December 09, 2016

Fildebrandt slams “snowflakes on the left”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's program, I asked Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt about the elites' reaction to the Rebel's anti-carbon tax rally in Edmonton last weekend.

(PS: We're holding another rally, this time in Calgary on Sunday, December 11. VISIT for details.)

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commented 2016-12-11 13:40:23 -0500
The lefties do not believe in “agree to disagree”. They only believe in “their” dictatorship ways and despise those who challenge them!
commented 2016-12-10 00:49:29 -0500
Looks like Derek Fildebrandt was invited to do damage control for the Wildrose Party.
He appropriately slams the “snowflakes on the left”, but what about the leftwing-media sycophants on the right? Oh…like, for example, a so-called conservative politician telling the media, “I completely denounce the activities that took place at this rally (in Edminton) in relation to the chant, and in relation inappropriate signage that spread or encouraged homophobia. There’s no place for that in modern day politics. And there’s no place for that in the Wildrose Party. Nor do I think there’s a place for inappropriate chants. In this particular case, something that came out of the American election has no place here in Alberta. I don’t think there’s any place for it Alberta politics and I wish people who had those desires, to have those chants or have that signage would just stay at home.”
commented 2016-12-09 21:25:42 -0500
I would if I could Leviticus, but I live in BC now and can’t vote in Alberta. It is where my heart is though and I want to see Alberta prosper. It is in best interests of the entire country. Derric Filderbrand has the qualities needed, and I don’t think he’d throw Albertans under the bus.
commented 2016-12-09 19:48:49 -0500
Liza.. Get a membership for the Wild Rose party, attend the meetings because you also have a physical say to what goes on and as a member you are entitled to vote for the leader of the party..!
And if you explain to the people there it’s in the parties best interest because voters have a long memory when they been shit on by the leader of the party they supported..
Time for a new leader as Derric Fildebrand is the fearless front guy that we want.
commented 2016-12-09 19:08:08 -0500
Yes, Add Jason Kenny names to this with Rona and Chris Princess Alexander.
Brad Trost must have a backbone, he said, that “if he had of been able to attend the rally, he would have joined in on the chant” Apparently, he doesn’t seem to think that he is superior to the rest of us.
commented 2016-12-09 16:51:52 -0500
Conservatives like Brian, Jason and Rona have turned into appeasers. They haven’t got a backbone between them, and are out for themselves. I miss real leaders like Peter Lougheed, Ralph Klein and Stephen Harper. Those were the days, when conservatives were for the people. Now I guess it’s all about sitting on the fence and not making waves. Jesus said “that you can’t serve two masters!” These faux conservatives will prove him right, yet again!
commented 2016-12-09 14:31:27 -0500
I don’t think the Wildrose are going to change their leader at this point. There seems to be an irrational loyalty no matter what insult Jean throws at Albertans. You would think they would be taking every step to ensure a win was achieved to throw Notley out. This will be a do or die election, if we’re not already completely done by the time the election rolls around.
This is it, why are they screwing around holding onto a loyalty for someone who is willing to throw Albertans under the bus to appease the gods in the east? Where is Brian Jeans loyalty?
This whole stupid uproar is predicated on nothing. It has been lied about and exaggerated. There is only one way to treat bullies, and we need someone who understands that push back has to be our response, not bowing and cowtowing.
commented 2016-12-09 14:30:03 -0500
Kenny isn’t even showing up this Sunday. He is clearly distancing himself. I don’t know who the hell he thinks is going to support him. I have lost all respect for the man. Anyone who thinks we are inconsequential is in for a reality check.
commented 2016-12-09 13:58:34 -0500
One can only hope Bill..
commented 2016-12-09 13:53:35 -0500
Any successful conservative leader, party or movement must be prepared to confront leftist intolerance and hate – nowhere is cultural leftist fascism prevalent than in the media. I like Fildebrandt but I wonder if he has the resolve to speak the truth in an era where “fake truth” is manufactured by a political hostile media and their cultural Marxist sycophants in academia.

The truth is that left wing ideologies are and always have been ripe environments for absolutism. Universities host leftist ideological indoctrinating and have thus become absolutist intolerance zones which have also become factories for intolerant activism in media and politics. The latest form is the Social Justice Warrior (SLWs) who has been radicalized and indoctrinated in absolutist ideals and compromised principles – much like culturally deconstrucive fascism.

