October 06, 2015

WATCH: Why feminists kicked me out of a Slut Walk in Los Angeles

Lauren SouthernArchive

This weekend, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos and I were thrown out of the Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles by the LAPD.

Despite the Left’s professed hatred for the bigoted, patriarchal, racist police, they had no problem using them to eject a woman and a gay man who disagreed with their kooky theories about how women are an oppressed class in America.

It was a perfect display of the kind of censorship encouraged by modern feminism.

Security was called after I asked actress and model Amber Rose if she believed in rape culture. Upon hearing a question that was not in line with the Slut Walk’s official narrative, organizers went into panic mode.

Eventually, the police came to handle this horrifying case of wrongthink. They claimed we weren’t allowed to film or record the event, despite us being surrounded by self-proclaimed “sluts” filming and taking photographs, who were allowed to continue undisturbed. We clearly garnered the organizers’ attention merely for asking the wrong questions.

The Slut Walk had good reasons to avoid tough questions. With the horrendous turn-out -- the organisers predicted thousands; less than 300 showed up -- lack of clothes, and men who had shown up to “only see tits” (their words) it only took a small amount of objectivity to see the flaws of the event.

The organisers grasped at any excuse to stop our coverage. When Yiannopoulos asked to record the event with his phone, as many other attendees were doing, the flustered organizer first agreed, then disagreed, then told us the police were on the way and that we were about to be arrested.

The organizer and security had no interest in working out a solution where we could stay and participate. They simply wanted us out of there.

Some of the attendees were just as intolerant as the organizers. After just one interview, I attracted a shadow: an angry activist from the pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood, who would interrupt me mid-interview to warn participants that I was asking “inappropriate” and “wrong” questions. As it happens, I’m undecided on the abortion debate, but he still found my questions threatening enough to chase me around the event and butt into interviews.

As we waited for the police to arrive, Yiannopoulos and I decided to test the tolerance of attendees by challenging their opinions. We stood in the square holding two protest signs, both of which quickly enraged the Slut Walkers. Yiannopoulos’ sign, which read “Rape Culture and Harry Potter… Both Fantasy,” was snatched and ripped up by an attendee. My sign, which read “Regret is not Rape” also came under attack, but we managed to salvage it after a game of tug-of-war with the same activist.

I suspect the organisers would have cooked up a spurious excuse to eject us regardless of whether we were filming. From the organisers to the attendees, it was clear that the Slut Walkers were furious about our attendance. No-one was interested in hearing the other side despite us being entirely peaceful and reasonable. Like zealots throughout history, they believe their opinions are cardinal truths that are not up for debate.

Ironically, the voices they decided to silence were those of a woman and a gay man. Despite the authoritarian Left’s determination to use the female and gay identities as a battering ram against their opponents, it’s clear that they have no interest in the increasing number of women and minorities who don’t buy into their narratives.

The organiser who called the cops on us wore a shirt bearing the slogan “Vote For Women” but I suspect she only meant women who agree with her. I’m running as a candidate in this month’s Parliamentary elections. Would she ever vote for me? Somehow, I doubt it.

Feminism is not an inclusive movement. Your options are assimilate or be censored. After my first Vancouver Slut Walk, many believed I had simply happened across a few radicals, but their zealotry is being replicated all over the western world.

Amber Rose’s was the third Slut Walk I’ve covered, and the “sluts” continue to display the same intolerance for others’ opinions as they did in Vancouver. Although we may laugh, these are not a few radicals, and this is not a dead horse. Feminism is being pushed and supported from all angles, commercially and politically. Even the police are on the side of feminist censorship.

Yet ordinary people simply don’t agree that there is a vast male conspiracy out there thwarting and harming women at every turn.

Not even women are buying it: fewer than one in five women in America identifies as a feminist. Can you blame the other four fifths?


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commented 2015-10-07 13:17:07 -0400
Understood, Jimmy. The rest of the crew here already knows that you and I have very different (one might even say “diametrically opposed”) social and political views and opinions, and that heated discussions can and do happen. But the lack of respect and civility here has become pretty appalling. That’s the only thing I’m attempting to rectify.

