big deal. Meanwhile, The Rebel still doesn’t make any money and require people like to pay for fucking everything.

We need pens for the office – can you please donate. Ezra has no shame, but yes – I am sure The Toronto Star is scared of The Rebel and the empire that Ezra has built.
commented 2017-02-17 22:26:31 -0500

Don’t confuse Canada with America. Justin is getting re-elected unless Kevin O’ Leary is leader. No one else stands a chance.
commented 2017-02-17 21:08:55 -0500
LIZA ROSIE, “I believe that was Iqra Khalid, Mississauga MP who brought forth this reading of the motion, Cathy.” Her sappy story, crying about how she was so hard done by is supposed to turn me to tears? A recent immigrant who now wears smart suits and gets an MP’s salary and all the associated perks funded by Canadian taxpayers like me, while she intends to turn Canada into Pakistan, the hell hole that she left.
commented 2017-02-17 20:52:20 -0500
@jack Carter….Just BTW when it comes to “drawing a map” …if Ezra had not dropped a bread crum trail back to YOU on his twitter feed I would have never found you nor been inclined to look. Trolling this site got you more traffic than any effort you have made to date.

@space Moose….if you live somewhere where they still bother to transmit in AM…. I assume you live in the middle of nowhere north of 60. It is disgracefull that funding for the CBC is not spent on decent equipment for community based radio stations.

The last reason why even CBC radio should be spared the axe unfortunately died a couple of days ago. God love Stewart McLean…..the last voice on the CBC that did not insult it’s listeners.
commented 2017-02-17 20:05:01 -0500
I listened to Craig Needles on his AM 980 show. HE sure tore a strip off Ezra for the rally.
commented 2017-02-17 19:43:16 -0500
@jack Carter…theREBEL is growing…you and your REALLY FAKE NEWS are dying. Money talks bullshit walks.
commented 2017-02-17 19:42:06 -0500
I think this is from one source , and one source only — the CRIMEMINISTER , and he just used her

I think it’s about any angle to get at the underbelly of the REBEL !!!!!!!
commented 2017-02-17 18:39:45 -0500
I believe that was Iqra Khalid, Mississauga MP who brought forth this reading of the motion, Cathy. I too have never seen or heard of such harassment against someone for being Muslim, not from a non Muslim. Maybe she was a ‘sensitive’ child and has over stated normal school yard interactions. But it seems clear she came into this with a chip on her shoulder.
commented 2017-02-17 18:39:11 -0500
na na na boo boo, get over it Jack. Face the music. Stop with the butt hurt. Conservatism is the new counterculture. You’re out.
commented 2017-02-17 18:37:47 -0500
Ever wonder what the US and Canada would look like in an alternate reality?

The following tv series from Amazon could help us understand the loss of our free speech, gun control, mind control and subjugation by an invading culture.

Worth a look

The series is titled “The Man In The High Castle”

It is also quite entertaining!

Dump Justin Bin Trudeau
commented 2017-02-17 17:10:07 -0500
Glenn Craig,

I suspect that conservatives are well aware of The Rebel by now and Canadians that give a shit what Ezra Levant has to say know where to find him. They don’t need other media sources to draw them a fucking map.

This may hurt Ezra’s ego, but NO ONE takes him or The Rebel seriously outside of the bubble here. That’s just the reality.
commented 2017-02-17 16:28:27 -0500
Incidentally, the conservatives in parliament tabled their own counter motion or additional motion to M103 which includes all religions and people to be protected and not just centering on islam. The conservatives were also talking about the charter of freedoms and rights which already protects people. (I’m pretty sure that’s what they did as I didn’t watch the proceedings from the beginning.) And of course all the liberals were dead set against the conservatives motion. Maybe Faith could do some research on this.
commented 2017-02-17 16:17:31 -0500
One female muslim MP, a liberal obviously, got up in parliament (I watched some of the debates regarding M103 yesterday) and was ranting about how muslims are made fun of blah, blah, blah (I have never seen this) and then she went on to tell her story about how she was made fun of in school. And all she talked about was islam and muslims, not one peep about Canadians rights and/or their religions. I thought to myself, I wonder if the massive amount of Christians in the middle east who have been under non stop attack by Islamic muslims were brought to tears as they watched in shock and horror to see their children and babies beheaded. I wondered if the women and young girls of Europe are brought to tears when they are gang raped by the fake refugee muslims. She and all the rest of the muslims who support this blasphemy motion M103, are only concerned about themselves, no one else and it’s unconstitutional and it has to be stopped in it’s bigoted hypocritical tracks.
commented 2017-02-17 16:00:54 -0500
My suspicion is that the first motion caught the cons unawares. Remember they too live in a bubble and very few understand the true nature and supremacist ideological motives behind Islam. My guess is since then and this m-103 they’ve been bombarded by concerned conservatives and have since actually thought a bit about what is going on here. Hopefully some are even starting to do some research and inform themselves. Also we have to keep in mind where this is coming from as in muslim supremacists aka Cair aka the Muslim Brotherhood. These are not ‘moderates’. They want Sharia law which is why the word islamaphobia will not be removed. Does anybody really think it will stop here?
commented 2017-02-17 15:41:28 -0500
@jack Carter..well for one thing four Conservative Party leadership candiddates were going to give speeches on a topic more relavant than the proper pronouns of the alphabet soup gender confused.

You just never know, some members of the Canadian public might be more interested in that than the colour of Justin’s socks….just saying

Oh and there is always that opportunity to play “gottcha” over every word they utter…


Face it Jack, without taxpayer extorted funding you are not going to be able to pay your light bill much longer…which is why you should be more interested in Gerald Butt’s poisonous policies and what the alternatives have to say.

That logical enough for you?
commented 2017-02-17 15:27:30 -0500
Peter Netterville,

Please explain to me in logical terms why the media would cover a Rebel event? Should they also cover The Rebel Cruise and office birthday parties?
commented 2017-02-17 14:27:28 -0500
Robert Nolan . Given that two lesbians convinced one of those phoney Human Rights Commissions that that they were offended by a comedian , I think the broadness and scope of M-103 could be devastating to free speech in Canada.
commented 2017-02-17 14:01:47 -0500
great show FAITH
I’m ok for free viral release

Like PETER said , the trolls are providing us with fun , — free court jesters — they volunteer , and in some cases they pay for the truth

One day FAITH , maybe Canada’s 2nd women prime minster
I think the first one got thrown under the bus , that won’t happen to you , as you’ll be driving the bus — brush up on your French