October 03, 2018

Fighting Liberal Bill C-71 - worst attack on Canadian firearms owners in a generation (Guest: Tony Bernardo, CSSA)

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


The latest gun-control legislation from the Liberals passed the House of Commons last week and has already cleared second reading in the Senate, and it’s ugly.

Bill C-71 repeals Stephen Harper's easing of rules around authorizations to transport restricted firearms, despite no evidence that the easing of restrictions caused an increase in gun crimes.

The law randomly declassified two popular and very expensive Canadian rifles, moving them from non-restricted to completely prohibited, apropos of nothing.

And that’s just the beginning. The Liberals aren’t done yet.

Canada’s newly minted Minister of gangs, guns and borders, Bill Blair, is ignoring the gangs and border problems and coming for your guns instead.

He’s in the middle of a nation-wide public consultation process and meeting with selected Liberal agenda driven experts to discuss a full nation-wide handgun and semi-auto ban.

This is the largest attack on Canadian firearms owners in a generation.

But my guest tonight isn’t giving up. His organization, the Canadian Shooting Sports Association, has launched a letter-writing campaign targeting Senators and MPs.

Tony Bernardo joins me tonight to discuss what the new gun law means for Canadian gun owners and how they’re fighting back.

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commented 2018-10-24 06:30:06 -0400
We can sum this up very simply. They are trying to make us their slaves, plain and simple. Carbon Tax…Now remove firearms…Instant slavery before people even know what is happening. Do it fast, do it quietly with no time for complaint. You wake up in a communist society being told what to do and how to do it. You complain and the gulag awaits. This is no joke. The shouting in parliament will go unnoticed if this passes a third reading. The gestapo will be at your doors and you will comply or you will go to prison or die. Think that is too extreme? If you have any issues in your past with law enforcement or mental health, as in told you doctor one time you were depressed, they can take your guns away. Think they won’t? Think again. This bill is real and the goal of it is real. We must fight this. High River Alberta was a test run for gun confiscation. It worked well. They took every single gun they could get their dirty little hands on, from peaceful hardworking Canadians. They also stole millions of rounds of ammo that was never returned. It was a successful operation. They actually had road blocks for extended periods, which had nothing to do with the flood, so they could finish their gun confiscation exercise. Outside RCMP were brought in so the locals could claim ignorance of the operation. Do not let that happen again. They can only take your guns once and you will never see them again…ever. This is in all dictatorship playbooks. Disarm, control, squash resistance with lethal force…than repeat. “IF YOU WANT A VISION OF THE FUTURE, IMAGINE A BOOT STAMPING ON A HUMAN FACEFOREVER”. George Orwell
It is time for strong men and women to stand up to tyrants. Think Trudeau is not a tyrant? He wants to take your guns from you, he wants to take your wealth, he has taken free speech away…not too much left after that for a free person is there? You don’t have to be strong…just strong willed. Stand or Fall. There is a tide turning against these scum. If we are lucky, this will all go away and we can remain free. I will tell you the last words of a good friend of mine, over a two way radio, shortly before he died. He simply said,“I will see you on the other side.” He saved the lives of several people in the split second decision that ended his. I waited in radio silence for an hour…and never heard him again. I was the last person he ever spoke to. He was going through an area where communication was dead and he never came out the other side. I met his wife later on and gave my condolences and respect and told a few happy stories. She never cried, but smiled and gave me a hug. When I see her sad smiling eyes in my minds eye, on reflection, I still hear my friend over the radio telling me he would see me on the other side. I like to think I would be as brave. I know he would stand beside me, in defense of our freedom and spit beer in Trudeaus’ eye. 100 years ago my great grandfather came home to Canada after fighting and luckily surviving one of the worst wars in history. I am here in his stead and I demand my blood born freedom. I will see you on the other side…

