January 31, 2018

Media Party trivializes “piddling” #HijabHoax protest by Toronto's Chinese community

David MenziesMission Specialist


Over the weekend we covered a rally at Queen’s Park organized by members of the Chinese community who were upset by the way elected officials quickly bought into the hijab hoax story.

Hundreds of mostly Chinese protestors assembled in cities across Canada to demand an apology from Justin Trudeau and other political elites who bought the story hook, line and stinker.

I reported on the Toronto protest while Sheila Gunn Reid covered Monday’s Edmonton protest.

But today, I want to focus on the media coverage of the Toronto protest and show you how the media throng jumped on the hoaxer’s story but didn’t seem interested in covering the protest.

Is it any wonder they were chanting “CBC fake news”?

It seems if it doesn’t fit their progressive narrative, then there’s nothing to report.

What these folks had to say at their protest should serve as a reminder to the mainstream media that when it comes to telling the truth, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

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commented 2018-02-04 02:38:31 -0500
Hmmmmm..you sound like you’re lonely and desperate for someone who will engage your lunacy… But I’m bored and you’re foolish enough to go for it so go for it
commented 2018-02-03 19:25:54 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

I am glad that I make you laugh, but a flat earth is no laughing matter.

That last step is a doozy.
commented 2018-02-03 15:10:11 -0500
commented 2018-02-03 04:17:56 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

Seriously it’s not like falling out of bed. You really need to be careful.
commented 2018-02-03 03:42:23 -0500
commented 2018-02-03 01:08:17 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

While you continue to make pathetic excuses – make sure you don’t fall off the edge of the Earth.
commented 2018-02-02 23:45:22 -0500
It’s a privilege to know me James ..😎 You’re an unstable flake… You’re the kind we read about the newspapers when they flipped their wig they do all kinds of psychopathic things… Naw you are too nutty to be trusted.!! You are a goof don’t be a 🤡 But it is a privilege to know me you 🤡.!!
commented 2018-02-02 21:27:38 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

Blah blah blah. All talk and no action – hiding behind a keyboard and a user name.

It’s obvious that you want to continue living in your fantasy world as opposed to being proven wrong in person.

I am sure your white trash oil sands co-workers would agree that you are a pussy and not a real man by your response here.

It’s no privilege to know anyone with your kind of thinking based on your posts on The Rebel. I look forward to your older conservative generation dying off.

Have a great weekend.
commented 2018-02-02 20:41:25 -0500
Sorry James I have no desire to meet with anybody who has so much hate in their heart and only name calls and hurls insults… Yeah you sound like a potential threat… you’re too unstable your unhinged and you become manical of what you call provocation… Sorry James but to know me is a privilege and you’ve already demonstrated your unwillingness to learn and demonstrated a high degree of emotional instability so what would be your motivation to hook up… Sorry buddy but you’re going to have to learn everything the hard way.!! And believe me buddy I am not the idiot here. 😎
commented 2018-02-02 17:57:39 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

If that sounds like a threat to you, then you are an idiot.

You said if I met you in person….

And I responded with saying that I would be happy to meet up, so let’s arrange it.

It’s clear you want to stay hidden behind your keyboard.
commented 2018-02-02 17:48:46 -0500
No James… You let me know the date and the time and the where.!!
commented 2018-02-02 17:45:50 -0500
James Crockett… That sounds like a threat to me .!!
commented 2018-02-02 16:52:38 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

I would be more than happy to meet you in person to discuss this further without the hiding behind a keyboard and your Flat Earth. Flat Water user name. Let me know and we can set it up.
commented 2018-02-02 15:37:29 -0500
Margaret Sinclair Trudeau tell your out of control boy he needs to apologize to Canadians and stop choreographing these false flags against us. We will not be ignored. We will not be slandered. He is putting US in danger with his lies. He is a lying puppet.
commented 2018-02-02 02:40:51 -0500
James… You have reached the pinnacle of your efforts while engaging me with your flaccid attempts with pseudo- intellect … You are no longer worth exchanging views because you don’t get it… You’re one of them stupid people that have to learn the hard way and the hard way you shall learn.. The longer you live the more you see, the more you see the more you know the more you know, the more you understand, the more you understand the wiser you become, the wiser you become the more your experience counts in real world living and your experience becomes valuable… At best your view is ideology.!!
commented 2018-02-02 01:49:35 -0500
Drew Wakariuk,

I will call you tomorrow. Cool?
commented 2018-02-02 01:43:27 -0500
James many people care that Justin is a POS and a racist, YOu do not decide what is important because you are a left wing child.
commented 2018-02-02 01:42:22 -0500
James Crockett yeah if you say so. Can i have dinner with your wife alone if you ever come to Edmonton since that would be fine according to you LMAO!
commented 2018-02-02 01:30:15 -0500
I am quite sure your lack of education compared to mind, negates your whole argument. Prove me wrong.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
commented 2018-02-02 01:30:14 -0500
I am quite sure your lack of education compared to mind, negates your whole argument. Prove me wrong.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
commented 2018-02-02 00:58:35 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

Again, you are ignoring the context of the numerous studies that prove you wrong. Why not be better informed and then make your argument?

