September 02, 2015

Feminist know-it-all Lena Dunham slams new Justin Bieber single ‘What Do You Mean?’

Rebel Staff

Staunch feminist and creator of HBO’s Girls Lena Dunham is not a fan of Canadian-born singer and lyricist Justin Bieber’s latest release. 

Taking to social media to voice her objection to the lyrics of Bieber’s new single ‘What Do You Mean?’, which has quickly risen to number one on the charts since its August 28 release, according to Hollywood Life magazine, Dunham posted the following tweet a day after the youngster performed the track at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday: 

Hinting that the song is an example of negative commentary on consensual sex, Dunham, 29, appeared to have taken offence to such lyrics as “What do you mean?/When you nod your head yes/But you wanna say no/What do you mean?”

When asked about the meaning behind the track, Bieber, 21, told broadcaster Ryan Seacrest, “Girls are often just flip-floppy. They say something and they mean something else. So, what do you mean? I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.”

In short: The Biebs, like many a young man before him, is dumbfounded by the opposite sex.

Dunham, who is also an Oberlin College graduate and author of the bestselling Not That Kind of Girl, ought to have spotted that.


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commented 2015-10-28 00:08:55 -0400
Do we really even give two you know what abt this feminist piece of crab. I say throw her in a room full of black man and see the biggest smile on her face when she comes out. She hates the song but loves sleeping and molesting her younger sibling. Really really. Someone send this chick a fist dildo and tell to just shut up.
commented 2015-09-02 23:49:37 -0400
I greatly dislike both of them. It is highly unlikely I would ever hear JB’s song and would feel I lived a very full life not ever seeing another nanosecond of Lena Dunham anywhere, ever again.
commented 2015-09-02 21:56:40 -0400
I don’t know what to think, I am no fan of Justin but if he PO a feminist he gained some respect in my book
commented 2015-09-02 21:04:37 -0400
What do you mean?/When you say Lena’s talented/But you wanna say not/What do you mean?
commented 2015-09-02 18:11:34 -0400
Lena Dunham clearly shows that she does not want a single definition of such a matter. Rather, she wants to be able to scream foul about anything at anytime that upsets her mindless sensitivities of the moment even if the reality of the concern shows a degree of serious concern about such variations and concerns!
I am not a JB fan. However, he shows far more sense in this question than this feminist could ever demonstrate.
commented 2015-09-02 18:01:14 -0400
lena dunham is not a feminist. lena dunham is a fkg pedophile when she wrote about how she slept with her younger sister in her own book – of course, no investigation.

yep – the fringe is normal and the majority is marginalized – lena dunham belongs in jail.
commented 2015-09-02 17:49:42 -0400
A perfectly logical question posed by the Bieb’s. If Dunham has a problem with it she should encourage her girlfriends to be honest and decisive when deciding to ‘accept’ or ‘no thanks’ an invitation. For a boy to ask, ‘what do you mean’ is not a bad idea. The other thing is ,boy’s…. if she’s too ditsy to be definite, go home and have a cold shower instead. It could save you a remorse rape charge.
commented 2015-09-02 16:34:31 -0400
“What is history going to think about a generation of women who wanted to be taken so seriously….but didn’t deem it necessary to say what they meant”

-Woody Allen…… from Annie Hall