October 06, 2015

WATCH: Why feminists kicked me out of a Slut Walk in Los Angeles

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This weekend, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos and I were thrown out of the Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles by the LAPD.

Despite the Left’s professed hatred for the bigoted, patriarchal, racist police, they had no problem using them to eject a woman and a gay man who disagreed with their kooky theories about how women are an oppressed class in America.

It was a perfect display of the kind of censorship encouraged by modern feminism.

Security was called after I asked actress and model Amber Rose if she believed in rape culture. Upon hearing a question that was not in line with the Slut Walk’s official narrative, organizers went into panic mode.

Eventually, the police came to handle this horrifying case of wrongthink. They claimed we weren’t allowed to film or record the event, despite us being surrounded by self-proclaimed “sluts” filming and taking photographs, who were allowed to continue undisturbed. We clearly garnered the organizers’ attention merely for asking the wrong questions.

The Slut Walk had good reasons to avoid tough questions. With the horrendous turn-out -- the organisers predicted thousands; less than 300 showed up -- lack of clothes, and men who had shown up to “only see tits” (their words) it only took a small amount of objectivity to see the flaws of the event.

The organisers grasped at any excuse to stop our coverage. When Yiannopoulos asked to record the event with his phone, as many other attendees were doing, the flustered organizer first agreed, then disagreed, then told us the police were on the way and that we were about to be arrested.

The organizer and security had no interest in working out a solution where we could stay and participate. They simply wanted us out of there.

Some of the attendees were just as intolerant as the organizers. After just one interview, I attracted a shadow: an angry activist from the pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood, who would interrupt me mid-interview to warn participants that I was asking “inappropriate” and “wrong” questions. As it happens, I’m undecided on the abortion debate, but he still found my questions threatening enough to chase me around the event and butt into interviews.

As we waited for the police to arrive, Yiannopoulos and I decided to test the tolerance of attendees by challenging their opinions. We stood in the square holding two protest signs, both of which quickly enraged the Slut Walkers. Yiannopoulos’ sign, which read “Rape Culture and Harry Potter… Both Fantasy,” was snatched and ripped up by an attendee. My sign, which read “Regret is not Rape” also came under attack, but we managed to salvage it after a game of tug-of-war with the same activist.

I suspect the organisers would have cooked up a spurious excuse to eject us regardless of whether we were filming. From the organisers to the attendees, it was clear that the Slut Walkers were furious about our attendance. No-one was interested in hearing the other side despite us being entirely peaceful and reasonable. Like zealots throughout history, they believe their opinions are cardinal truths that are not up for debate.

Ironically, the voices they decided to silence were those of a woman and a gay man. Despite the authoritarian Left’s determination to use the female and gay identities as a battering ram against their opponents, it’s clear that they have no interest in the increasing number of women and minorities who don’t buy into their narratives.

The organiser who called the cops on us wore a shirt bearing the slogan “Vote For Women” but I suspect she only meant women who agree with her. I’m running as a candidate in this month’s Parliamentary elections. Would she ever vote for me? Somehow, I doubt it.

Feminism is not an inclusive movement. Your options are assimilate or be censored. After my first Vancouver Slut Walk, many believed I had simply happened across a few radicals, but their zealotry is being replicated all over the western world.

Amber Rose’s was the third Slut Walk I’ve covered, and the “sluts” continue to display the same intolerance for others’ opinions as they did in Vancouver. Although we may laugh, these are not a few radicals, and this is not a dead horse. Feminism is being pushed and supported from all angles, commercially and politically. Even the police are on the side of feminist censorship.

Yet ordinary people simply don’t agree that there is a vast male conspiracy out there thwarting and harming women at every turn.

Not even women are buying it: fewer than one in five women in America identifies as a feminist. Can you blame the other four fifths?