And I do realize that I cannot change anybody. Everybody is responsible for his/her words and actions…

‘Nuff said. I’m done.
commented 2015-10-07 12:53:50 -0400

Thank you for your supportive posts here. I am glad that there are some reasonable conservatives here like you and Erin – that don’t just want Terry and I to kill ourselves as I have been requested to do repeatedly. You value what we have to say and I appreciate it.
commented 2015-10-07 12:53:50 -0400

Thank you for your supportive posts here. I am glad that there are some reasonable conservatives here like you and Erin – that don’t just want Terry and I to kill ourselves as I have been requested to do repeatedly.
commented 2015-10-07 12:44:52 -0400
Liza has serious problems and I am not saying that to insult. She clearly has anger and emotional problems. Terry made a fantastic post and was trying to bring everyone together or at least see if there is a way that we can all get along and she just shit all over him.

Liza is sad and pathetic.
commented 2015-10-07 12:40:08 -0400
Since I like to debate and say “controversial” and “offensive” things, I can understand that I am not for everyone – but I can’t figure out why people deem Terry a troll or why they have any real problem with him at all. Beyond a difference of opinion, he is friendly and respectful. Seems to be a pretty cool guy actually.

Do you all hate opposing views so much – that you can’t see that about Terry?
commented 2015-10-07 11:26:55 -0400
Rudden meaningful dialogue with a lefty like you? I feel a laugh comming on.
I see your lips moving but nothing. Comming out!
commented 2015-10-07 11:24:44 -0400
You have rarely shown evidence of promoting civil conversation. You stick in the odd neutral post, yet still condescending,as a feeble attempt to prove your “civility”. Jimmy has started doing the same thing. Brinkman uses victimhood as his smoke screen. You all do it in an attempt to ease the sting of your true intent, which is domination and control. You are only interested in proving this site is a joke. All you do is pick everything apart, how can you call what you do constructive. I don’t know how anyone could defend this bunch.
The three of you…smoke and mirrors.
commented 2015-10-07 11:07:57 -0400
PK: to be clear, I wasn’t presuming to dictate how you, or anybody else, should comment here, or respond to my comments. I think I was basically affirming what you said, explaining how I, personally (not anybody else) could promote the kind of civil discussion you’re appealing for, and suggesting an alternative strategy to folks who don’t actually want to talk to folks with other perspectives, who find themselves trapped in a thread where they’re being exposed to ideas they may not share. Just suggestions, not directions, instructions, or demands.
commented 2015-10-07 10:58:24 -0400
Meaningful dialogue??, honestly Prince Knight, as far as I’m concerned you are not helping the situation. What would help the situation would be for those non conservatives who visit here and continually flood a thread just to stop our conversation don’t. There is a definition for trolling, and spamming. Its not ambiguous.
commented 2015-10-07 10:45:19 -0400
LLRFU — you’re not helping the situation. You’re drawing conclusions about thought processes and motivations based solely on what is written (I realize that’s all that is available, but I’m surmising you might be taking your conclusions a few steps beyond the available data). Further, you appear to be making personal attacks by presuming that Rudden ignores reality. (Does he really? Have you talked to him in person to determine this?) Then you go beyond by stating that he’s got an inferiority complex (again, based on what data? merely written? this is a leap to conclusions worthy of Olympic status), and finalizing by diagnosing the “left” with “psychosis”. These are hardly neutral terms with which to conduct meaningful dialogue…

A suggestion (do with it what you will): perhaps, instead of making statements, questions could be made. I’ve found it more disarming and, properly used, more penetrating than a flat statement.
commented 2015-10-07 10:02:05 -0400
Rudden says; If experience shows there is NO possibility of positive engagement with someone, I ignore them.
He ignores reality in other words. He has no answer, would never consider changing his view, so he buries his head in the sand.
He chastises Glenn for ending a thread, like Glenn doesn’t run this place, then constructs a post trying to run the place.
There’s that over-competitiveness caused by an inferiority complex. Just has to be The Man. In charge. No way he’s going to let someone else be in charge. No way man!! Me Me Me!!!!!
In fact, I’ve found when Lefty’s “go quiet”, it’s cause they’re wrong and can’t, or won’t admit it. So for Glenn to draw his conclusions and end the thread was right thing to do.
Once again I’d really like to thank Terry and Jimmy for coming here to display the psychosis of the Left. Cheers!!
commented 2015-10-07 09:45:38 -0400
Did you read Jimmy’s oversimplification of my views? I’ve provided the analysis to support my assessment, but like all lefty’s, he over simplifies. Claiming all views are equal is the same as claiming all cultures are equal. It’s a cop-out. Reality denial.
It’s an attempt to “level the playing field”, to put themselves on the same level as everyone else that has actual facts and reasoning behind their opinions. It falls under the same umbrella as their attempts to “equalize” everything in life. We’re all the same, we should all make the same money, nobody should get ahead, over-achievers at school should be held back. It’s all part of the same mindset. And once again, demonstrating a psychosis. Is my opinion as good as great philosophers, or scientists like Einstein? Of course not. But in the loony left it would be ‘cause we’re all equal. NOT!!!
commented 2015-10-07 09:35:31 -0400
Thank you, Liza. As I noted, I understand that some people come here to enjoy a Conservative echo chamber. Others don’t. Since I won’t be leaving, I’ll leave it to you to find your own coping strategies. Have a great day!
commented 2015-10-07 09:28:17 -0400
It is a disgrace and and insult to Lauren, that her contributions are turned into a platform for the clowns to perform. Repeatedly.
commented 2015-10-07 09:26:16 -0400
If there was a thumbs down button here, you’d be knocked off your high horse prety quick. The interloper who despises the site and does nothing but ridicule its participants is giving us HIS ‘rules of engagement for this space’. Piss off Rudden, you sanctimonious, pompass ass. Nobody cares .You are only here because no other forum will have you.

