June 24, 2017

Feminism’s new low: Advising against drinking during pregnancy is “sexist”

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

According to an article in the British national newspaper, The Telegraph, “experts” are suggesting guidelines stating it’s best to abstain from alcohol while pregnant are alarmist, stigmatizing and sexist. 

The article states, in part:

“Studies have shown that consistent heavy drinking during pregnancy can result in fetal alcohol syndrome, which can cause physical developmental and learning difficulties.

However, there is not robust evidence that light to moderate drinking, or even one-off episodes of binge drinking, causes any long-term damage.”

This virtue signalling over fake women’s issues is reckless. Britain has one of highest rates of fetal alcohol syndrome at 61.3 cases per 10,000 births while the global average is 15 out of 10,000.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the correlation that excessive drinking while pregnant causes serious birth defects.

Stats from the Canadian Centre for Addiction and Mental Health are pretty convincing of this fact as well.

Once again, the left show their hypocrisy when, by their logic, it’s sexist to have healthy babies but a win for feminism when babies are born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Not only is this crazy, but it’s a slippery slope. What’s next? Saying it’s sexist to tell women not to do harmful drugs while pregnant?

If you can’t stay away from alcohol for nine months, maybe you shouldn’t be having babies.

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commented 2017-06-25 17:39:18 -0400
Agenda — destroy the family, destroy the west
commented 2017-06-25 03:41:24 -0400
Hi Holly. Great to see you on rebel edge. I would love to see you do more videos for that channel.
commented 2017-06-25 03:34:32 -0400
If FAS is no big deal, somebody may want to explain why it is rampant in Canada’s “first nation” communities.. And don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about – I used to work as a public information officer for the Ministry of Human Resources in B.C. in the 70s and 80s… And was asked to “spin” FAS as no big thing in the ministry’s monthly adoptions bulletin… The underlying reality has not changed since then, unless somebody can prove that -miraculously – alcohol no longer affects a fetus …
commented 2017-06-24 22:30:34 -0400
The even greater issue is Fetal Alcohol brain damaged people grow up to be leftist labor voters
commented 2017-06-24 21:50:34 -0400
I think the bigger issue in Britain is the heavy drinking of men and the quality of their sperm!
commented 2017-06-24 21:40:02 -0400
This might explain why England is in the mess its in and can’t vote with a lick of common sense or any adherence to reality.
commented 2017-06-24 19:08:40 -0400
Not to worry in the future alcohol will be forbidden in that country anyways.
commented 2017-06-24 19:04:51 -0400
Keith Barnes i think in Justins case he was born with Rectal Alcohol Syndrome, since he came out the other hole.
commented 2017-06-24 18:50:51 -0400
Isn’t it the very same people issuing statements of tolerance for “cultural” pedophilia??? & child abuse? If I were a judge, I would deem that donning a bomb vest on your baby as extreme child abuse carrying a penalty of the exact same type of vest c/w heavy concentrations of pig guts.
This would make a real Reality story.
This kind of reasoning should be a wake-up call that as civilized people we need to LOCK UP all lunatics – once again.
commented 2017-06-24 18:47:23 -0400
I’ve always wondered how it is that governments want to regulate and licence everything under the sun and yet it’s okay for anyone with a vagina to have a baby regardless of whether or not they are capable of delivering a healthy child and giving it the love, care and respect a new human being deserves.
commented 2017-06-24 18:42:02 -0400
About half of those fetal alcohol “babies” will be born female right?
commented 2017-06-24 18:05:12 -0400
Trudeau was born with fetal alcohol syndrome. And mentally he has yet to grow up.
commented 2017-06-24 17:37:22 -0400
Holly Nicholas, excellent commentary.
SJW’s have indeed hit a new low. Unbelievable!