June 30, 2016

Canadian media BLACKOUT on refugee mayhem at NB school (and see who DIDN'T return my calls)

Faith GoldyArchive

This week, in a series of videos, I’ve been sharing details surrounding a story we’ve uncovered out of Fredericton High School in New Brunswick.

After receiving a tip -- alleging Syrian migrant men in their twenties are attending a Canadian school, hitting on fourteen-year old girls, and demonstrating aggression towards their younger male peers -- we filed a freedom of information request.

We received over 2700 pages of teacher email interactions, student surveys, and relevant staff materials from Fredericton High School.  

WATCH as I reveal the story so far, in the words of teachers themselves.

As part of my investigation, I also reached out to the principal at Fredericton High, along with the vice principal, and the name that came up the most on the emails — the head of international Students at the school. I’ll show you what happened when I tried to call her.

I also contacted the Liberal MP for Fredericton. He never got back to me.

It’s been four days since we first aired our story. We’ve begged our friends in the mainstream media to school us before tonight’s show. These are organizations with hundreds, if not thousands of employees — many, with resources right there on the ground in Fredericton.

As of this evening, not a single Canadian media organization picked up our story.

We did make international headlines though. Outlets in the US picked up our story, it even made the country’s biggest news aggregator, Drudge Report. That’s because the news about migrant hell being unleashed in a north American school IS a story.

Even if the Canadian media refuse to acknowledge it.

As we await Fredericton High School’s NEXT batch of documents — which they’ve promised us —my only question is this: without media coverage and political attention, how much worse will life get for the students inside the walls of this Canadian school before something gets done?

And will other schools suffer the same fate? 

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commented 2016-07-07 06:30:36 -0400
what does one expect from the worse group of animals on the face of earth , n the dimwits want to add another 300,000 of these dogs in Canada, nothing but ignorant leeches the bunch, how much are the Saudis paying the liberals to take these animals
commented 2016-07-06 14:34:40 -0400
This is Trudeau’s doing. No one but him. He is keeping all inquiries about Muslim mayhem out of the public eye. He and the Minister of immigration have allowed this to happen and it will get worse. If we say or do anything against a Muslim it is immediately in the news. Not so when a Muslim or Muslims do anything wrong to Christians.. Did you hear Trudeau at the Gay pride parade he said it was not him who brought Syrians into this country but Canadians asked for it. That was an out and out lie. Canadians were not begging the Government to bring in Syrian refugees. This was actually a voting tool he used with the Muslim Community. Just like " legalizing weed: was to those who smoked it. He could not care less about Canadians, only himself. He is just like Donald Trump, he just does it in a sneaky way. Trudeau is a troll and a lap dog for whom ever will vote for him now and in the next election. Trudeau makes me physically sick. I hate this leader and hope he gets what is coming to him one day.
commented 2016-07-04 18:59:00 -0400
Are these teachers or parents contacting the federal government? It is outrageous that this kind of stuff is not being reported via phone calls and emails and snail mail to governing MPs.. There should be a deluge….our government must be held accountable! Yazidis and Christians were prioritized by the previous Conservative government…this is an atrocious mess and will only get worse.
commented 2016-07-02 22:26:51 -0400
@lee Horsman. That was a very good rebuttal for someone who is denying the truth. The post you pasted, I forgot all about it. I got to stay up on politics and the news more again. Thanks for also putting that link back on.
commented 2016-07-02 19:21:12 -0400
David Tremblay, if “nobody reported anything to the police,” please explain the second paragraph in this article from almost three months ago:
Let’s cut through some of the BS right now. I was in NB in March and April and lots of people were talking about these problems at FHS, a relative showed me Facebook posts about it (I don’t do Facebook) The Rebel has posted a multitude of e-mails originating from inside that school. Now, do you seriously expect everyone to believe that all this is a Rebel fabrication because YOU say so?
Get a grip.
commented 2016-07-02 18:03:14 -0400
Nobody reported anything to the police because there were no criminal offences. No crimes were committed and no one was in danger. I live in this area and know staff members that work at this school and they all say that although there were some minor problems there was nothing worse done by any refugee than any other teenager that already lived in this area. The mainstream press will not report it because this is not a story, just a desperate attempt to sell a product by scaring you.
commented 2016-07-02 04:40:31 -0400
Jay the people who made the complaints said what happened , not the Rebel writer. My stepson was hit with a bat by a Muslim , the cops did nothing. Just like the assualt when Lauren was in the UK, they did nothing. They are under orders to ignore certain peoples crimes. Did you miss the Rotherdam situation? Cops , officials, mayors, even child welfare did nothing and even worse they arrested parents for trying to rescue their children. One day you will get it , but by that time it will be too late. JUST REMEMBER THAT!!!
commented 2016-07-02 04:12:21 -0400
It is not clear at all that any serious offence took place. The Rebel writer implied that adult males harassed or molested female minors.