Are you really going to try to make the case here assuming you are as old as I think you are, that you never knew a highly intelligent person who liked using colorful language. It is funny though that one minute you try to make the case against cursing and how it’s offensive, but now try to sell me on what a bad ass you USED to be with your two languages scenario.

It actually makes sense now considering you worked in an oil patch for 35 years. These are not the most educated of people – in fact it’s mostly poorly educated white trash hicks, who certainly don’t have a clue about big city office culture say in an advertising firm for example – where intelligent and highly educated minds come together to create and where swearing comes with the territory.

So I can see why you confuse profanity with lower intelligence, because for 35 years – you were surrounded by morons who couldn’t do anything else with their lives.

I am not talking about nepotism. I am talking about people who legitimately earned their way to the top. If you want to talk about nepotism, go to the Doug Ford thread.

I am quite sure your lack of education compared to mind, negates your whole argument. Prove me wrong.
commented 2018-02-02 00:50:00 -0500
JAMES CROCKETT commented 2018-02-01 23:12:22 -0500
Al Peterson,

I know all about you

The voice of a god and not of a man.
The voice of a god and not of a man.
The voice of a god and not of a man.

All worship James Crockett’s omniscience.
commented 2018-02-02 00:24:49 -0500
Come on James… Try to act like a grown-up here for a minute and realize that profanity and cuss words don’t do anything to enhance a conversation whether it’s professional or personal.. For 35 years I worked in the oil patch and I spoke two languages… One was English and the other was profanity. With that one day it just occurred to me how very little real words were being used anymore and how much profanity was taking over the conversation and trying to make an exchange of ideas or information with huge pieces of the puzzle missing… That’s when I had an epiphany ( some people wait all their lives to have an epiphany moment and never have one ) followed by a moment of enlightenment when I realized there is no value in needlessly swearing. And don’t kid yourself about those high-powered executive’s they’re not necessarily there because of how smart they are… It’s more than likely how connected they are and willing to push and pull the company line as opposed to letting commonsense prevail… That is called nepotism and by no means represents The cream of the crop. And personally I really don’t believe you had as much fun as I had with you and I’m really sorry James… your vocabulary is limited your ideas are stale and purveyed with nothing new to offer as I’ve heard it all before over the years. As well I sincerely believe you were educated beyond your intellectual value. Intellectual capacity is measured by the length and breath as well as depth of an individuals vocabulary. Using profanity to fill in the blanks is like a series of grants and whistles that have no meaning beyond an implied value.. Sorry James but in your own words… " fuck are you stupid "

commented 2018-02-02 00:03:12 -0500
Flat earth,

I am having a good time too with your proud ignorance and avoidance of facts. It is indeed quite funny, but it is also a common thing on The Rebel.
commented 2018-02-01 23:55:18 -0500
Sorry James… I’m still laughing too hard at what you would you pass for Truth to even have another reply right now..
Honestly buddy I got tears in my eyes..!!!
Are you just playing around or are you for real because I tell you you are some funny.!!!! You could probably do stand-up comedy with a line like that.!!
commented 2018-02-01 23:52:13 -0500
Sorry I don’t have a reply right now James… I’m still laughing too hard from your previous comment .!!!
commented 2018-02-01 23:39:11 -0500
Flat earth. .Flat water,

Well you see you need to actually read the studies to understand and we both know you won’t do that.

Be careful you don’t fall of the edge of The Earth.
commented 2018-02-01 23:36:11 -0500
Yeah… That’s a sign of intellect..!!! Words describing physical acts or parts of the human body or the excreatment the thereof are replacing words that would otherwise be used in an intellectual capacity to describe something or make emphasis.
Hahahahahahahah. Best one ever.!!!
commented 2018-02-01 23:12:22 -0500
Al Peterson,

I know all about you and please don’t try to pass yourself off as having been some kind of player or former “hip” businessman in the heart of the city, who could shoot the shit with the best of them with colorful language.

The fact that you even say “drunken sailor”, confirms that you are in a term you will understand – a square.

The use of curse words are not meant to add “power” to an argument. Ask yourself – why do you think Gavin McInnes swore constantly with each Rebel video. Do you classify him as being unintelligent or lacking education? The reality is that you not knowing why intelligent people use curse words, confirms your lack of intelligence.

Every single study confirms that swearing is actually a sign of intelligence and I will be happy to post numerous links to prove it. I assume though that you are just going to ignore reality and facts as usual.
commented 2018-02-01 22:33:04 -0500
I apologize for the spellcheck error in a posting below ..
It should have read as well as the declining economic impact of our dollar.
Not as well as did you cleaning.. lol
Damn I hate spellcheck sometimes.