February 05, 2019

Feminist remake set to ruin Mel Gibson’s 2000 movie, “What Women Want”

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

Another day, another remake. This time, feminists are taking aim at Mel Gibson’s 2000 comedy What Women Want. Apparently, this movie couldn’t be made today because it’s misogynistic in today’s standards…so the new version will be called What Men Want.

The remake will be in theaters on February 8th and will focus on a successful black sports agent who feels cheated by the opposite sex. Yawn...

How typical for a remake like this to be made. Hollywood is running out of good ideas, so they’re going through the back catalogs and destroying everything we love, one by one.

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commented 2019-02-06 01:34:19 -0500
Let Hollywood ruin themselves, i am quite enjoying it.
commented 2019-02-05 22:47:23 -0500
Should I say it? Should I really say what needs to be said? Oh what the hell, I’ll say it anyway…. First, this is not so much about Gender. This is as much about Race. Yup, just like the recent FLOP Ghostbusters Movie… Some do not know yet, but there is a new remake of the original Ghostbusters Movie in the works…. BUT, it does not include Leslie Jones… Crikey!!! How the hell could that happen in this “day and age”? Yup, it seams that Big Ms. Jones is not keen on the idea of an “original” Ghostbusters remake…. Bet ya can’t guess why… Okay, you did… It’s because she’s a Big Black Proud Woman… And now, she is once again, OFFENDED…. Now, the new woman in the remake of “What Men Want”, is who? This is as much about Race, as it is about Gender.. And that’s okay with me… Because (as Hollywood states) more Women are going to the Movies than are Men… Guess what resides in the seats of Theaters everywhere? I’ll give you a hint… You take them home with you, and then they bite you in the night… I’ve worked in the Industry, and I know… Have fun at the Theaters Ladies… I have not been to a Theater in more than 30 years…. Now ya know why….:)
commented 2019-02-05 22:12:01 -0500
The latest episode of Hawaii 5-O was pure leftist propoganda
commented 2019-02-05 21:07:06 -0500
I’m so tired of message movies. Even kids movies and cartoons are propaganda these days. And while family-friendly and non preachie movies make much more, the dimwits in Hollywood just can’t grasp that concept.
commented 2019-02-05 14:44:20 -0500
Ghostbusters remake… enough said.