September 27, 2018

Feminism killed “Doctor Who”

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

I didn’t really want to admit I’m a big Doctor Who fan, but I thought I needed to talk about this. 

The new Doctor is a woman, and I think they’ve destroyed one of the most important dynamics in the show.

Feminists have claimed that the Doctor needs to become a woman in order to set an example for young women, but I think having strong, intelligent and rational companions sets a much better example for girls.

I think this move is purely political. This is about the left ruining our fun and sticking their noses in where it isn’t wanted.

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commented 2018-09-29 06:21:39 -0400
I think she’s bad ass, never been interested in Dr Who…might start watching it now. Enjoy your pity party
commented 2018-09-28 11:24:32 -0400
With four out of six major devolved and national political parties being led by women in Britain**, a female Dr. Who was inevitable.
“Across the entire world, transcending cultures and religions, there is a crisis of masculinity. This crisis is the consequence both of a “soft” feminisation of society, and of a more aggressive feminism. In the western world, it is a response to the unequal emphasis being placed solely upon women’s rights, rather than the rights of all Humanity. It will often express itself as a reaction against women’s gains in society. It can in part explain the rise of nationalist politics around the globe."
(From my Blog piece, 28 Sept 2018 “The Crisis of Masculinity”. Google rabbiedeoir+blog).

**The DUP in N Ireland; the SNP in Scotland; the Tory branch office in Scotland; the Tories at Westminster: all these are led by women.
commented 2018-09-28 03:33:09 -0400
Gonna have Trans-Dalek’s as well?
commented 2018-09-28 01:08:27 -0400
Got to agree with everything you said Jack. The sad thing is this show will get a peak audience when it airs the first episode, but after two or three shows I think the traditional dedicated audience will dwindle away. The remainder will be the smug band of lefty-bedwetters and third-wave feminists. I’ll give it until half-way through the first series until it’s reported to be the most poorly watched since it was relaunched in 2005. I feel this move will see the end of Dr Who again for a decade or two. Leftard politicos 1 – 0 Diehard fans.
commented 2018-09-27 22:09:11 -0400
How thoroughly disgusting! Leftists have to wipe their bums on everything wholesome and beautiful. They have reprobate minds and can’t understand why men and women balance each other out. They’re delusional and reality is whatever they think it ought to be. I’m tired of their propagandizing and preaching their intolerant nonsense.
commented 2018-09-27 16:56:11 -0400
I can see the need for a female Hulk, Conan the Barbarian and Paul Bunyan, etc. By the same token, I think there’s a crying need for a male Wonder Woman.