September 01, 2016

How Ontario PCs can recover after sex-ed flip-flop

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Ontario's PC Party is in desperate need of some adult supervision. After Patrick Brown's flip-flop on the Liberal's radical sex education curriculum, party faithful and near customers alike are questioning how whether or not they can trust the leader and his staff.

Tonight, I tell you how the party can put an end to amateur hour:

Stop letting the media determine their message and agenda!

Then, defender of the grassroots and conservative activist Jim Karahalios joins me to discuss what the sex-ed snafu means for the electoral prospects of the party, not to mention caucus morale.

Plus, we've got your week's top headlines and Quote of Honour!

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commented 2016-09-14 22:18:06 -0400
As much as I loathe Ms. Wynne and this Liberal regime, I am also angry with the PC’s for putting Patrick Brown in as leader. This was a rash and unnecessary decision, taken when the party had several years to establish policies and deal with the many failings of government over the past decade. The man is showing himself to be such a lightweight and waffler that he is totally unsuitable and not up to the demands of the job. Hopefully the PC’s will have another leadership vote well before the next election .
commented 2016-09-03 18:29:40 -0400
All of them bow down to the Gaystapo eventually. The homosexuals are now the most powerful leftist lobby group on the planet, next to the redical enviro-nazis.

Western society and its values are dead.
commented 2016-09-03 13:10:28 -0400
Harper tried to appease the French community by appeasing the French Language activists, which include almost all French politicians push for Official Bilingualism, and more extensive OB everywhere.

Here is an example of how it is working

Cleaner – Bilingual Imperative – House of Commons

I love this part of the job ad:

The House of Commons is committed to an inclusive workplace that ensures full and equal access to employment, development and advancement opportunities for current and future employees.

This is how void of reality these people are when they think they are being "including and ensuring full and equal access to employment: when they are being unequal and excluding the non-French/English speaking majority for no reasons related to doing the actual job at all

House of Commons Administration’s Career Portal

Cleaning Person

Selection Process No.
Closing Date
2016-09-11 23:59:59
Cleaning Person
CSG-K: $29,965 – $37,914
Service Area
Parliamentary Precinct Operations
Building Support Services
Area of Selection
Language Profile
Bilingual Imperative (English / French)
Reading comprehension: -
Written expression: -
Oral interaction: Basic level (A)

Your Challenge
The Cleaning Person provides cleaning services to office suites throughout the Parliamentary Precinct buildings.
Hourly Rate: $16.46 – $20.83

Successful completion of post-secondary education OR acceptable combination of education, training and/or relevant experience.

Experience in performing cleaning functions that comply with the standards established by the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS);
Experience in operating a personal computer (Email, Internet);
Knowledge of techniques, tools and cleaning agents used to clean the washrooms and offices;
Ability to read and understand the instructions for the use of various equipment and cleaning agents.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Certification.

Candidates will be evaluated against the Parliamentary Precinct Services Employee Competency Profile – Operations Group.

The purpose of this recruitment and selection process is to staff the position of Cleaning Person on an indeterminate basis and to establish a list of qualified candidates. Qualified candidates may be considered for other temporary or indeterminate positions requiring similar competencies at the House of Commons.

Essential Information
PLEASE NOTE: ***When completing the selection process questionnaire you must include detailed examples that clearly demonstrate how you meet the education and experience prerequisites. It is not sufficient to say that you have the required qualifications or to list your current duties. Résumés will be use as a secondary point of information and for reference purposes. Failure to provide appropriate detail in the selection process questionnaire may result in the application being rejected from the recruitment and selection process.
Preference may be given to candidates with valid WHMIS certification.

The incumbent must be able to work from 5:00 AM to 8:30 AM weekdays (Monday to Friday) for a total of 17.5 hrs / week.

