March 02, 2017

The Looming Split in Canadian Conservatism

Faith GoldyArchive

Tonight, I break down what you need to know about Ontario's blasphemy motion. Who is behind it? Why should you oppose it? And why did PC Leader Patrick Brown endorse the motion?

Then, national columnist for the Sun newspaper chain Anthony Furey joins me to discuss the looming schism in Canadian conservatism.

Will common sense prevail, or is the Party destined to cave to those on the top?

Plus, we've got your weekly top headlines and Quote of Honour!

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commented 2017-03-09 11:06:03 -0500
The more tyranny I see unfolding from the Liberal Government, the more I get concerned about the lack of opposition in Government, in Parliament, in the House of Commons.
The scandalous ongoing attack on Canadian safety, and security is insane, from convicted Terrorists given Citizenship, to illegal entry into Canada, “YET” the opposition is quiet.
I don’t see how laws have not been broken for any member of Government including the Prime Minister, aiding known terrorists and granting them citizenship after the conviction of terrorist attacks plotting and carrying out in Canada.
It goes much deeper than that, but that’s an example of this breech of security and aiding and abetting terrorists. I want to see Trudeau help criminally responsible for terrorism.
Trudeau has helped everyone accept Canadians. He has NO Patriotism, and is openly siding with the same people and groups of people we are fighting against in the Middle east. The very thing the Refugees flee, Sharia Law, Islam, has been giving authority to set-up shop in Canada.
I want to see the Opposition Oppose, and provide us with a valid reason for what’s keeping them from countering these attacks against Canada at the hand of Trudeau.
We will be voting for a new leader, and I strongly suggest we be very careful about who that is. We have a lot to sort out in Canada since Trudeau has been at the helm, and need Strong Opposition to fix all the problems with Immigration, Terrorism, security let alone all the trade and negotiating that is left to do.
commented 2017-03-04 22:53:02 -0500
Glenn Craig,

I have never touched a drug in my life. but I am not surprised that you are surrounded by people who helped you get off drugs. White trash hicks are often addicted to something. It must have been a low point for you when you sucked a dick for some crack.
commented 2017-03-04 20:17:03 -0500
@jack Coverdale….I have people in my circle of aquaintence who you may be aquainted with as well….members of your methadone recovery group…or your (fill in the blank)University Alumnae LGBT Bridge social or you fair trade latte coffe clatch at Starbucks…but they are not the real Canadians….the real Canadians get dirt under their broken finger nails building and maintaining the infrastructure the likes of you wouldn’t have a clue about. And their support of the liberal party is very fickle. Doesn’t really take that much to piss them off and vote tory. I figure between Trudeau’s cringe worthy gaffs and when it sinks in what the carbon tax is going to cost….that will do it. Oh and Alan Rock back in the day ….remember him?….the CBC crowned him king…so what happened Jack? And Michael Ignatief…the CBC crowned him king….what happened Jack?…..why did all the “real canadian liberals” turn against him? oh and Mr Carbon Tax himself Stephan Dion…what happened to that real canadian liberal support? The liberal party all but vanished at the capricious whim of Quebec…and only came back from oblivion because Tom Mulcair …who the CBC had crowned king…not Justin….pushed his luck with the burka…..“Real Canadian”….my cis-gendered white male ass Jack.
commented 2017-03-04 18:51:48 -0500
Elton Braun,

This coming from a moron that doesn’t even realize that Canada is a liberal country.
commented 2017-03-04 18:25:25 -0500
Jack-“the truth shall set you free”. But you can’t handle the truth.
commented 2017-03-04 15:04:47 -0500
@jack Coverdale…don’t believe you Jack..about being a "real " Canadian …I would want to see a DNA test. And Marxism in all of it’s forms is as unreal as unreality gets. That’s why they get into opiate addiction and gender bending.

Are you a supporter of ANTIFA Jack? ….You think that is the benchmark of being a “real” Canadian.?

Stop acting like you have ant sort of power or influence here…you are a pathetic impotent fart in space.
commented 2017-03-04 03:00:07 -0500
Glenn Craig,

Not agitated at all. Why would I be – I am a REAL Canadian, you white trash shit kickin’ hick. Did you sleep with your mother or sister today?
commented 2017-03-03 22:46:02 -0500
@jack Coverdale…you seem a little agitated…time for your heroin fix commie faggot junkie
commented 2017-03-03 15:52:17 -0500
And then stampede them over
commented 2017-03-03 15:50:55 -0500
GLENN , you give me an idea , next election , we will send out robocalls to the Liberals to vote at — head smashed in buffalo jump in southern Alberta
commented 2017-03-03 15:05:32 -0500
Elton Braun,

The truth hurts you I know.
commented 2017-03-03 14:58:37 -0500
Jack Coverdale-have another glass of koolaid and some crackers and go back to sleep.
commented 2017-03-03 14:45:59 -0500
Ross Leborgne,

Yes – Alberta should be it’s own country and separate, since people there have very little to do with the rest of Canada and Canadians.

