December 12, 2017

FEED OUR TROOPS: Help raise $10,000 to give to the Christmas Hamper for soldiers at CFB Borden

Rebel Staff
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Cheque delivered to veterans charity Grow Calgary

December 20, 2018: That old saying, “better late than never” comes to mind in the Rebel’s year-long quest to find a military charity that would gratefully receive the generous donations of Rebel viewers. Watch as David shares a gratifying “mission accomplished” cheque drop off to a veterans-focused charity, “Grow Calgary.”

UPDATE: Bureaucrats “fret” over Rebel’s charitable donation to military families

December 3, 2018: Around this time last year, Rebel’s crowdfunded donations to military families in need was rejected by CFB Borden. We suspected political interference and now we have the freedom of information documents to prove it. Watch as I share some of what we found in the over 100 documents we received.

WM_DND ATIP CFB Borden Food... by on Scribd

UPDATE: Another charity accepts than rejects our donation for "mysterious" reasons

April 4, 2018: After CFB Borden refused to accept funds Rebel viewers raised to support military families, we tried to deliver the funds to Canada Company but were rejected again. Why? Watch as David explains what he thinks is behind the rejected donation and what we plan to do about it. Sign the petition!

Do you know how badly Justin Trudeau is treating our Canadian Armed Forces?

A story was published in an official publication of the Canadian Forces Base in Borden, Ontario. The story is called "Seasonal Sharing Basket Campaign”.

Here's the first sentence: 

It is once again that time of year with the colder temperatures and the kids back in school, the base will be kicking off this year’s Seasonal Sharing Basket (SSB) Campaign for 2017.

That sounds great — our soldiers give so much to us, and now they’re even giving to Christmas hampers for the poor. Amazing. But read the next sentence:

The goal of the SSB campaign is to assist those members of the CFB Borden Defence Team, residing within the confines of CFB Borden and local area, who are experiencing a time of need during the holiday season. The privacy and confidentiality of individuals utilizing the support provided by the SSB will be respected. Individuals in need of support and interested in further details can speak with their unit Padre.

So this isn’t to help some strangers down at the homeless shelter. This is to help CFB soldiers who are so poor, they literally can’t afford to feed their families. 

Justin Trudeau pays our soldiers so little that they are forced to ask for charity.

Trudeau just gave $10.5 million dollars to Omar Khadr, a convicted Al Qaida terrorist, who murdered a soldier. But Trudeau won’t even pay our troops enough to feed their families. Trudeau has social programs to help ISIS terrorists coming back to Canada — with art, and poetry — Trudeau’s got millions for Islamic terrorists, but not enough for our troops to feed their families.

So we want to raise $10,000  for the CFB Borden food hamper. Please donate here

Justin Trudeau hates our troops. He’s pushing them into poverty, while making terrorists into millionaires.

But let’s you and me do the right thing — let’s give to the Christmas Hamper for soldiers at CFB Borden.

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