Selected candidates who do not have valid second language evaluation (SLE) results will be assessed before being invited for an interview.
A variety of assessment tools will be used to assess the candidate’s ability to read and understand instructions for the use of various cleaning agents and equipment.
The House of Commons Administration conducts pre-employment screenings for all prospective employees.
All House of Commons Administration offices are located in Ottawa, Ontario. Relocation and travel expenses incurred during the recruitment and selection process are the applicant’s responsibility.
Please note that only applications submitted through our Career Portal will be accepted.
Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) September 11, 2016.
Please save a copy of the notice of job opportunity as well as all related documents. Once the closing date has passed, these documents will no longer be available.
If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Recruitment and Selection at before the closing date and time of the recruitment and selection process. We will respond to enquiries within 24 hours (excluding statutory holidays and weekends).
The masculine form is used in documents for the sole purpose of simplifying them: it is not discriminatory in any way.
The House of Commons is committed to an inclusive workplace that ensures full and equal access to employment, development and advancement opportunities for current and future employees.
commented 2016-09-03 13:06:13 -0400
Patrick Brown is trying to appease the the LGBT community by appeasing LGBT activists by talking like one, like Wynne, who sees homophobia everywhere because they fear and hate Heterosexuals who they think are all homophobic.

Newsflash you idiot Brown – LGBTs in general are not like the LGBT activists who claim to represent them
commented 2016-09-03 01:23:46 -0400
Patrick Brown looks like a Prentice style Liberal wearing a Conservative Dress … it looks like you have a choice of 2 liberals and some quacks.
commented 2016-09-03 01:14:05 -0400
The Ontario PC party is becoming a parody of itself as it scuttles farther to the left. Patrick Brown lost my vote with his stand on carbon taxation. Now that he has backed down on scrapping/revamping the sex ed. curriculum he has confirmed my decision. Is there a Mike Harris-type out there anywhere? Mr. Brown got the PC leadership under false pretenses. What else will he back down on? This “progressive” nonsense just means a steady move to the left and I’ll never vote for that.
commented 2016-09-02 11:47:27 -0400
With the encouragement of Parents As First Educators (PAFE), Queenie Yu entered the race as an Independent to force Wynne’s s/x-ed as an issue for the election, making a clear commitment to repealing Wynne’s program. PAFE describes Brown’s machinations in response as follows: “Many voters in that riding had no idea that Patrick flip-flopped. As the Toronto Star points out 13,000 copies of Patrick Brown’s letter committing to scrap the curriculum were distributed in the riding door-to-door, in multiple languages. Then Patrick flip-flopped and stated to the English media that he is in fact FOR the radical s/x-ed. This a riding where 90% of the residents are visible minorities and for many, they don’t speak or read in English. Voters went to the polls believing he would scrap the s/x-ed. So Patrick Brown managed to get the “scrap” s/x-ed vote Scarborough-Rouge River, while telling the rest of the province that he is FOR the curriculum…If it hadn’t been for Queenie entering the race and causing a divide among typical PC voters, Patrick would have never issued any statement whatsoever on s/x-ed. Now we have seen his true colours”.
His true colours indeed! Brown has declared, “I am determined to lead a PC Party that is modern, inclusive, pragmatic”. An example of pragmatism at work; speak out of both sides of your mouth!
commented 2016-09-02 10:14:33 -0400
Good one MAURICE
commented 2016-09-02 08:23:27 -0400
Remember Brown, Ontario voters are fucking stupid – they’ll choose pig-Wynne even after the financial raping it and pig-McGuinty have put on this province for the last 15+ years.

Remember too Brown that Torstar ( and other media party shit ) are laying off workers – fewer are reading their fucking garbage.

It’s yours too lose. Take a stand.
commented 2016-09-02 08:01:21 -0400
Brown figures that if he says nothing/does nothing controversial, he’s got the next election in the bag. So he’ll spend the next few years sucking for votes in the GTA, and taking the rural/small town Ontario votes for granted instead of speaking out against the economic destruction of his province. In other words, he’s just another slimy career politician.

