February 23, 2017

SPECIAL REPORT: Quebec City mosque shooting suspect in court

Faith GoldyArchive

Tonight, a special report from Quebec City: Alexander Bissonnette faces 11 charges of first degree and attempted murder in the Quebec mosque attack that killed six men in cold blood. 

Bissonnette appeared in court this week and The Rebel was on the ground for the latest developments in a story shaking the nation.

I’m joined by The Rebel's new Quebec contributor, broadcaster Eric Duhaime, with a breakdown of what you need to know:

The killer's motives, the media's response, and how opportunistic politicians are using the massacre to achieve their anti-free speech agenda.

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commented 2017-02-26 16:35:42 -0500
Humans get many phobias but the fear of Islam is not one of them. That young man was clearly ill and deranged, in my opinion. The fact that the gov’t chooses to enhance their position (re: motion 103) by using this incident is the low point in the whole narrative. Thanks Faith, for keeping us up to date as I can rely on mainstream media to add to the confusion and left leaning point of view. The upcoming motion is racist by leftie standards for excluding so many other faiths. A whole gov’t approach is needed for the enhancement of freedom of speech. Canada has no need for “Thought police.”
commented 2017-02-25 11:27:16 -0500
@paul Dixon..The country that most clealry puts the lie on the bad behaviour being retaliation for foreign policy is Sweden. Sweden has been neutral for a hundred years and has never done anything interventionist in the middle east. An no western nation has ever bombed anyone simply for being moslem or as an effort to suppress their religion. In fact we intervene in the ethnic cleansings.

Leftists are just people who’s disfunctional relationships with their parents and school authority figures got distorted into a political “ati”.
commented 2017-02-24 22:01:57 -0500
The more I ponder our left-wing Canadian and US politicians and MSM the more I have to wonder where the concept of reasoning and thinking went MIA.
If a Muslim terrorist takes out a dozen or so innocent westerners, the first reaction from these brainless tools in the west is to be concerned about hateful reactions against Muslims (that, of course, never have materialized!!). And the first defense that is used in conversations is that we cannot blame or condemn all Muslims because of a few radicals, because most Muslims are peace-loving and non-violent. And if we do somehow challenge all of them on the violence in Islam we are labeled bigots, racists, islamophobes, etc. The consequence is a guilt trip or shaming on us.
|But if some Canadian or US based Muslim apologist or leader is confronted on the killing sprees on innocent kids, women, or anyone else carried out by these “radicals” in America, Europe, or anywhere around the world, they justify the atrocities by saying that all westerners are guilty for our countries’ military involvement in the Middle East. I watched an Australian Muslim leader use this line of “rationalization” on a youtube clip today.
Have the western MSM or left-wing politicians every checked the word “hypocrisy” in the dictionary. How do they fall for this type of idiocy?! Dumb question – because they are idiots!!
commented 2017-02-24 15:03:02 -0500
….. and then there is this guy, Chandra Arya.
Chandra Arya, Liberal MP, ‘Friday said the Quebec mosque murders were a “direct result” of the kinds of policies “championed” in recent elections by the federal Conservative party and the provincial Parti Quebecois.’
“The recent killings of Muslims praying in the mosque in Quebec City is not an accident,” Arya said. “This is the direct result of dog-whistle politics — the politics of fear and division.”

commented 2017-02-24 13:26:11 -0500
Muta Ween said, “Bissonnnette is charged with murder and attempted murder. That’s all. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that his motive was not hate, but a motive to commit the acts for another reason. The other reason has not been revealed because it doesn’t support the government position on protecting Muslims and creating a false narrative to support M-103”

That is a distinct possibility.
commented 2017-02-24 13:22:16 -0500
Thanks Muta Ween, I am familiar with that link, it’s a good one. D. Millard good links also.

Since we know that the Muslim Student Association( of which Iqra Khalid was past President of in her university days) is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood.
Since we know that at best, it is an recruitment centre for ‘soldiers’ to carry out civilization jihad, and at worst a recruitment centre for terrorists. (The founders of most Muslim Brotherhood groups in the USA can be traced back to the MSA.)
Since we know that the Muslim Brotherhood, through groups such as the MSA, MAC, NAIT and ISNA, is committed to the globalization of Islam through social engineering as well as violent jihad.
Since we know that the first rule is expansion into the pillars of western society is through educational, police(mutaween) and government institutions.
Since we know from the experience of other countries how it will end up. WHY oh why do Canadians insist that it will be any different here? There is being kind and then there is being stupid. We are being careless and stupid.