Perhaps Alberta can somehow be connected to Texas, since Alberta already is a Texas wannabe.
commented 2017-03-03 14:24:21 -0500
With respect to looming split in Canadian Conservatism, more a case of an identity crisis – too many CINOs, like Chong and O;Leary, who have no idea of conservative values and principles. As you said Faith, "Conservatives historically do when when they are ultra-conservatives. I wouldn’t write off the entire field of candidates as not being full-fledged conservatives and that they are not addressing the issues of concern.
commented 2017-03-03 14:01:34 -0500
According to Robert Spencer, accepting the notion of Islamophobia is a significant major step along the way to criminalizing criticism of Islam. The proponents cleverly conflate acts of violence with criticism of Islam, the motivating guiding ideology for terrorists:
Once these condemnations begin to be made (as was the case with the House’s unanimous support for Tom Mulcair’s motion related e-petition e-411 on October 26, 2016) and precedents are set, then penalties become the next logical step, meeting the ultimate agenda of the OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation) . According to Spencer, the only way to push back against this deceptive argument is “to keep telling the truth”. Political correctness of this kind is the biggest threat to win the war on terror. A recipe for suicide in the face of advancing jihad. The gateway to dhimitude, the dhimis, subjugated people under Islam, are not to criticize Islam, a Sharia provision. To do so, criticize Islam, will be to forfeit their so-called protection under Islam and their lives will be in danger.
commented 2017-03-03 11:22:34 -0500
@jack Coverdale…..Liberals are so stupid all it took to beat them last time was a couple of robocalls…they never did figure out where to go and vote….if they are stupid enough to vate liberal for the reasons that they do just about anybody could herd them off a cliff.
commented 2017-03-03 11:16:46 -0500
@jack Coverdale….this is typical of the level of political sophistication where I live……

“Well the Liberals went and repealed the Magna Carta….then they re-instated Jus Prima Nocta and gang raped my virgin bride …then they made homophobia illegal and gang raped me….when I complained about it they charged me with hate speech and threw me in jail where I got gang raped again…somewhere in all of that I got a terrible dose of the crabs…spread all the way to my eyebrows…(while scratching crotch and eyebrows)…ahh but I’m still voting for Wayne Easter….he’s my man”

To my chagrin…

Jack…truth is not relative….fucking your cousin is.
commented 2017-03-03 10:40:57 -0500
The west needs to separate from that band of crazies.
commented 2017-03-03 10:19:41 -0500
Thanks FAITH , for warning us of what’s to come , it’s up to us individually to prepare

What’s happening now in Canada is a tangled web of progressive "dreams "
It will end in nightmares for all of us , if it’s not checked ! , that’s the problem , not too many conservatives willing to work hard in the corners and Finnish their checks off !!
commented 2017-03-03 10:11:51 -0500
@ Space Moose commented 6 hours ago
How the hell did Ontario end up with such an incompetent conservative leader?
Quite simple – all you have to o is look at the vast majority of the citizens in Ontario.

Spoiled, smug, arrogant and entitled.

Completely uninformed of the events of the day.

The typical Ontario POS residents do actually believe this stuff – they are:

Believers in the state controlled CBC.

Believers that all refugees are good.

Believers that those illegals need a home.

Believers that their own can worry about heating or eating it will all work out in the end.

Believers that those who die while waiting for medical care are not a problem as long as it is not them.

Believers that a carbon tax will save the world.

Believers that while 47,000 people die of drug use in Canada per year that marijuana is not a problem as it COULD NOT be a lead in drug.

Believers that oil from the west is bad but from the middle east is good.

Believers that cash from the pockets of the hard working western tax payer is not only deserved, it is a right.

And I could go on – I bet I could write more than 100 more truths.

All in all Canada is becoming a very trashy country with poor leadership provided by even worse voters.

DO not ever blame the political leader – no matter how evil they might be – they were put in power by the voter.

Blame the voter – and in Ontario I have to admit – I would not likely stop to help any of them any more.

