October 06, 2015

WATCH: Why feminists kicked me out of a Slut Walk in Los Angeles

Lauren SouthernArchive

This weekend, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos and I were thrown out of the Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles by the LAPD.

Despite the Left’s professed hatred for the bigoted, patriarchal, racist police, they had no problem using them to eject a woman and a gay man who disagreed with their kooky theories about how women are an oppressed class in America.

It was a perfect display of the kind of censorship encouraged by modern feminism.

Security was called after I asked actress and model Amber Rose if she believed in rape culture. Upon hearing a question that was not in line with the Slut Walk’s official narrative, organizers went into panic mode.

Eventually, the police came to handle this horrifying case of wrongthink. They claimed we weren’t allowed to film or record the event, despite us being surrounded by self-proclaimed “sluts” filming and taking photographs, who were allowed to continue undisturbed. We clearly garnered the organizers’ attention merely for asking the wrong questions.

The Slut Walk had good reasons to avoid tough questions. With the horrendous turn-out -- the organisers predicted thousands; less than 300 showed up -- lack of clothes, and men who had shown up to “only see tits” (their words) it only took a small amount of objectivity to see the flaws of the event.

The organisers grasped at any excuse to stop our coverage. When Yiannopoulos asked to record the event with his phone, as many other attendees were doing, the flustered organizer first agreed, then disagreed, then told us the police were on the way and that we were about to be arrested.

The organizer and security had no interest in working out a solution where we could stay and participate. They simply wanted us out of there.

Some of the attendees were just as intolerant as the organizers. After just one interview, I attracted a shadow: an angry activist from the pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood, who would interrupt me mid-interview to warn participants that I was asking “inappropriate” and “wrong” questions. As it happens, I’m undecided on the abortion debate, but he still found my questions threatening enough to chase me around the event and butt into interviews.

As we waited for the police to arrive, Yiannopoulos and I decided to test the tolerance of attendees by challenging their opinions. We stood in the square holding two protest signs, both of which quickly enraged the Slut Walkers. Yiannopoulos’ sign, which read “Rape Culture and Harry Potter… Both Fantasy,” was snatched and ripped up by an attendee. My sign, which read “Regret is not Rape” also came under attack, but we managed to salvage it after a game of tug-of-war with the same activist.

I suspect the organisers would have cooked up a spurious excuse to eject us regardless of whether we were filming. From the organisers to the attendees, it was clear that the Slut Walkers were furious about our attendance. No-one was interested in hearing the other side despite us being entirely peaceful and reasonable. Like zealots throughout history, they believe their opinions are cardinal truths that are not up for debate.

Ironically, the voices they decided to silence were those of a woman and a gay man. Despite the authoritarian Left’s determination to use the female and gay identities as a battering ram against their opponents, it’s clear that they have no interest in the increasing number of women and minorities who don’t buy into their narratives.

The organiser who called the cops on us wore a shirt bearing the slogan “Vote For Women” but I suspect she only meant women who agree with her. I’m running as a candidate in this month’s Parliamentary elections. Would she ever vote for me? Somehow, I doubt it.

Feminism is not an inclusive movement. Your options are assimilate or be censored. After my first Vancouver Slut Walk, many believed I had simply happened across a few radicals, but their zealotry is being replicated all over the western world.

Amber Rose’s was the third Slut Walk I’ve covered, and the “sluts” continue to display the same intolerance for others’ opinions as they did in Vancouver. Although we may laugh, these are not a few radicals, and this is not a dead horse. Feminism is being pushed and supported from all angles, commercially and politically. Even the police are on the side of feminist censorship.

Yet ordinary people simply don’t agree that there is a vast male conspiracy out there thwarting and harming women at every turn.

Not even women are buying it: fewer than one in five women in America identifies as a feminist. Can you blame the other four fifths?


