November 23, 2016

FIFA’s selective soccer politics: Ban poppies from Remembrance Day game, but embrace anti-Semitism?

David MenziesMission Specialist

Who would have a problem with Remembrance Day, a day we pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice? How about the bobble-heads running FIFA, the world governing body of soccer.

On November 11th, England and Scotland took part in a World Cup qualifying game at Wembley Stadium and since it was Remembrance Day, all players wore black armbands bearing a red poppy, images of poppies were displayed on the Jumbotron and a minute of silence was observed.

The head honchos at FIFA were outraged! FIFA never gave England and Scotland “clearance” to display those little red flowers. And it’s doubtful they would have since FIFA bans “political statements” on soccer uniforms.

In the aftermath, FIFA is trying to determine what sort of “disciplinary action” will be taken against England and Scotland but one way or another, FIFA wants its pound of flesh.

Watch as I lay out the hypocrisy and double standards of FIFA’s “apolitical” claims and offer another motive which suggests the red poppy was ditched for green money.

FIFA claims to have a problem with players wearing poppies commemorating those who died to preserve the freedoms we enjoy in the western world.

Yet, FIFA accommodates a toxic Islamist doctrine rather than taking a principled stand against certain Muslim theocracies. After all, that might be seen as Islamophobic.

Their solution? Embrace tolerance and reasonable accommodation for those nations that are the most intolerant and unaccommodating.

And they call soccer the “beautiful game”?

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commented 2016-11-26 12:14:44 -0500
Spreading false news

181 Every one who wilfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 177.
Date modified: 2016-11-17
commented 2016-11-24 01:12:08 -0500
FIFA says they will not except a political statement on uniforms… Since when has the poppy represented a political statement… Maybe it’s just me but I always thought it was to commemorate the brave souls who gave their lives for their fellow man and their nations…
As well I think but I’m not 100% sure of that both sides of the fence wear the poppies on November 11.
Political correctness is well on its way to destroying what’s left of the world.
I don’t see this so much is an anti-Jewish thing but more along the lines of “lest we forget” is being ignored.
And they should only ignore that at their own peril.
commented 2016-11-23 20:56:13 -0500
FIFA has a big problem with moral values. Corruption within the ranks is OK…….till they get caught.
To act humanly and serenely on the 11th is beyond their comprehension because, as you say, $$$ is not involved.
commented 2016-11-23 17:11:17 -0500
Sorry, typo that’s the “NFL” that is being boycotted
commented 2016-11-23 17:10:32 -0500
The NFA engaged is these perverse politics and look at their ratings now – the league is bleeding red ink as people are tuning it off and boycotting organizations using a sport to propagate insipid political messaging.
commented 2016-11-23 14:10:54 -0500
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commented 2016-11-23 12:33:56 -0500
Hit the nail on the head! Great report.
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