I love how you three trolls who come here to make fun of conservatives, think just because two ‘misguided’ individuals have ‘sort of’ come forward for your presence here, that the abuse you all spew, (most of it from Jimmy has always been profane) is generally accepted. We are all fairly polite, and would prefer it that way. Jim boy was the one who came on and started with his, “you must be a fucking asshole”. After being called a’ fucking asshole ’enough times, you tend to push back a bit.

You three trolls use and abuse free speech here and you know it, its what you do. I would rather not see this place turn into the CBC forum. If I wanted Liberals and NDP’S to flood the conversations there is no shortage of places to go. This is a Conservative site, no bones about it. While everyone is welcome to come here, don’t come here and start telling us what to do, sound familiar? I say three trolls, because the other non-conservatives who post here don’t flood the place or try to move in. Sound familiar?

You may have been a professional student for half your life and worked a summer with some “Italian pipe crew”, but you are not any smarter for it. You just think you are. This is a conservative site, we shouldn’t have to ‘just skip by’ your flooding of a thread if we don’t appreciate you flooding a thread, with your pokes and jabs and stupid insults. Contrary to your belief, it adds nothing. If I want to be bombarded with insults I can go to the CBC. If I want to argue with a socialist I can go to the CBC. Don’t come in here and dictate to us how things should be.
commented 2015-10-07 07:21:20 -0400
Just an observation to follow up on Prince Knight’s excellent comments. I have a few personal rules of engagement for this space.
- I try not to use obscenity. It doesn’t offend me (as I said, I was a construction worker with an Italian pipe crew for three years): but it seems to me a sign that the poster has either lost their emotional control, or are striving for a reaction they’re not skilled enough to elicit through their writing.
- I try not to cast the first stone. I will not respond to civility with incivility. If my opponent gets nasty, I’ll try not succumb to the temptation. For at least a couple of responses, anyway. I’ve noted that Jimmy, who gets slagged by many for occasional verbal aggression, seems to follow the same rule – he doesn’t start the fight.
- I don’t lie.
- If experience shows there is NO possibility of positive engagement with someone, I ignore them. Literally. It’s a trick I learned when co-blogging a site a few years back that attracted some serious trolls. Our goals on the site was to promote serious, multifaceted, respectful and intelligent discussion that could get quite heated but that focused on substance. We had commenters from across the political spectrum (including one conservative regular who now blogs for the Rebel). That seemed to offend our trolls, who ultimately descended to posting long strings of obscenity. My co-blogger and I both believed very strongly in a no-censorship/no-editing policy, and would not remove their posts – so we simply skipped them: didn’t block them, didn’t censor them, just skipped my eye right over them. It’s easy with a little practice.
So here’s the thing. I personally believe that strongly held opposing points of view, if honestly held, backed with evidence, and advanced in good faith, are the very best thing a political site can hope for. That’s upsetting to some people who come here (quite legitimately) for a warm, comfy visit with folks who do nothing but agree with them. There’s nothing wrong with echo chambers, but they’re not to my taste, and clearly, some folks DO come here looking to challenge and be challenged. So if you really do think I’m a “troll” – that I’m here just to make your life miserable or LOWER the tone of discussion – then please just ignore me. It’ll lower your blood pressure, it’ll save me some time, and it will yield a much more pleasant browsing experience all round.
commented 2015-10-07 06:46:01 -0400
Glenn, that was an interesting attempt to impose a governance and decision making structure on a group without their consent, and an excellent demonstration of what usually happens in such cases. The conversation moves smoothly around you, and you get stuck sitting by yourself, frothing and fuming about “cunts” and wondering why people – even the ones who normally agree with you – are gently suggesting you shift gears.
commented 2015-10-07 01:59:46 -0400
When challenged to defend the indefencable ……the challenge was not accepted…….let’s close this thread,
commented 2015-10-07 01:36:58 -0400
Prince Knight….you are indeed a prince of a fellow….and I will so attest.