That would be a crime that must be reported to the police.

Did this crime take place?
commented 2016-07-02 02:40:45 -0400
Didn’t hear this myself but someone posted on another thread that Fudd thinks English speaking students should learn Arabic. Might come in handy to start memorizing the Quran as well or your next trip to the mall could be your last.
commented 2016-07-02 02:18:42 -0400
Jay since your so curious perhaps you should phone the cops and ask them if charges are being laid and then you can report back to us how that goes.
commented 2016-07-02 02:14:28 -0400
Paul Dixon. Thanks for your perspective. I could be way wrong with this but when I read the number 2700 my first thought was that someone wanted this story leaked to the press but felt muzzled because of possibly losing their job and/or it was too politically incorrect to mention it since we all know that anyone in authority wouldn’t do anything about it anyway. Certainly no politician and likely neither the police. There could be all sorts of repercussions. They certainly wouldn’t be up for a promotion. At any rate, their silence wouldn’t necessarily mean they didn’t want this to come out. Very sad that PC bs has created this situation because it’s starting to get people killed. Also if parents are even too scared to go public, why would we expect teachers to.
commented 2016-07-02 01:03:52 -0400
Oh yes, an earlier attack in Calgary was reported to the police but they declined to respond.

If a crime has been committed the police are obliged to respond.

If a minor has been assaulted then any adult in a professional role is obliged to report it immediately.

Who reported to the police the offences in the New Brunswick school?

What was the police response?
commented 2016-07-02 00:15:57 -0400
Jay Kelly the attack in Calgary was reported and caught on video, the police were ordered not to care.
commented 2016-07-01 23:51:51 -0400
Do you know that some of the accusations on this post demand police investigation?

If a 14 year old female was assaulted by a 22 year old male it is necessary to report this, for anyone who is adult and hears this information.

It is not a matter of opinion.

Was the matter reported to the police? What was their response.

We deserve to know.
commented 2016-07-01 20:59:02 -0400
I see it ids up on Disqus now.

The other day when it was mentioned it was deleted as The Rebel was not “A Recognized Media Outlet”

But since the Sun picked it up references to The Rebel are now being allowed.

Like Cologne – it will take time but the truth will come out.
commented 2016-07-01 19:14:08 -0400
This needs political attention for sure. Surely parents are contacting their MP’s. The superintendent owes parents and media a statement.
commented 2016-07-01 18:54:56 -0400
Paul Dixon, you are absolutely correct, the school boards have spokespersons and nobody else should be talking to the press. The Sun newspapers are now investigating this story and the response that David Akin got from the Fredericton school superintendent is nearly a carbon copy of the response that Faith Goldy got from the guy in Halifax, where she she proved that he was trying to hide the truth.
commented 2016-07-01 18:07:10 -0400
Paul, thank you for your comments. I look forward to your further posts.
commented 2016-07-01 17:20:08 -0400
As a teacher, I would like to add a different perspective on some of the things that Faith said tonight. This also pertains to her other investigation about the Muslim immigrants a couple of months ago, when she tried to contact and interview school board personel in her investigation.

First of all teachers are not trained in responding to the media, and in very sensitive situations like this teachers should not involve themselves in an interview. Everyone knows how media are notorious for misusing and twisting quotes and material from interviews in order to make their point. It is no different for principals or secretaries. You should only expect to be able to speak to a school board spokeperson.

Second, there is the issue of confidentiality, and anyone who has been a teacher knows that issues concerning students, whether it be behaviour, testing, or anything else of a personal nature, is strictly confidential. We are simply not authorized to divulge any personal information about students. Again, the person to speak to is the board spokeperson.

