May 18, 2017

Along the Front Line of Trudeau’s Open Border Crisis

Faith GoldyArchive

Tonight, I'm on the ground in Emerson, Manitoba, the border town at the front line of Canada's illegal migrant crisis. 

Since January, already hundreds (and possibly thousands) of fake refugees have illegally walked across Canada's southern border with the United States.

What's it like to be woken up in the middle of the night with migrants knocking at your door?

How do residents really feel about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's invitation to their backyard, addressed to the world?

How much worse must the crisis get before the border loophole is closed?

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commented 2017-05-26 10:34:57 -0400
I rarely comment on the web but the hate that you talk about refugees striked me… How in your mind a refugee is supposed to look like? You keep saying that they don’t look like refugees? And who are you to judge how a refugee should be dressed?! And who are you to call them " fake" refugees?! Have you heard their stories? I can say that a professional journalist doesn’t have her lips plumped with silicon. If you are so much for what’s wrong or right, why didn’t you donate the money to homeless or child in need, instead of paying for your " monkey bum" look like mouth?! I read you are a devoted Catholic. Really? You don’t look like one…smirk. Have you read how the Catholic church was created? I myself am Christian. And I was taught not to judge or look down on a human being. I was taught love. You speak with such hate! Your eyes are so full with hate and your opinions are so shallow. You’re trying so hard to intimidate and mock people. If you are so devoted Catholic then , should I say that all Catholics are ignorant and evil speaking like you?! You love to generalize 😊 And how the women with silicon injected mouths like yours are usually called?! If I have to generalize like you, they’re called cheap and looking for the wrong attention from men. Honestly… look at yourself before you judge and analyze humans that you don’t know.
commented 2017-05-21 13:38:19 -0400
Carrie it’s an invasion alright, facilitated by our own government. Treason.
commented 2017-05-21 08:43:30 -0400
looking more & more like a invasion.
commented 2017-05-21 08:36:02 -0400
trudeau will never go and see emmerson & even if he did it would not make any difference. When he came to Alberta after Fort Mac was burned down he said we didnt need any help, we rebuild ourselves. He HATES the west. Manitoba is eastern canada not west though so who knows.
commented 2017-05-19 12:59:49 -0400
jes wi…why should Pallister back down?…trudummy is the one who’s not doing anything to stop this…
commented 2017-05-19 12:55:17 -0400
not rcmp…rcbp…royal canadian baggage porters…they need to take the baggage and owners to trudummys riding and settle them there…
commented 2017-05-19 11:33:47 -0400
Please investigate to see is this is actually a “Power Play” that is going on between the FEDS and our Premiere [ and that maybe, if he would SIGN the new Health Care Bill, as the other Premieres have done, the FEDS would be more supportive of our plight.] Is this immigrant issue being used as some sort of “leverage” to get a message to our vacationing Premiere by our Prime Minister?? Maybe if Pallister would step in line, sign the new Fed Health Bill…………….. we would have better support. When will Pallister realize he cannot win……. and sign the new Health Standards Bill???
commented 2017-05-19 11:32:05 -0400
Or this Ron J., "A 6’ barb wire fence is cheap and quick to build, or build a razor fence like Hungary.

Then the Americans will quickly learn that we don’t want their criminal rejects."

Good question where is Pallister? Is he getting his pockets lined as well. These politicians must think we are all stupid.
commented 2017-05-19 11:28:49 -0400
Elton, who would have imagined even 2 years ago that this line would ever be uttered in Canada?
“12ft. chain link topped with razor wire. When they start bringing bolt cutters, make it electric. A few signs suggesting trespassers will be shot on sight (in English and Arabic) wouldn’t hurt either.”
commented 2017-05-19 10:23:31 -0400
Space Moose—-yes, I saw the fake news station CBC congratulate the African (who lost some fingers )on his successful acceptance into Canada. I am sure employers from coast to coast are fighting to hire this guy.
commented 2017-05-19 08:33:14 -0400
Single men, of military age, with criminal histories, no health certificates, walking into Canada in the middle of the night…..what could possibly go wrong!!!!?
I commented before when Trudeau stated this is “positive and exciting” – only if you are an Islamist. Canadians are not proud of Trudeau’s illegal migrant crisis and want this to stop, illegal migrants from all over the world should not be permitted entry into Canada this way. Welcoming them will bring more.