I am more inured to what we are up against.

Sir I grew up in a household where as many as five competitive proselytizing factions competed for my soul…..arguementation and persuattion are things I have studied for years….

commented 2015-10-07 01:26:57 -0400
Glenn — my comment WAS my point. My comment was that I could have a discussion with Jimmy that did NOT involve profanity (which a number of “conservative” commenters do NOT refrain from) and did NOT include personal attacks and accusations (which these same “conservative” commenters do NOT refrain from). Theoretically and stereotypically, the “lefties” are more abusive and profane (with exceptions everywhere) and the “conservatives” are more rational and reserved (with exceptions everywhere).

My point is that many, if not nearly all, of the threads here devolve into personal attack, personal accusation, and profanity. None of these is conducive to “discussion”, and just lead into downward spirals of reciprocal attack and further profanity.

Here’s a wild idea: how about the commenters on TheRebel all watch their language, and at least TRY to appear more intelligent than they write, and maybe there will be some actual dialogue and understanding between commenters.

Then again, maybe I’m just reaching for the moon…
commented 2015-10-07 01:16:35 -0400
Jimmy …..there has been a motion on the floor moved and seconded………
commented 2015-10-07 01:12:33 -0400

Everyone here is a psycho if they agree with me or Terry or like what we have to say even they don’t agree with us.

Since you like me and value my contribution to The Rebel – you are a PSYCHO!!!!
commented 2015-10-07 01:11:35 -0400
Here here!! I second Glenn’s motion!!
That’s a change of subject Erin, you failed to address anything in my last post.
commented 2015-10-07 01:10:16 -0400

I am really quite a cool guy around reasonable conservatives. :)
commented 2015-10-07 01:08:22 -0400
Prince Knight…..are you seconding the motion on the floor?…..one of the chronic problems of this dorum is that the rulrs of order have not been exercised.

The attendees of this meeting would like some conclusion drawn from this lenghtly and seemingly endless discussion….

A motion is on the floor……do you second that motion?
commented 2015-10-07 01:02:55 -0400
You said it LLRFU, you called me a “fellow psycho”. How else am I supposed to take that?
commented 2015-10-07 01:01:16 -0400
Okay, apparently something must be wrong with me that Jimmy and I could have a non-profane and non-accusatory discussion, and, from opposite points of view, come to a middle ground of agreement (albeit only the once) on this same topic, prior to the video being released…

…and he actually called me “reasonable”…
commented 2015-10-07 00:53:45 -0400
The truth is what remains when all voices are silent……………:-)
commented 2015-10-07 00:24:27 -0400
Erin Berney ….no break will be given….those have been the terms served up to us by the trolls…..they have never given us a break no matter haow many times it has been plaeded for…..so I have a way of winding this down…..nothing lost Erin…..everyone has had a chance to state their position and view….

In Robert’s Rules of Order……It would be reasonable to expect a motion from the floor….and a seconder….

So I move…….that our chronic trolls….and they do not need to be named because they have made themselves well and clearly known…..

Be called upon to stop wasting the time of this meeting and reply to the question…..


Could I have a seconder to this motion?
commented 2015-10-07 00:09:47 -0400
LLFRU is doing exactly the same thing. Fall in line or else you’ll be treated as the enemy.
Oh is that right Eirn?? Terry and Jimmy contradict themselves over, and over, and over!! They demonstrate double standards, over, and over, and over. It’s not a case of “agree or your an enemy”. That’s an oversimplification. That SHOULD have been clear from my posts, where I didn’t simply slam them for disagreeing, I pointed out the psychiatric symptoms they reveal every time they open their mouths. And it’s scientific fact that Lefty’s use a different part of the brain than the rest of us. It appears from your comment to Glenn that you actually think those two are here to simply “express a different opinion”. Your comprehension is extremely shallow if you can’t see through those two like the rest of us can!!