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commented 2015-10-06 23:46:22 -0400
Glenn, please, give it a break! No one is playing “white knight” to anyone here. Just because Terry or Jimmy or anyone else disagrees on some point or other does not make them your enemy.
You have made YOUR point, over and over again, and it’s time to get a new shtick, don’t you think?
commented 2015-10-06 23:43:26 -0400
Also, Terry Rudden, I’m fairly sure Alheli Picazo is a woman. I believe you referred to her as a man in the earlier story on this issue. Just FYI, not that it should make a difference.
commented 2015-10-06 23:25:32 -0400
Wow is right. Okay, well I happen to be too polite to say what I think about LLFRU for calling me a “psycho”, but I will say that LLFRU provides an interesting example of contrary opinion. It’s just ironic considering that Lauren Southern’s video demonstrates the single-mindedness of a group of feminists — assimilate or be censored — and LLFRU is doing exactly the same thing. Fall in line or else you’ll be treated as the enemy.
commented 2015-10-06 23:10:05 -0400
Jimmy said, “The daily videos that we are commenting now in – will still be free.”

Yes, Jimmy, I know that. I mentioned the shows created in the new studio will be by subscription only. Either you are intentionally misunderstanding my posts, or you are daft. Which is it?
commented 2015-10-06 22:56:51 -0400

You think Erin is a psycho – WOW.
commented 2015-10-06 22:43:42 -0400
Jimmy says; We don’t troll. That is YOUR view. It’s not everyone else’s view – like Erin for example.

So one fellow psycho doesn’t think you’re a troll. That’s called selective reasoning Jimmy. It’s evidence of psychiatric problems. I also notice back on the original thread that you spent hours and hours and HOURS commenting. That’s obsessive behaviour Jimmy. Yet more evidence or psychiatric problems. Instead of criticizing Lauren, why don’t you simply come out and say you support the feminazis, and why support them? That you’d seek disingenuous critique in an effort to undermine instead, is sneaky and underhanded. Yet more evidence of psychiatric issues. That you’re unable to stop revealing your psychiatric problems is more evidence that you’re psychotic.
All this stuff is great for my book. I greatly appreciate it!! Cheers!!
commented 2015-10-06 22:34:54 -0400
I don’t think that any sane male would be bothered to Rape that big fat Mouthy one—- Most men have standards…
commented 2015-10-06 21:55:10 -0400
Yannopoulos is carrying a sign that says “Rape Culture and Harry Potter (are) both fantasy”. Isn’t that kinda weird? What sort of fantasy is that?
commented 2015-10-06 21:48:26 -0400
" guess I need practice…"
Perhaps. But I also have to remember that some arguments require honest thought, and a willingness to try to understand the point that’s being. It’s easier to pander to the crowd, I guess.
commented 2015-10-06 21:45:56 -0400
“Terry , Jay and Jimmy, sorry but people can engage as they wish.”
Getting a little tired of repeating myself here, but I’ll try again. I was making two points.
1) Yes, Drew, Lauren had every right to be there. However, let’s be clear: she was there to mock and disrupt, not to “cover” or “dialogue”. AND THAT’S FINE: it was vintage Abby Hoffman/Alinski/Michael Moore political theatre. Just don’t pretend it was journalism, or an attempt to discussi.
2) Ezra gutlessly banned a critic from his political events, and has censored material he doesn’t like from this site. Again, he’s perfectly within his right to do so.
commented 2015-10-06 21:45:08 -0400

The daily videos that we are commenting now in – will still be free.
commented 2015-10-06 21:44:38 -0400
Maybe with all the new cash flowing into the Rebel today they can get some real commenting software to weed out the trolls. Down votes/scoring would take care of that. Nesting/quoting would be nice too.
commented 2015-10-06 21:31:01 -0400
Jimmy said, “I think you misunderstand how much of The Rebel will have a fee.”

I guess I must because you said it, and you are always right, right Jimmy?

Listen to Ezra’s video about the studio he is building. He specifically said it will be a monthly fee to access the shows after a “teaser period”. So, unless you pay for the shows, you will not have access.

But then, you don’t think this is the case, and you are never wrong, so I guess I must be wrong.
commented 2015-10-06 21:26:02 -0400

We don’t troll. That is YOUR view. It’s not everyone else’s view – like Erin for example.
commented 2015-10-06 21:24:19 -0400

I think you misunderstand how much of The Rebel will have a fee. It won’t be any different than it is now, since there are tons of threads where I don’t comment at all. Don’t worry – we will still be seeing each other every day.
commented 2015-10-06 20:59:38 -0400
Peter, won’t it be nice to have a troll free space? Unless of course they are really dedicated and wish to contribute to the site they revile so much.
And Jimmy, I don’t think you should worry your pretty head about it. We don’t care what you think.
commented 2015-10-06 20:55:43 -0400
I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of the one with the umbrella! Ya, Lauren really stood out against the backdrop of ‘sluts’ at this slut walk. It seems they all look about as bad, no matter if its a Toronto, Vancouver or L.A. slut walk. Some probably needed a ‘safe place’ to go to, to get over having to be in proximity to a young woman who cares about how she looks, dresses and comports herself.