Tale a walk down any street and actually look and listen to those who vote – they do indeed fit the above definitions. However it is highly unlikely anyone would have the gonads to say it.

Ontario AND Canada both have the governments they deserve.
commented 2017-03-03 09:38:46 -0500
Alain Turcotte,

No – extreme right means you are utterly delusional in thinking that this is the truth and you confirmed that here. You are absolutely clueless.
commented 2017-03-03 09:34:46 -0500
Glenn Craig,

Most of Canada is left in varying degrees. Maybe you should actually be aware of Canada and the REAL Canadians that live here. This isn’t Texas, besides Alberta.
commented 2017-03-03 09:33:23 -0500
@jack Cloverdale…. If telling the truth, and standing up for your countrymen and women results in one being labelled as “extreme right,” then I shall wear that label as a badge of honor!
commented 2017-03-03 09:11:56 -0500
@jack Coverdale…are you left wing Jack? Well shame on you , you drug addicted pervert…don’t you dare go anywhere near my grandchildren…..hope that made it clear how futile your shame on me for supporting the right bullshit is.
commented 2017-03-03 08:17:28 -0500
Elton Braun,

It’s not unfair at all. The Rebel is the Breitbart of Canada – extreme right/alt-right.

Even more extreme than Fox News, who at least have some liberals on staff and people like Chris Wallace, who will call out conservative bullshit or Sheppard Smith, who even attacks Trump.

You will NEVER get that here.

Many center right and more reasonable conservatives left this place a long time ago, because the focus here was too extreme and Ezra is just way too over the top.
commented 2017-03-03 08:16:32 -0500
If you send an email to Patrick Brown objecting to his stance on the Islamophobia issue, you will not get the courtesy of even an acknowledgement that they received your note. In the note I sent , I simply stated that I would not support the PC Party financially or provide volunteer service due to their decision. Apparently they don’t care.
Ontario is now deeply socialist/liberal. I call it Torontario because those of us that live outside the moated city have no real say in how the Province is run now. Government reflects the values and wants of the voters in the long run ,or it faces defeat at the polls. Unfortunately the populace at this juncture don’t share the old traditional values of the old Province . Ontario may be doomed , and not offering a solid opposition based on values really isn’t the way to proceed for conservatives. If you are going to lose, better you lose with dignity than showing weakness and a lack of resolve.
commented 2017-03-03 07:03:13 -0500
Here’s the deal folks – in the last four provincial elections, about two-thirds of the Ontario electorate voted Liberal, NDP, or Green. The Conservatives have (stupidly) figured that to have a chance, they have to support every bit of green/fuzzy-wuzzy *&^%$#g nonsense that comes along. So, although Paddy Brown is hammering the slimy Liberals on the electricity rates, he is still in favour of a carbon tax….which is built upon the same AGW lie that gave us the ridiculous electricity rates.

Paddy Brown
His pants fell down
And everyone could see
A tiny pair
With peach fuzz hair
As pink as pink can be

P.S. green will work too.
commented 2017-03-03 04:47:08 -0500
I’m like you Faith, afraid that Trudeau’s machine will win the next election. Like in most pseudo-democratic dictatorships, when you have control of the media, you’re usually assured victory.
Justin has also learned from Hillary’s biggest mistake: she didn’t silence alternative media. Trudeau, with the help of George Soros, will silence the Rebel, the Sun and any other non-narrative means to inform the public, including censuring Facebook and Twitter (like China, Iran, and other prime examples of despotic realms). An Islamophobia law courtesy of M103, like the one just passed in Ontario, will allow Trudeau’s thought-police to shut down the Rebel and block popular Youtube, FB and Twitter accounts. He will put more money into the CBC (his propaganda arm). -
I think he will even go as far as jailing a free-speaking Conservative leader to assure his victory (another lesson learned, this time from the Dutch gov’t that failed to silence Geert Wilders – for criticizing immigration policy – which would have assured the globalists victory in the upcoming election). All the new Canadian Conservative leader has to do is question immigration policy to be charged as a racist under a new Liberal law, then be arrested, and finally silenced. I don’t think even O’Leary has the cajones to continue to speak his mind and risk internment. Leitch and the rest will turtle.
God help Canada.
commented 2017-03-03 04:14:23 -0500
How the hell did Ontario end up with such an incompetent conservative leader?
commented 2017-03-03 03:06:00 -0500
And any conservative who didn’t learn from “November the 8th” in the United States, deserves to shuffle off the stage still wondering “Duh?… What just happened?”…