In the past it has always been journalists and students indoctrinated in self-righteous totalitarianism, who thrill to the power a screaming violent mob or the power of the media megaphone, which have provided the shock troops for most totalitarian movements in history. Bolshevism, Maoism, Fascism, statist communism – all were propelled onto the street and into the fabric of society by student movements which, when political power was achieved, became militarized movements/regimes.

Today’s “professional Bolshevik” can get a university degree in deconstructing his own society and most MSM journos hold an “honorary degree” in critical theory – it is sold as morality – social justice, but of course the young and naïve who are in the mind control stages of this indoctrination, are incapable of recognizing the objective reality that what they are doing in the cause of seeking “social justice” through fascistic means, is just redistributing social injustice. History and human nature show us that students are natural radicals. In a free society it is the job of academics to direct this passion by instilling a respect for freedom of thought and expression, only then is their egalitarianism. Only under freedom of expression and though does a marketplace of ideas exist where logical debate and search for truth eliminates the bad ideas. A society incapable of peacefully eliminating bad ideas through reason is a society doomed to collapse through civil warfare.

Only university Academia and media can mould student passion into positive actions. Our problem is that many of the student radicals who were rioting and burning universities in the 1960s are now on university faculties and media editorial boards. Perhaps this is why totalitarianism grips our once liberal institutions of free thought.

This is what a successful conservative leader must confront and defeat with truth, reason and resolve.
commented 2016-12-09 13:35:13 -0500
And what would you expect from "Kenny"… He abandoned his constituents at a federal level when he thought he saw a personal opportunity arise in Alberta but as we can all tell he had no intentions other than his own personal agenda to “slop away at the trough”… The sad thing about Brian Jean he just turned out to be another spineless non-representative of the people who believes that political correctness and his career is more important then standing up for the province or the people supported him.
Today’s politician doesn’t understand how thick skinned they have to be because it is the right of the people to criticize their governments and anything less violates our personal freedoms which we hold dear in this province and country.
We will criticize them any bloody time we feel like it if we think that they’re stepping out of line.
commented 2016-12-09 13:29:04 -0500
Billy Howard… The PC party in Alberta must die a natural death as it does not need to infect the Wild Rose party with its liberalist attributes… There shall be no uniting of the right there needs to be only majority Wild Rose with no liberal infiltrations or any body sliding in on the hard work of the Wild Rose party… I wish everybody would forget this unite the right thing because the only thing that we hear from the PCs when they’re not insulting us is NOTHING.!!.
This is not Derric’s first go around at controversy… With Kathleen Wynne visited Alberta Derric found himself in hot water over some remarks that he made to her.
Derek will say what’s on his mind and oppose oppressors and not cave-in to the politically correct crowd.
Alberta needs this man to make our province once again attractive to outside investment and to develop our natural resources the way our province sees fit as set out in the constitution regardless of what Ottawa or Trudo has to say about it.
commented 2016-12-09 13:12:22 -0500
Don’t know much about Fildebrandt, but he looks like he may be the answer to Alberta’s conservative woes. Since Kenney and Jean threw “deplorable” Albertans under the bus, maybe he can take over Brian Jean’s job, if not, run for PC leadership and unite the REAL right that way.
Time to stop the Conservative rush to the left while demonizing hard-working small c conservatives.
commented 2016-12-09 12:53:57 -0500
Here’s a man that is not afraid to stand up for what is right..
I think this gentleman would provide great leadership for the province as well as standing up to any dictatorship out of Ottawa.
The Wild Rose party still has the best core values but it needs a strong leader, a very strong leader indeed because there is much bumpy road and that is not for the timid or for the weak of heart.!!
This man knows that Albertans are suffering absolutely suffering under the draconian dictatorship of Rachel Notley and her idealistic and inexperienced cabinet, who either on purpose or through inexperience and incompetence are not only ruining this provinces resource-based economy but driving away investment money as well and that all means jobs are leaving as a result.
Derric will make an excellent leader replacing the weak and politically correct Brian Jean. Brian Jean was more concerned for his career than the welfare of this province and its people. I know that Derric Fildebrandt will encourage carbon capture technology for existing coal fired generators whose value is in the tens of billions of dollars throughout the province as opposed to failed wind generators and solar panels that would use up thousands of acres of productive farmland.. As well as repeal the carbon tax, Bill C6, and the other horrific damage that Rachel Notley has visited upon the province in her one term tenure.