commented 2018-10-04 21:36:01 -0400
As usual, the government pigs show their fascist side. They don’t live like normal folks who have to wait minutes for the cops to show up. It’s really bad in rural areas but these slobs live in gated communities and have their own guards with guns. Socialists are so totalitarian that they use the law to criminalize anybody wanting to defend their home and family. Then they can’t understand why gang violence is rising rapidly.
commented 2018-10-04 20:51:51 -0400
Outlawing guns is the tactics of tyrannical governments….history proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. The UN is working to disarm law abiding citizens for NWO.
commented 2018-10-04 18:08:34 -0400
My question will be, if they do pass this ban what will happen to the Indians in this country, will they be exempt. Will they say their heritage demands they shoot a deer or a moose for religious purposes just like they are excluded from the fishing rules in this country.
commented 2018-10-04 15:19:20 -0400
Yes, thank you Tony!
It’s important to join one or more pro-gun organizations, like the CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association), or the NFA (National Firearms Association), CCFR (Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights), thegunblog.ca, etc., and help fund them. The RFOCBC (Responsible Firearms Owners Coalition Of B C) went defunct a few years back because they had no funding to sustain them, in protecting our rights and property…
Your name on those membership lists carries weight with politicians! Like your letters to them!
Use your rights or lose your rights!
Because they are coming after our guns…their Totalitarian Global Fascism gives them no choice…and they always follow the same pattern:
Gun Control has little to do with guns and everything to do with CONTROL!
commented 2018-10-04 13:13:53 -0400
A vote for the Liberals is a vote for tyranny. They want to disarm law abiding criminals while, at the same time, implementing hug-a-thug soft on crime policies. They just moved a murderer of a child to a “healing lodge” for crying out loud. Now they’re trying to gauge the public to see how much they can get away with when it comes to further bans. The legislation seems to have been designed by people that don’t have a clue what existing laws already are – par for the course for this Liberal government. They make the laws as complicated & vague as possible so you end up breaking them rather you intended to or not.
commented 2018-10-04 07:05:52 -0400
I sure hope the violent criminals, nut jobs, local gangs, illegal gun distributors and Muslim terrorist adhere to these gun laws. I wouldn’t want to run up against one of them without a gun to protect myself. (sarcasm)

Every time I read one of these articles my blood pressure goes off the charts!!! Stupid, stupid politicians.!!!!!!!!

Someone tell me what gun law is going to prevent a criminal, nut job or Muzzie terrorist from obtaining and using a firearm om innocents??? …….. Anyone?…………..

FYI – illegal firearms are easier to buy on the street than beer or cigarettes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2018-10-04 02:24:24 -0400
All Dictators take away arms.
commented 2018-10-04 00:38:42 -0400
Liberal credo: Heavy increases in immigration, more muslim legislation, (m-103), more hoops and red tape for gun owners, confiscation for small infractions, heavier fines and incarceration. What more could they want? Lose the Liberals for they are the anti-Canadians incarnate.
commented 2018-10-04 00:25:18 -0400
Like Steven Crowder printed on his debate sign , I lost my guns in a boating accident . Prove me wrong !
commented 2018-10-03 23:01:59 -0400
Like all Marxists they go for the guns, because they know that their tyrannical policies will bring revolution if the people are armed. Don’t let them get the guns.
commented 2018-10-03 22:46:36 -0400
The Leftoids are like evil seeking missiles. If there is a stupid and evil idea they hit it dead centre every time. As Rush Limbaugh said the other day, Leftists have psychological problems that they want made into policy platforms.
commented 2018-10-03 22:00:01 -0400
Sheila, great show. A little disappointed that there’s been no evidence of the “10,000 law-abiding citizens” campaign once mentioned

However, I would like to opine the following: Gun owners who are passionate about their sport invest a LOT of money. Buying a high quality handgun for IPSC competition, etc … or a cool Colt Sporter Rifle you soop up (just like muscle car owners pour thousands into their toy to make it look really cool) … can run anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 EACH. It’s easy to have $20,000+ invested in your equipment.

Just like other sports: Imagine if anti-golf, anti-boating, anti-backyard swimming pool people wanted to ban these things because “I don’t like them so you shouldn’t do them” Here’s an unintended consequence of any prospective restricted (handgun) ban: I think a lot of people will suddenly have all their guns – being legally & properly locked in the truck of their car “stolen” while they went into the range office. The price of a $500 smashed driver-side car window pales to the loss of $20,000+ in equipment. And then what? A TON of police reports leading nowhere and thousands of new unregistered restricted firearms with no whereabouts.

I wonder if the simple-minded people who come up with kindergarten variety logic have any clue as to human motivation, what to expect, and the unintended and seriously harmful consequences they hope to legislate. My 2 cents.
commented 2018-10-03 21:56:58 -0400
Sheila, did you ever consider the fact that gun control , that will end up as a complete ban on privately owned firearms, will make things so much easier for Justin’s Jihad’i friends.