May 31, 2018

Faith groups “dodge a bullet” in Alberta religious freedom case

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


A Jehovah's Witness congregation in Calgary just won a major legal victory against a former congregant.

Randy Wall was excommunicated by his Jehovah's Witness church review panel in 2014 after his congregation determined that he was not sufficiently repentant for having been drunk and verbally abusive to his wife.

After Wall was turfed, the congregation refused to do business with him or even speak with him which he claimed caused a 50% drop in his real estate business.

That’s when Wall dragged his former congregation to court asking them to determine whether his membership had been terminated illegally and unfairly by the congregation.

Watch as I explain how events unfolded and the great news that came out of the court decision today for everyone who doesn’t want the government forcing us to associate with people we don’t like or want to be around.

I’ll also explain what could have happened if Wall had won his legal case and why I think he’s a selfish man who put us all in jeopardy of losing our freedoms.

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commented 2018-06-01 02:05:21 -0400
Keith Barnes got that right, there are some Trans weirdos demanding that men be forced to sleep with them.
commented 2018-05-31 23:09:23 -0400
hmmm, anything in this decision we can use to undermine the forced participation in unions, school unions etc?
commented 2018-05-31 20:15:18 -0400
As a Oneness Pentecostal I am very happy about this. However I have to wonder how this might backfire in our problems with Islam. Trust in our God, Jesus Christ.
commented 2018-05-31 20:00:18 -0400
Shunning happens in many situations, Mr. Wall’s spurious lawsuit should have been dismissed to start with…lower court overstepped, glad SoC has addressed this accordingly.
commented 2018-05-31 19:30:24 -0400
Do we still have freedoms? Not for long with Jihad’i Justin in power.