Glenn Craig said, “The government of Canada does not own the truth. The CBC does not own the truth. The government of Canada does not own the scope of public inquiry. The CBC is hardly the be all and end all of public inquiry.” Well said, and something to remind ourselves of.

D. Millard, what a boon that would be if Cruz could manage that!
commented 2017-02-24 11:47:07 -0500
commented 2017-02-24 10:49:02 -0500
@moose the silly Goose…On many occassion we have seen the MSM just drop a story when it didn’t fit their white men are oppressive nazis narrative.

So we are interested in getting at the truth and trolls are not going to wet blanket our zeal.

The bill will serve primarily to fend off criticism of a refugee and imigration policy that has proven disasterous in other places.

The government of Canada does not own the truth. The CBC does not own the truth. The government of Canada does not own the scope of public inquiry. The CBC is hardly the be all and end all of public inquiry.
commented 2017-02-24 10:41:23 -0500
@jay Kelly….we don’t do colour role calls they are bullshit and race baiting.
commented 2017-02-24 08:05:36 -0500
Thank you for sharing that info and link, Liza Rosie.

Senator Ted Cruz in the US introduced a bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. If this passes it will be very interesting to see how Canada handles that since Iqra Khalid and others in government have links to MB.


In 1991 the MB wrote a document, a strategic goal for North America, which everyone should be aware of.

commented 2017-02-24 07:20:40 -0500
TY for your work. If you need extra muscle to protect you in the province of Quebec… I am willing to provide free of charge outside business hours (6’5", 245 pounds, MMA training and various pain compliance techniques mastered).
commented 2017-02-24 06:23:30 -0500
Liza Rosie , The only information we will get about MP Iqra Khalid will come from State side or from WikiLeaks . The RCMP and CSIS work for Trudeau and any dirt on her will be covered up by them and PAMM , the Propaganda and Misinformation Ministry.
The Quebec police investigation of the Mosque shootings has government intervention, cover-up and creation of a false narratives all over it
Check out this website:
commented 2017-02-24 06:06:22 -0500
Bissonnnette is charged with murder and attempted murder. That’s all. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that his motive was not hate, but a motive to commit the acts for another reason. The other reason has not been revealed because it doesn’t support the government position on protecting Muslims and creating a false narrative to support M-103
commented 2017-02-24 04:20:54 -0500
Accused Alexander Bissonnette has in his favour that he is white, like Faith Goldy. Against him is that he is a young male.

He needs all the support that he can get.
commented 2017-02-24 03:13:56 -0500
Thank you for that link, Liza. I take some comfort in knowing we have friends south of the border who are aware and concerned about our decaying democracy here in Canada.
commented 2017-02-24 02:35:07 -0500
You can keep digging on this one, but you are not going to find anything. Just admit that there are people out there that hate Muslims enough to do something about it.

That stupid bill does not mean anything. It is just the liberal government pretending to care.
commented 2017-02-24 01:34:59 -0500
Watching CPAC 2017, A few references to Canada, Trudeau and his love of Castro, and our new m-103. At about 1:10 Clair Lopez, ex CIA, who now works in security policy, research and analysis. She describes really well, how the Muslim Brotherhood insinuates itself into a country and uses Canada as an example. She says. “Our friends up there are in trouble right now, our Canadian friends need our help and support”. She talks about the Muslim Student Association, which she describes as a front group ( Iqra Khalid was president of MSA in University.) She says the Muslim Brotherhood accomplishes ‘civilization jihad’ by first taking aim at the pillars of support in our society. She mentions m-103. She also mentions some other things which are quite disturbing. I hope Gerald Butts is watching it tonite, so he can tell Justin, Iqra and friends that there are politicians in the U.S. who understand what they are doing. I hope Canadians watch at least the part I have mentioned, if not the whole thing. It was good to hear someone else say these things out loud. All the things that the Liberals are telling us will be illegal to say if they have their way.
commented 2017-02-24 00:30:17 -0500
Yvette, right now Trudeau is using the iron hand and he will not permit anyone to say the truth about the Quebec mosque. The media information is directly controlled by Trud and pups for puppets so they can progress with their agenda. When I think of it, it’s exactly like the mafia. Also another comment. With all the charges that Bissonnette has, imagine the number of charges against the perpetrators of “32,873 Attacks, 210,679 Killed, 294,792 Injured” , something over 5 million charges. Just ridiculous! There is that tiny tinni event " fabricated as terrorism" in Quebec while we have those thousands and thousands of attacks, murders against us and our leaders are making this a bigly issue. Morons!
commented 2017-02-24 00:25:21 -0500
I will not be silenced!
commented 2017-02-24 00:16:11 -0500
Eric Duhaime has put the finger on the same question we all ask: Why Trudeau is using double standards? Well it’s simple, he is a muslim.
commented 2017-02-24 00:09:51 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,873 Attacks, 210,679 Killed, 294,792 Injured that we know of.

