September 27, 2017

Fake News Media call Puerto Rico “Trump’s Katrina,” but facts say otherwise

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

After the Trump administration won praise for effective relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the fake news media and the “resistance” are exploiting the tragedy in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated the Island. 

Rather than rationally looking at the facts on the ground, many in the dishonest media are painting it as Trump’s Katrina.

Some headlines are even darker, with the fake news and alt-left seeming to want the world and Americans to believe that Trump and the federal government are intentionally ignoring the devastation because Trump is a racist bigot and the people of Puerto Rico have no electoral votes.

Watch as I bust this myth with the facts from the ground including the praise given to the administration and FEMA by Puerto Rico's governor and their non-voting representative to Washington, DC.

But, while the media was complaining and inventing the news surrounding the federal government’s response, Trump was ramping up the amount of aid sent to the island and making arrangements to travel there himself to survey the damage and support his fellow Americans.

Sometimes, I think the dishonest media forget President Trump is from New York City, home to over a million Puerto Ricans.

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commented 2017-10-03 19:06:58 -0400
Mr. Trump is what a real president of a country does for his country not like the Little potato screwing his country over at every turn .
I watch all these useless tits on the MSM and laugh at what a joke they have become . That includes the storm troopers of the CBC . In reality I can not watch or read any of the BS the CBC puts out . Total waist of time and tax payers money to support such a viol piece of garbage .
Jay just why the hell are you here . CBC is looking for your talent .
commented 2017-09-29 00:36:42 -0400
What on earth gave me the idea that the two names were yours? When you signed into The Rebel you were asked your name and you said Keith and Helen Harvey.

So you made up the names. Many people on The Rebel have made-up names. It speaks about who you are, that when you were asked your name you made it up.

And when you express your opinions they will be taken with a grain of salt. That you could not even honestly give your real name.
commented 2017-09-28 20:37:53 -0400
Jay Kelly
What on earth gave you the idea the two names at the top are mine? I could just as easily of chosen Superman and Supergirl or Mr. and Mrs. Smith or whatever.
And once again Jay read what is above or listen to Christopher. Jay, are you naturally Stupid or do you have to work at it? Because in all reality you are coming off as a Dunce.
commented 2017-09-28 17:25:50 -0400
Jay Kelly, Your reading/comprehension skills have failed you yet again. Please address this before commenting in the future.
commented 2017-09-28 09:08:03 -0400
MSM will be going quiet on this topic, now that Trump has lifted The Jones Act thereby speeding up the shipment of supplies and fuel to Puerto Rico and in larger quantities.

In short, the regressive MSM and Demoncrats postured while Trump acted tangibly.
commented 2017-09-28 06:46:47 -0400
The leftest media is mostly responsible for all the turmoil in North America. The snowflakes and twinkies are just the media’s minions.

And the media is all bought and paid for by George Soros.
commented 2017-09-28 06:35:05 -0400
Someone needs to sue the media for spreading slamder / lies /misinformation.

I feel the media has a responsibility to report only truth, only facts, or stay silent. They make laws about litteraly everything else, micromanaging our lives through laws, at least making news sources who aren’t purposely satire accountable to the truth would be a positive use of power.
commented 2017-09-28 02:44:56 -0400
Martin Ashfield gives his comment and it has to do with me: “JAY KELLY = S T U P I D. There is no fixing stupid.”

I do not know if I am insulted or complimented. Either way, we should probably take seriously some of the issues that have arisen.
commented 2017-09-28 02:21:27 -0400
JAY KELLY = S T U P I D. There is no fixing stupid.
commented 2017-09-28 02:08:38 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey, why do you refer to yourselves as “I”. Why not be a couple and comment together? That is how you chose your name.

The United States considers Puerto Rico as part of its territory. Is there not some obligation there to look after it?
commented 2017-09-28 01:37:20 -0400
Jay, Read What It Says Above Or Listen To Christopher.
And Don’t Try Preaching Me On Language, I’ve Read Enough Of Your Colorful Language.
commented 2017-09-28 01:31:29 -0400
Keith and Helen Harvey, nice language. Do you think you might have something better to say?

Do you think the United States has some obligation to Puerto Rico since it thinks of it as part of its territory?
commented 2017-09-28 01:13:22 -0400
Jay Kelly
Did you not pay attention to Christopher’s report here or read what is written?
Jay, Do You Smell The Shit As It Oozes Out Of Your Vile Mouth When You Talk?
commented 2017-09-28 00:39:49 -0400
Donald Trump and his regime should be ashamed that they have given so little assistance to Puerto Rico in this time of suffering. Puerto Rico is considered part of the United States when things are going well, but when the storm destroys the infrastructure that island is seen as quite foreign.

United States Democrats and human right activists are grasping at straws. They do not realize the extent Donald Trump will go to follow his racist policy.
commented 2017-09-27 19:58:32 -0400
The Dems and the Left Stream media are grasping at straws as they desperately flail away at Trump. He is doing a good job and the American people know it.
commented 2017-09-27 19:02:00 -0400
When Trump goes to Puerto Rico, and when it is possible to open the supply lines through temporary infrastructure, the next MSM story will be about how they, the MSM, made it happen by forcing the story. That is my bet.

Second, I am betting the racist MSM is glad so much destruction happened on Puerto Rico to spin the story, and quite sad that more did not die.

Third, if the Demoncratic Party was so concerned about the susceptibility of the island then why did they not do any thing to build infrastructure the past eight years. Could it be that there were no electoral votes?
commented 2017-09-27 18:43:19 -0400
Great report Christopher.

The lying media continue to report fallacies in an effort to undermine President Trump.