Milo is an interesting guy, I’ve seen him interviewed by Crowder. However I think Lauren might need a manly man to keep her safe at some of these events. No offence Milo.
commented 2015-10-06 20:38:37 -0400
I think they kicked Lauren out because she was the prettiest woman there – it was a stark contrast to those she was walking among. It seems these gen2 fembos hate women more than they hate men.
commented 2015-10-06 20:10:28 -0400
Well good people of theRebel supporters, it will be good to have a place on theRebel (in the paid area) where the useless human feces such as Jimmy, will not be posting their crap. Looking forward to it!
commented 2015-10-06 20:02:28 -0400
What, you didn’t like the “…you’re comparin’ heifers and steers…” part that followed, or did I hit a nerve?
I’ve been trying to learn from the Ben Shapiros and Anne Coulters, et al, how to not let the lefty/liberal/progressive control the conversation, by setting it up – like your loaded question was a set up.
I actually did address your question in a round about way, ya know, propriety, manners and Thoreau…
I guess I need practice…
commented 2015-10-06 19:18:42 -0400

Sorry, I am not against crowdfunding at all. But some people set themselves to be mocked – for what they are crowdfunding for and this happens all the time. Asking for money for example to pay for a poll that will be rigged is fucking retarded.

As for the CBC. Stephen Harper is the government – take it up with him.
commented 2015-10-06 18:34:23 -0400
Alright – that’s it!! Drew – I’m buying you a beer!!!
commented 2015-10-06 18:31:16 -0400
I hope the Rebel has a grand opening for the new set and we can all meet and have beers. And I hope Terry and Jimmy show up so’s we have someone to laugh at!!!
commented 2015-10-06 18:29:01 -0400
I can hardly wait for some Sharia patrols to attend slutwalk, suddenly Jimmy and the others will stay silent on them disagreeing.
commented 2015-10-06 18:28:10 -0400
Terry , Jay and Jimmy, sorry but people can engage as they wish, now please quit acting like the feminazis are somehow respectful of others
commented 2015-10-06 18:26:46 -0400
Jimmy Da Silva you are still silent on my comments about your REAL news , the CBC LMAO! You couldn’t find a report on the levin trial? I WONDER WHY? cough-HYPOCRISY-cough. Now tell me why having that Mary Walsh dude ambush Rob Ford on private property was somehow respectful LMAO.
commented 2015-10-06 18:24:43 -0400
Jimmy Da Silva sorry but counter protest is legal and fine, she has every right to be there, no one needs the permission of some trendy progressive group to exercise their freedom. SOuthern did not do anything to be removed , funny how you liars spout off about equality yet want special rights , then whine about respect when your side shows none at all. Did you say the same about the antis at march for life or the pro Israel rallies that get attacked by extremists? Of course not, your phony liberal news station the CBC did not report that LMAO
commented 2015-10-06 18:21:32 -0400
Peter Netterville lost lefties like Jimmy don’t get the concept of choice, they need a nanny state to think for them and take from them
commented 2015-10-06 18:02:54 -0400
Jimmy says, “I am not against crowdfunding.”

Of course you are. You mock it and the people here for voluntarily crowd funding theRebel and have no problems with the government taking our tax money and forcing us to pay for a service we do not want (CBC). That is completely contradictory to common sense. You mock what people willing help build and condone forcibly taking money to fund another service. What a twisted mind you have, Jimmy.

I support theRebel because I like having the alternative point of view, whether you agree with or think that view is valid or not for whatever convoluted reason, it is irrelevant to me.

And how much I have contributed is none of your fucking business.
commented 2015-10-06 17:34:00 -0400

How much have you donated?

Yes – you can do wonderful things in media with OTHER people’s money. I am not against crowdfunding – but with similar crowdfunding, they have already paid for a bunch of shit on their own and just need financial assistance to complete their goal. They are not asking people to pay for fucking doors and shit.