And you know what? It’s probably going to work for him. He is likely to pick up seats in the GTA and the traditional PC seats are probably safe. And in the meantime, Ontario will spend two more years spiraling down the toilet and no one will hold him to account for his complicity.
commented 2016-09-02 07:11:11 -0400
Why vote Liberal Lite when you can have the real deal?
The idea you have to race to the left to get elected is false.
What you do need is a strong leader like Trump who can fight the media head on.
Patrick Brown ain’t that guy.
commented 2016-09-02 04:40:17 -0400
Honestly, it should be exclusively up to each individual parent to teach about that kind of thing. That way everyone can deal with their own mistakes, and avoid having to blame the school system. It’s sort of like, … not putting all your eggs in one basket.
commented 2016-09-02 03:43:41 -0400
The Ontario cons need a new leader. Perferably one that is against a carbon tax, and is able to admit that sex and gender are the same bloody thing.
commented 2016-09-02 02:13:36 -0400
I don’t know why the hell we need sex education in the first place. I never had it when I was in school, but we managed to get it figure out (In fact, during the summer of love, 1967, we got it figured out REAL good). So did my Parents (though they did it right and waited till they were married). So did my Grandparents….. and their Parents before them… and so on, and so on. I’ve got a whole mess on nieces and nephews, and they have a whole mess of children, which means they all got it figured out. It has nothing to do with education and everything to do with imposing an ideology on the children, so as to mold the next generation into a hedonistic Marxist atheistic society, in line with the utopian vision of the liberal politicians and bureaucrats, thus undermining any residual Judeo-Christian influence from the parents. That’s my opinion, anyway.
commented 2016-09-02 00:45:27 -0400
We must remain elusive because we are an endangered species. .
Justin wants to exterminate us.
commented 2016-09-02 00:37:57 -0400
Why is so hard to find a Canadian with a backbone?
commented 2016-09-02 00:32:59 -0400
What position is that ?
commented 2016-09-02 00:16:21 -0400
You have to let Patrick Brown know of your disapproval of his position.
If you do not speak up nothing will change.
commented 2016-09-01 23:41:48 -0400
Oh ,What the Hell. Ontario needs some young , straight blood ,
commented 2016-09-01 23:37:43 -0400
Recover from what? They won the Scarborough riding. Exactly what I said yesterday – the path to victory lies in the middle. If Brown can stay the course and suppress the social conservatives, he will win as he found out tonight.
commented 2016-09-01 23:06:08 -0400
Good show FAITH !!

Be interesting to see who won that riding , you guys will cover that tomorrow
commented 2016-09-01 23:04:32 -0400
Disappointed in Brown, how can he be trusted? I suppose he will be better than Wynne, but he is holding onto a lot of liberal mistakes as something to keep, sex ed, carbon tax. What else hasn’t he said out loud yet but has in mind to follow? Maybe he could be beaten into shape once he was in office.
commented 2016-09-01 22:49:40 -0400
- The Ontario Conservatives haven’t had a good leader since Mike Harris. Brown seems to want to carry on that tradition. He better wise the hell up & fast.
commented 2016-09-01 22:45:53 -0400
People in Urban Ontario don’t want change. The rest of us don’t matter Patrick Brown is a fool.
commented 2016-09-01 22:45:52 -0400
People in Urban Ontario don’t want change. The rest of us don’t matter Patrick Brown is a fool.
commented 2016-09-01 22:14:16 -0400
Ontario PCs CAN’T recover – they are a spent force with no ideological clarity or viable policy alternatives – the voter sees them as no alternative – we still vote governments out in this nation, this happens when voters feel confident in the change – PCs offer no change.
commented 2016-09-01 21:44:02 -0400
I can hardly wait for another ‘batch’ of Syrians to contribute to Canada. We are still attempting to adapt to the last bunch.
commented 2016-09-01 21:31:08 -0400
Thank God ! that I was born when I was. We were shy around girls . They were so Pure and Beautiful. I still think of them as that way. You also -Faith.