So though I really enjoy Faith’s show, and the passion with which she investigates and presents her material, just realize that a teacher’s, secretary’s or principal’s refusal to speak to her does not necessarily indicate a “cover-up”. It is simply school board policy, and is the expected response of a professional teacher/secretary/principal operating by the guidelines under which he/she was employed. Would anyone on this list want personal information about their child revealed to a reporter? Not his guy!

And I might add – I am enjoying this investigation and think that it is shameful what is going on. This is the direct responsibility of the MP for that constituency – he/she, and the talking head he serves under in Ottawa, should be ashamed!
commented 2016-07-01 13:10:36 -0400
Geoff, Excellent news, thank you Geoff for bringing this up. My hats off to the people at the rebel, great work.
commented 2016-07-01 10:38:12 -0400
Since the Rebel is the only media that is trying to get the truth out, about what is really going on in our communities, since the invasion of Islam, and the threats that this ideology brings to our freedoms. We need to start going door to door with print outs of this information, in order to reach those who wish to deny these tragic events, based on ignorance and fear. When I go shopping, I’m always being handed printouts about God. We need to do the same with the truth about this evil culture, if we are to stand up for our children, who are our future. The Rebel is a great platform for the truth, that is being denied by the MSM, who are practicing censorship, at our expense, and will only destroy our country, if it’s not dealt with immediately. The only way to beat them at their own game, is to bring back the news criers of yesteryear, and spread the news. The Rebel needs to expand their reach, otherwise I fear they will be shut down. We need to have plans in place to spread the word, because those treasonous elected officials, and their minions, are trying to shut down the Rebel, and anyone who stands for freedom. Stand now, or we will be forever silenced!
commented 2016-07-01 10:23:04 -0400
The Ottawa/Toronto Sun has a column today by David Akin (formerly of Sun News Network) about this Fredericton High School refugee problem. He has obviously been listening to the Rebel, and mentioned the TheRebel.Media and the 2,700 pages of documents.

He says the Postmedia Network has also requested those same documents!


Congratulations to The Rebel and Faith Goldy!!
commented 2016-07-01 09:56:09 -0400
sandra malinder commented
“It’s up to the parents to demand this dangerously absurd situation be changed. If they have to pull their kids from school and arrange co-op schooling, then that’s what they need to do. If they have to book off a day from work to storm the school and demand changed, then that’s what they have to do. Later will be too late. The parents are behaving like good Germans during ww2 by doing nothing. In the meantime this is criminal negligence on the part of the parents as much as it is the schools and the ridiculously stupid politicians creating this mess. The meek shall not inherit the earth, they’ll be herded into compliance and loss of autonomy because it’s so easy to do that to them.”

Loved your comment, worth repeating:)
commented 2016-07-01 08:57:30 -0400
Well Faith – I listened to you on 1010 talk radio in Toronto while driving through that disgusting city last night – you did not mention it once – you could have and should have.

Have you sold out as well?
commented 2016-07-01 08:23:44 -0400
SANDRA MALINDER, I agree with your comments.

In Sharia Law, they outline two types of Jihads, a Violent Jihad and a Civilized Jihad. The Violent Jihad makes it much easier to convert the non-believer masses in the Civilized Jihad. Canada is on the path of being converted to Islam by a Civilized Jihad. Exactly the same as Sandra mentioned in her comment of “The parents are behaving like good Germans during ww2 by doing nothing”

I can see one of the Maritime cities to be the first in Canada to have No Go zones where Sharia Law is the law above Canadian Law. It will not be a fight, the residents will be the good Germans just like WW2.
commented 2016-07-01 07:56:15 -0400
Well, the Maritimes overwhelmingly voted Liberal.
commented 2016-07-01 06:31:49 -0400
This is precisely why a premium membership is a piss poor idea, Ezra…

Limited shareability.
commented 2016-07-01 04:03:10 -0400
ELTON BRAUN… What a radical idea!… Start a prayer group on all Canadian universities which carries a Bible and which pauses, gets down on its knees a few times a day, no matter the weather, and recites The Lord’s Prayer!… Is that too radical a thought for our Judeo-Christian based Canada???
commented 2016-07-01 03:51:54 -0400
The fact that the school staff are obsessed with petty terminology by repeatedly enforcing the word “newcomer” be used, as if “refugee” was an illegal word, demonstrates that they shouldn’t be in charge of children anyway.