#FakeSurvey: Push back against Notley's global warming junk science

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

UPDATE: Did you know that Alberta's NDP government paid Dr. Andrew Leach $10,000 -- for one day's work?

Then watch what happened next:


Rachel Notley’s NDP government in Alberta has launched a new online survey, asking Albertans the best way to fix global warming. Seriously.

Alberta is in a recession. It has a record deficit. Unemployment is rising. 75% of its drilling rigs are idle.

But this survey is the NDP's big project for the rest of the year.

So I went online and took this survey, to see what it’s like.

I was born in Alberta but I’m in Toronto now. That didn't matter: I just clicked onto the survey and took it anyway. You could take the survey from anywhere in the world — and affect Alberta energy and climate change policy, long distance!

For this and all the other reasons I explain in my report, this survey is clearly junk science.

But the NDP says they’re going to use the results "for statistical purposes related to this [global warming] initiative."

The "initiative" is part of their new Climate Leadership Advisory Panel.

On an upcoming show, I’ll document how extremely biased most of the members on this panel are.

But at least the leader of this panel is a competent, fair-minded man.

His name is Dr. Andrew Leach. He’s a professor of economics and energy at the University of Alberta. I’ve interviewed him on my show before, back at Sun News.

I don’t always agree with him, but he’s a real academic, with real rigour. And I simply don’t believe that this fake survey and the Andrew Leach I know are reconcilable.

This survey is a disgrace. The old Professor Leach I knew would say so. And I hope he will still say so.

Will you help me? Here’s my idea.

Let’s all send Dr. Andrew Leach a letter. A firm letter, but a polite letter. He’s not a bad man; in fact, he may be just about the only person on that panel who can stop the NDP’s attack on the oilsands.

Let’s write him an e-mail and ask him:

Does he believe in consultation and economics? Or in NDP propaganda?

Is he going to take his marching orders by Rachel Notley? Or is he free to use his own judgment?

Are the NDP just renting out his reputation, to pull a fast one on Albertans?

Join me in writing to Andrew Leach.

Tell him this is the time to stand up for Alberta — and for his own integrity.

Email Andrew Leach at andrew.leach@ualberta.ca or tweet him at @Andrew_Leach using the hashtag #FakeSurvey.

Sign the petition!

We the undersigned demand that Dr. Andrew Leach cancel the unethical global warming “survey” being published by the Alberta NDP in his name.

Will you sign?