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commented 2015-10-06 13:04:48 -0400
commented 2015-10-06 13:02:32 -0400
Charleton, I’m certain that your exhortation is merely a satirical bon mot intended to underscore the irony of shouting at someone who disagrees with you to get lost, in the middle of a thread about how wrong it is for people to tell people who disagree with them to get lost, on a website run by a “Free Speech Warrior” who bans dissenting views from his events. Why, this is positively Beckett.
commented 2015-10-06 12:50:06 -0400
Rudden get lost!
commented 2015-10-06 12:43:59 -0400
“Lauren was NOT there to disrupt! She was there to ask questions and start a debate.”
Nice try.
Lauren; "“I do think we shall incite some rage with our posters, for sure”.
Now, you’re commenting that Ezra banned this woman because ’she’s a thorn in his side’ – in other words, a critic who doesn’t share his views. Thanks, that’s EXACTLY my point.
commented 2015-10-06 12:40:51 -0400
So let’s compare two events.
Lauren and Milo attend the rally, the third rally which Lauren attends in order to disrupt. Despite its small size (as Milo states charmingly, he’s “banged” more people than were at the rally), they conduct multiple interviews and collect enough material for the usual Rebel “Gosh, Aren’t These Stupid Folks Stupid” clips. They then shoot their continuity, unimpeded.
Lauren then announces, “I do think we shall incite some rage with our posters, for sure”. (Ah. So much for the claim that this is about “reporting”, or “discussing”. )
We then see Milo and Lauren laughing, with cops, while people dance. Someone grabs and runs away with the signs. Milo and Lauren, still giggling, provide their wrap up.
Summary: they attended the event. They shot footage. They shot interviews. They shot continuity. They announced their intention of “inciting some rage”. They brandish their signs. The signs are grabbed. The cops escort them away.
Ezra, on the other hand, simply refused to allow one of his critics to attend one of his “open, non-partisan town hall meetings” in Alberta.
commented 2015-10-06 12:38:15 -0400
Wow, Amber rose is grotesque. Look at her then look at Lauren and tell me which one is a woman
commented 2015-10-06 12:38:02 -0400
@terry Rudden – Maybe it is because she is self described as “somewhat of a thorn in Levant’s side” and here claim to fame is a video that she claims to use to insight animosity towards Ezra when he comments on anything she doesn’t like.
No, Lauren was NOT there to disrupt! She was there to ask questions and start a debate. What does Planned Parenthood have to do with Sluts Walks is he looking drum up some business or debate and share facts.
Thank you for being the first Troll to post on this matter.
commented 2015-10-06 12:18:16 -0400
I loved that lady who stuck her umbrella in the pink guys face. Touche!
commented 2015-10-06 12:15:06 -0400
Gee Rudden “her goal was to disrupt” .Just like you and the other left wing idiots that come here to disrupt.
commented 2015-10-06 12:13:56 -0400
First of all, Lauren you looked awesome … better than the half naked participants … probably why you were ejected ;-)
I like how the participants were willingly taking orders not to respond by a male who believes in murdering babies then selling baby parts, yet claim SAYING YES IS NOT consent if the woman is not comfortable or really into it. Since YES means NOTHING, does NO means NO? Like Miles questions, is their any doubt why many young men don’t engage with real women and have turned to games and porn. There needs to be some politicians with spines who will get up on their hind legs and deal with these Feminazis. This is a HUGE disservice to actual rape victims when their tragedy is lumped in with a woman who SAY YES, appear to participate willingly then claim rape because it wasn’t what she imagined it would be (Note: she can ask to stop at any time). Now they are even claiming that cat calling is rape, how is that going to help women who are physically attacked?
commented 2015-10-06 11:55:51 -0400
There is one thing we can count on that is an absolutism in this world of ours and on this website in pasrticular, that no matter what the topic or who delivers the report, Terry Rudden, Jimmy Da Silva, Richard/Doug Brinkman and a few others will always oppose it. I guess there is absolutely nothing that this website does or has to offer that they can agree with. Even I as a hard core Conservative can agree with a few things the leftists do. I guess they are not mature enough to give and take. They are trolls, plain and simple, brain dead idiot trolls only here to disrupt.