Whatever happens, whatever laws are passed, I will not be silenced as long as I have breath in my body.
commented 2017-02-24 00:09:04 -0500
There’s no sense voting Conservative in a provincial election when Patrick Brown agrees with everything Kathleen Wynne does.

If the real motive for the Quebec shooting fit the Liberals’ narrative, it would already be splashed all over the MSM headlines. It is pretty fishy that the “Prime Minister” jumped right into a criminal investigation calling it the crime terrorism before the police had even properly investigated the incident.
commented 2017-02-23 23:51:48 -0500
On Cp24 today they tied the condemnation of the Mosque attack to the protest outside the Toronto mosque when they were talking about the motion condemning Islamophobia at Queen’s park that passed unanimously. No mention of the hate that was being spoken inside the mosque against Jews and Christians.
commented 2017-02-23 23:45:24 -0500
Though hard to understand because of his French accent, I have always liked Eric Duhaime’s common sense opinions.

Would be good if he contributed to The Rebel on occasion.
commented 2017-02-23 23:06:52 -0500
Both Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard went off half-cocked and declared terrorism on day one, but no charges or any other indication since then. What was that, if not an attempt on the part of politicians to improperly influence police investigators and prosecutors?
I could have sworn we have laws against that sort of thing in Canada…
commented 2017-02-23 22:32:08 -0500
Coming after us? You bet they will. The left, the media, the government and with their help our liberal friends and neighbours, are all gunning…for the Rebel.

There is more to the story of this shooting. If the motive actually does not fit the narrative the that liberal government has manufactured to help them bring in their agenda, what are the chances we will ever hear about it?

Eric said a lot of really important things, about the shooting but also about Justin Trudeau, who’s hypocrisy threatens to weaken his plan if he continues to be so blatantly on the side of Islam, and Canadian deaths be damned. He is as much an apologist for Islam as Obama is. And in the background is papa Soros.

Eric is on the ground there, and he knows things about that shooting that may never be allowed to come out. But he will know, so will many others in Quebec, and eventually unofficially,we will know also. Someone knows what the true motive was.
commented 2017-02-23 21:56:47 -0500
Why the double standard from Baby Doc? Very simple. He has a high maintenance wife, and is high maintenance himself. So there is a pay-master. Much like many of the Byzantine emperors who were on the muslim payroll.
commented 2017-02-23 21:55:32 -0500
Eric Duhaime, I really enjoy listening to his comments, but as for Patrick Brown, how he became the Ontario Conservative leader is mind boggling. What is it with Ontario voters who always elect the wrong person in everything, again a Liberal masquerading as a Conservative, sad & pitiful.
Faith, whatever happened to the other guy who rushed in with Bissonnette? Have you tried to interview those Muslims in the mosque as to what they reported to police & what they saw. I heard or read somewhere that Bissonnette was having an affair with a Muslim & that young man’s father had threatened him. Why have the police been so close mouthed about these stories.
The CBC is a poor excuse for a news media, totally partisan foaming at the mouth bunch of left wing hypocrites, who do not hesitate to grab taxpayer money to spew their dishonesty & their one sided agenda to smear Conservatives.
commented 2017-02-23 21:34:29 -0500
- With Patrick Brown at the helm Ontario has no effective opposition party. Brown is a joke. Given the secrecy of the mosque shooting it’s easy to believe it was a false flag. Even easier with Soros in the picture.