Where are the men and women who were living at the Nursing Home?
commented 2017-05-19 05:44:05 -0400
Somebody owns the property along the border. If the town owns some then the town should fence it. On the private property they could start crowdfunding. I suspect they would probably get a lot of donations and a lot of free labour. 12ft. chain link topped with razor wire. When they start bringing bolt cutters, make it electric. A few signs suggesting trespassers will be shot on sight (in English and Arabic) wouldn’t hurt either.
commented 2017-05-19 03:36:29 -0400
That half of the citizens who want them, let them pay for them. They should house those poor muslim thieves. I don’t want to pay for someone else’s charity. I’m so tired of those dumb canadians.
commented 2017-05-19 02:25:58 -0400
- There’s no price Trudeau isn’t willing to make Canadians pay for his virtue signaling – because it’s the current year, Welcome to Canada – sucker country of the world. We need to get rid of these Liberal parasites.
commented 2017-05-19 02:06:56 -0400
That fake refugee who lost his fingers won his case to stay in CAnada. He is also claiming that he is bi sexual, and that he is persecuted for his sexuality in Ghana.
commented 2017-05-19 01:48:00 -0400
Wonderful timely investigative reporting Faith – too bad Justin will ignore any problem his open border policy causes Canadians – he really does not represent Canadians or their interests. He has no empathy with us.
commented 2017-05-19 01:01:16 -0400
We know that this is small potatoes for Trudeau, but where is Premier Pallister ? Has he visited Emerson? A 6’ barb wire fence is cheap and quick to build, or build a razor fence like Hungary.
Then the Americans will quickly learn that we don’t want their criminal rejects.
commented 2017-05-19 00:14:12 -0400
Trudeau welcomes these illegal immigrants because when he gives them instant citizenship, it will be on the condition that they vote for him at the next Election.

In addition to Citizenship he will also give them, on average $1,000 more, per month than what the average Low Income Senior Citizen and Army Vet receives.

Muzlims live in luxury, see how an Army Vet Lives.
commented 2017-05-19 00:04:34 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,327 Attacks, 214,467 Killed, 295,547 Injured that we know of

I posted the following comments on Faith’s video commentary and interview yesterday, but they still fit nicely here for today’s show:

If Trudeau visited and saw what was really going on, does anyone seriously think it would make any difference? Those who’s lives are impacted by this band of Islamist jihadists are of the unwashed peasant class. So who cares about them? As long as JT can virtue signal and pose for selfies, just keep those jihadists coming. After all, They won’t be living next him, and they’ll probably vote for him in the next election. Don’t assume for one minute that Trudeau doesn’t know the situation on the ground. He knows it very well, he just doesn’t care. In fact he and his advisers/backers have orchestrated it and are counting on if. If you haven’t clued in by now, if you’re not a Laurentian elite, Trudeau has nothing but contempt for you.
commented 2017-05-18 22:45:28 -0400
Divided the community, eh…
Chalk it up to Trudeau’s continued ambition to drive wedges between Canadians:
Create racism where it hadn’t existed before,
foster western alienation,
pitting patriots against post-national globalists,
freedom lovers vs. Marxist utopians,
secularists against Islamists,
citizens against illegal migrants,
dividing women on the benefits of Sharia,

Well done Justin.
commented 2017-05-18 22:44:35 -0400
A Trapper’s license only costs $10 in the province of Manitoba. Wolves and Coyotes coming on to your property can be problematic this time of year.
commented 2017-05-18 21:49:24 -0400
How much worse before the loophole is closed?
Please. It’s all going according to plan.
commented 2017-05-18 21:34:55 -0400
It is hard for me to imagine why any reasonably intelligent Canadian would be for illegal refugee entry. I just don’t understand that half of the town wants to accommodate this. A country with porous borders is at risk of losing its sovereignty. What part of this do the bleeding hearts not understand?

Trudeau will never go to the border, either in Manitoba or anywhere else his illegals are scurrying across the border like rats fleeing a sinking ship.
commented 2017-05-18 21:19:49 -0400
The rebel said..
“How do residents really feel about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau”
I would like to know how those residents feel about western separation away from any more Laurentian mad men.!!