WE NEED YOUR HELP! Let's expose Justin Trudeau as the "Fake Feminist" he is

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show
BILLBOARD TRUCK: Trudeau's a Fake Feminist! Liberals RUN AWAY from our questions!

August 13, 2019: Justin Trudeau stopped by Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto, last night — and it was the perfect chance to debut our new billboard truck! We drove it around Richmond Hill and Toronto telling everyone that Trudeau is a Fake Feminist.

The Rebel's Jessica Swietoniowski tried to speak to Liberals attending the event, but surprise, surprise — they didn’t have much to say. Well, except for one brave man who went against the feminist narrative of “believe all women” and said that he doesn’t believe Rose Knight when she says she was groped by Trudeau back in 2000!


Justin Trudeau wants you to know that he is a feminist. He literally won’t shut up about it.

But when you take a closer look, it becomes so obvious that Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist.

When Trudeau revealed his gender-balanced cabinet in 2015, many progressives and Liberal supporters thought he’d be hip, warm and media savvy — the polar opposite of that old, stuffy Conservative Stephen Harper. 

But not everyone was bamboozled by Trudeau’s superficial charm. In fact, to me, Trudeau has been warm to the point of being weird and professionally inappropriate. 

Trudeau is way too handsy with women:

On numerous occasions, Trudeau has been caught inappropriately touching his coworkers. 

Look at his hand on the back of Governor-General Julie Payette.

And this weird embrace of Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

Trudeau even hugged former cabinet minister Jody Wilson-Raybould the same way.

Trudeau enthusiastically hugs Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who once claimed she collapsed on his office floor from exhaustion after trade negotiations.

And then there was Trudeau with Karina Gould when she joined his cabinet. Look at the bizarre placement of Trudeau's hands on her waist.

But Justin Trudeau doesn’t just do this to the women in his cabinet. He also does this bizarre hands-on stuff with ordinary women.

Kathy Katula spoke out at a Trudeau town hall event, telling him how Ontario's crushing energy policies under the Wynne Liberals were driving her into energy poverty. Look at the bizarre hold Trudeau has on her.

What all of these photos demonstrate is not that Trudeau is warm and gregarious, but, rather, that he is a misogynist.

That type of contact is a control move commonly used by pickup artists. It plays on emotions to manipulate the recipient while showing them who is boss.

Jody Wilson-Raybould: 

Earlier this year, the prime minister's office was heavily pressuring Canada's first female Aboriginal attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, to cut a deal to defer the prosecution of a corrupt Quebec-based company called SNC-Lavalin. According to Trudeau, he admitted to asking her to “revisit” her decision to not cut the sweetheart deal.

But when Wilson-Raybould refused to sacrifice her principles and her ethics for a few Liberal votes in Quebec, Trudeau nuked her career and removed her from the cabinet.


And what about that Quebec-based company (SNC-Lavalin) that our feminist prime minister appeared to be so keen to protect? Well, they paid for $30,000-worth of prostitutes for Muammar Gaddafi's son, footing the bill for a spoiled dictator’s kid to exploit vulnerable women on Canadian soil.

No stance against ISIS:

In 2016, when Rona Ambrose, the interim Conservative leader, introduced a motion to call the actions of ISIS crimes against humanity — including their many vicious attacks on women — a heavy majority of Liberals refused to vote in favour of it.

I'm no shrinking violet, I'm also not a feminist — but the Liberals say that they are and they claim to care about women's issues.

How we can EXPOSE Trudeau:

Well, I just told you these facts but I want to tell the whole world, too — and I really want to remind loyal Liberal voters that “because it's 2015” was just a meaningless slogan, a promise of feminism that Justin Trudeau had no intention of ever living up to.

And to do that, I need your help.

I want to drive a digital billboard truck around Canadian cities to expose Justin Trudeau's fake feminism.

I want to drive it around places where we know Liberal Party-minded folks congregate — like Ottawa, for example.

Can YOU help us?

Fortunately, we do all of our graphic designing in-house so we will save money that way — but hiring a billboard truck for the day is pretty expensive, especially if we want to do it over a couple of days and in a couple of different locations. (We estimate that it will cost us approximately $1900 per day).

So, if you are able to donate to help us cover this expense, please click here to chip in a few bucks — whether it's $5, $50, or $500, it all helps!

Trudeau duped a lot of well-meaning women with his promises of sunny ways and pro-feminist propaganda, so let's spread the word — this woman is fighting back.