As to Lauren, keep up what you are doing, but stay safe doing it!
commented 2015-10-06 11:55:51 -0400
Glenn, I personally believe open public functions are fair ball for political theater. I think Lauren and Milo were absolutely justified in showing up as they did. I am making two points:
- Acknowledge your goal is to disrupt – don’t pretend you’re there as a journalist or an interlocutor.
- Apply the same standards across the political spectrum, and don’t pretend that trying to shut down opposing voices is a “left wing”. Right wing groups do precisely the same thing, as Ezra demonstrated. So I’m gently poking away at the smug, self-congratulatory premise that turns the larger issue into a partisan squabble.
commented 2015-10-06 11:42:19 -0400
Terry, until you are in a venue where Robert’s Rules of Order can be invoked ……disorderly conduct is bound to happen. I recall when the Harper government did a sweeping defunding of feminist NGOs. There was a demonstration consisting of fourteen (yes that was the actual count ) womyn’s studies students….mostly with Marine sergeant haircuts and Leon Trotsky glasses marched from the UPEI campus to the CBC building…..a distance of about 400 yards….and the CBC made a big deal out of it.

I didn’t find out about it until after the fact or I would have put my Irish blackthorn stick under my arm and danced a jig while singing…..


Terry, When Kyle McKee takes his troop of fourteen skin heads out for their show the colours silent drill on the streets of Calgary…….is it OK to disrupt? As far as I can find out they have never actually done anything at any of their demonstrations other than show their presence. But apparently the police are kept busy.
commented 2015-10-06 10:58:05 -0400
Well, you’re welcome to tackle the question, Daniel. Do you believe that public political events should be open to deliberate disruption, or don’t you?
commented 2015-10-06 10:55:39 -0400
It never fails to amaze me how far too many people will run with their delusions, er ideologies and what kind of fools they make of them selves in the process.
commented 2015-10-06 10:45:41 -0400
amber rose – i just found a new troll to use in my kids bedtime stories – much scarier than the ones i’ve been using so far
commented 2015-10-06 10:39:33 -0400
Edmonton’s Active Citizenship – Free News Sharing responds to LAUREN SOUTHERN & REBELS with my TOP/MOST WATCHED Classic YouTube titled – Slut-walk and Men’s Rights Edmonton – MREs – Rape is wrong : https://youtu.be/gTtwkgmaQsM

YouTube Forum Comments: Man, it was painful to sit through that. More holes in your POV than a block of Swiss cheese. Paul Elam Publisher of A Voice for Men

Doug you’re brilliant. Thanks for building something coherent out of all the vent-up pressure bursting off. Billy Shakes

Enjoy Your Freedom – Hey-Ho Hey-Ho Consent is the only way!
commented 2015-10-06 10:18:28 -0400
Marty: do you believe that public political events should be open to deliberate disruption, or don’t you?
commented 2015-10-06 10:04:52 -0400
Terry Rudden : “how does this differ from the “kind of censorship” exercised by Ezra Levant when he banned Alheli Picazo from his “open, non-partisan town hall meetings” in Alberta?”

Maybe because Ezra doesn’t find excuses to tear up peoples cue cards or follow them around yelling interruptions and obscenities. Why do we always have to go through this nonsense with you? Her point wasn’t hard to grasp.
commented 2015-10-06 10:01:58 -0400
Nicely done, Lauren and Milo! I’m glad you included the inspiring, hard-hitting and poignant words of Ms. Rose as well… they were quite reflective of the seriousness of the event.
commented 2015-10-06 09:40:38 -0400
“It was a perfect display of the kind of censorship encouraged by modern feminism.”
So just to be clear – how does this differ from the “kind of censorship” exercised by Ezra Levant when he banned Alheli Picazo from his “open, non-partisan town hall meetings” in Alberta?