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commented 2019-08-15 01:06:01 -0400
Jessica, being in Richmond Hill and asking all those people about Trudeau’s Feminist tendencies. I thought you were at an immigration center, majority seemed to be minorities. And even before you posed any question to them, I already had anticipated their answer. Good job, very few will speak the reality of the situation. Even after being informed with the use of the Jumbo Truck.
commented 2019-08-15 00:31:30 -0400
I am wondering how Truddopes wife is with all of his groping and lies. Does she play the good Islamic be seen and not heard you are my slave better half. Has anyone ever gotten her comments, or does she turn a blind eye, lessons learned from Hillary.
commented 2019-08-14 16:25:47 -0400
I hope this is not off topic but are you noticing that the Rebel is doing a far better job than Scheer in terms of taking jabs at Trudeau. I think Scheer is playing the gentleman routine, playing the nice guy running the nice campaign. The last guy who ran a nice campaign was Adrian Dix of the BC NDP and he lost. I think the gloves should be off now. One more thing they the debate committee is keeping Maxime off the debate again. Please sign this petition so that he can be part of the upcoming debate. https://www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca/get_max_in_the_debates?e=da5571a35c435b8b33630b5ef5784438&utm_source=maximebernier&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ppc140819_en&n=2
commented 2019-06-21 19:31:56 -0400
Did anyone ask Justin exactly what is his definition of a “feminist” ???
commented 2019-06-21 10:21:29 -0400
Why would we support this action when feminism is an insane doctrine, by supporting the action we agree with feminism and I sure as hell don’t.
Trudeau is fake everything but I could care less about fake insanity, Feminism is a bigger threat to Canada than Trudeau who will be gone in Nov, Feminism will still be denying nature and pushing perversion and infant genocide long after he is gone.
commented 2019-06-20 00:25:15 -0400
You forgot to mention Rachel Bendayan.
Review the footage of JT introducing, and hugging her. Then abruptly leaving her in his wake as he bolted off stage. Sheila; I will send you a dm message om Twitter. I have some ideas for your truck.

commented 2019-06-19 18:00:12 -0400
For me, one of the more glaring examples of JT’s fake feminism was when he interrupted the woman asking him a question to make the “peoplekind” remark. His little hands fluttering in the air, “Oh, we say peoplekind now”, uggghhh.
commented 2019-06-19 15:44:49 -0400
Have not heard much about Butts lately.. Those two were tight back in the day…
commented 2019-06-19 15:25:16 -0400
I think Justin was just ‘interviewing’ prospective participants for some swinging Saturdays. He hugs men and women just the same. A young Uncle Joe, just give him a few years. The way a man sits, walks, talks and insinuates himself physically into others physical space tells a mountain of information for anyone who will look.
commented 2019-06-19 15:17:01 -0400
The new ‘feminist’ of today couldn’t care less what kind of pervert Justin is. The feminists of my and my mothers generation are disgusted but deemed ‘out of style’. Sure, the kids will love it or ignore it, the old liberal ladies will make excuses for it because ‘Pierre’ or something and the cucked beta men will act like its normal behaviour for men these days. The billboard will be preaching to the choir but maybe a few ‘classical liberals’ stuck in a rut might be jolted out of their misplaced loyalty and shuffle over to the middle or hopefully even over to the right.
Both he and Sophie make my skin crawl.
Driving that truck around would be fun.
commented 2019-06-19 14:29:01 -0400
Great comments. I also think Trudy is in the closet. There’s something really odd about his actions. Good idea Randall. Surely owning such a truck (or trucks) might be the best way to go. I’d even volunteer my time to drive one around.
commented 2019-06-19 12:37:21 -0400
Somewhere out there is a woman who is just itching for a chance to answer his uninvited touching with an uninvited knee to the nuts and the day it happens I am going to start a campaign to nominate her for Order of Canada.
commented 2019-06-19 12:04:47 -0400
He is covering up his latent homosexuality. I’m a stud, I’m a stud but prefer it from a Bud.

Funny little fellow.

Trying to touch his toes.

Don’t know what he’s doing.

But I think he’s one of those.
commented 2019-06-19 10:59:01 -0400
What is the cost of purchasing a truck like this? Would it be feasible to purchase and run adds every day with your own truck? What about retrofit or modular? Making it modular could create opportunities to run multiple trucks at a greatly reduced cost.
commented 2019-06-19 10:44:24 -0400
If you really want to go into Liberal territory, you’ll come to northern New Brunswick where people have voted Red pretty much solidly for 100 years, pausing only to vote even more to the left and bring in an NDPer for a few terms.

In northern New Brunswick where the economy is stagnant and there are very few post-secondary educational opportunities and there’s been an exodus of young people for decades, a Liberal candidate could be an under-aged duck embroiled in a sex abuse scandal with a Catholic priest and be caught dumping radioactive waste on an immigrant organic farmer’s fields and still get elected.