July 23, 2017

Fildebrandt yet to announce run for United Conservative leader

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Now that the unity vote is over there’s lots of speculation that Derek Fildebrandt, MLA for Strathmore Brooks will run for the top spot of the new United Conservative Party.

Fildebrandt has formed United Liberty, an organization that will back freedom and liberty oriented candidates and policies, but he hasn’t made a decision as to whether he’ll jump in the race.

When asked what his plans were for running, he said he’s making some careful decisions and weighing his options. 

There has been some talk about tension within the Wildrose caucus. Their President, Jeff Callaway, spoke out about those issues in a column written by Rick Bell where he accused Brian Jean of a power grab.

But he’s not the only one speaking out. Fildebrandt flat out told reporters yesterday that he won’t be backing Jean’s leadership run.

Could this be a sign that Fildebrandt will jump in the race? There are certainly rumblings of support from those that are sick of the status quo and love his gritty no holds barred style of politics here in Alberta. People that voted for the NDP wanted change, but I don’t think they wanted this kind of change.

Could Derek Fildebrandt be the change that Albertans need?

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commented 2017-07-24 15:08:48 -0400
PROUD DEPLORABLE, you raise a very relevant question, that is, "What’s a Conservative? "
Any politician part of a Conservative party or wanted no to run for a Conservative party should be able to articulate what are the conservative values and principles that they all say that they uphold. That’s foundational. For example, Richard Starke who ran against Kenney for the PC leadership characterized himself as ‘progressive’ on social issues, like the ‘progressive’ NDP, and conservative on fiscal issues. I’m sorry such a half-baked Conservative is not a conservative. I have found that it is almost an axiom that someone who is a social conservative, invariably is a fuscal conservative as well, that is, a 100% conservative. However for someone describing themselves as a fiscal conservative, very uncertain where they stand on social issues; more likely to be a Richard Starke or Patrick Brown.
commented 2017-07-24 14:07:56 -0400
Nope. I don’t have anything backwards, PETER. When I commented, I wasn’t aware if Fildebrandt had a stated position on this climate change horseshit or not. Hence, my use of “if”.

However, If he has had the honesty and guts to call it horseshit, and he’s going to stick with that position, then he’d be getting my support.
commented 2017-07-24 12:30:57 -0400
What’s a Conservative?????????? The so called Conservative Parties are NOT Conservative anymore, more like Liberal Lite
commented 2017-07-24 12:07:15 -0400
Roy Jeanine… You nailed it as far as what to expect from the Alberta media if Fildebrandt runs for the leadership… I am reminded of the blatant bias smugly expressed by the Val Sears at the Toronto Star during the Diefenbaker years: – “To work, gentlemen, we have a government to defeat…” That same smug but very revealing ditty was later intoned in the newsroom of the Edmonton Journal when Ralph Klein was elected…
commented 2017-07-24 11:09:35 -0400
Jamie, I think you have that backwards. Jason Kenny is the one who vacillate on the climate change issue. Derek Fildebrandt spoke at one of The Rebel conferences against the carbon tax and against man made climate change
commented 2017-07-24 09:27:33 -0400
If Fildebrandt doesn’t have the guts and honesty to clearly and unequivocally call out this climate change horseshit for the great scam that it is, then he’s no better than turdo la doo or Notley.
commented 2017-07-24 01:48:22 -0400
As for Jason Kenney, well, he is a career politician and we just need NEW BLOOD who can tell it like it is without involving political correctness and also who can tackle The LEFT LEANING MSM, because they will be a strong opposition to Derek’s truthful ways. The evil msm has already started to campaign for wicked nutley demonizing the conservatives. The evil msm in this province and across Canada also LIED, LIED, LIED about trudoop receiving a warm welcome in Calgary. This is an outright lie. Only a few handpicked people were allowed close to that damn traitor, most people were barricaded far from that s.o.b.
commented 2017-07-24 01:39:42 -0400
Derek Filderbrand is the RIGHT MAN ALBERTA NEEDS NOW. Can’t stand Brian Jean’s weak leadership, his constant apologies and throwing Albertans under the bus at the punitive evil carbon tax. Also Brian Jean told his supporters to "hold your nose and vote for Stephen Harper " durine the last federal election. We were so damn mad and insulted, I personally phoned his office advising them of our disgust at Jean’s horrible comment. And even worse, when Jean’s suspending Derek for a week because he had the guts to tell the garbage ndp about wynne-bag’s FAILED electricity pricing. Ya, don’t want Jean as leader at all. Jean also said, he would eventually favour a carbon tax but NOT JUST YET. WHAT A DIRTBAG… also threw us under the bus in Red deadmonton after the rally when people were chanting “lock her up.” No, we definitely don’t want Jean at the helm again.
commented 2017-07-24 00:21:45 -0400
Ron Joseph said, "I should not say this but Kenney would be like another Trudeau, welcoming Muslims and visiting Mosques. "

Yea, Kenny is a disappointment. It appears Brian Jean is following the same CINO path and Kenny. Derek Fildebrandt so far is the best choice. Let’s hope he runs for party leader.

@ Ron Voss – I kinda figured Derek did not badmouth The Rebel rally but I could not remember. I’m getting old, I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast. ;o)
commented 2017-07-23 23:06:43 -0400
So who was right about Wynne,……. Notley or Filderbrand? Heh heh heh. The Ontario bonerack had no business spewing her poison at the Alberta Legislature and Derrick showed a spine, an actual spine, only to be villified by Jean and goaded into a half assed apology which I am sure he didn’t mean, nor should he have. I hope he or some other new quality people step up, I have grown weary of Jean, research of his past positions and the bouts of weakly political correctness he displays have given me cause. If Derrick does run and win, the NDP would be reduced to orange juice and Alberta could join forces with Wall’s common sense Saskatchewan and Manitoba’s conservative gov’t to form a solid conservative block in the middle of the liberal plague.
commented 2017-07-23 22:58:58 -0400
Derek Fildebrandt is the man! He understands what Albertans are all about & will be an exceptional leader – maybe as good or better than Ralph Klein. Damn! Do I miss Ralph!
commented 2017-07-23 21:46:14 -0400
PETER NETERVILLE, Fildebrandt, unlike Jean and Kenney, did not badmouth those who chanted ‘lock her up’. He also attended the subsequent Rebel anti-carbon tax rally held in a hotel in Calgary.
commented 2017-07-23 21:06:08 -0400
Fildebrandt saying that he will not be supporting Brian Jean is bound to take some steam out of Jean’s leadership bid. Understandable given how Jean had in the past thrown Fildebrandt under the bus, like when Fildebrandt appropriately criticized Kathleen Wynne in the Alberta legislature. Very likely that Fildebrandt will run and under the not so poorly disguised United Libert(arian) banner.
commented 2017-07-23 21:02:06 -0400
Whom ever the MSM goes on the attack, has my vote. That, I’m sure, will be Derek.
commented 2017-07-23 20:55:35 -0400
Peter Netterville—Some good points, however the difference is that the US Democrats still have a powerful base (New York, California) just waiting for Trump to make a mistake, or if Trump’s dog piddles on the White House floor, the MSN will make it Headline News 24/7.
In Notley’s case, there will be nothing left to write about except some Edmonton seats thanks to the Gov’t Workers, who I hope will be brought down to size.
I should not say this but Kenney would be like another Trudeau, welcoming Muslims and visiting Mosques. He started this Financial mess regarding Refugees, as Immigration Minister under Harper.
commented 2017-07-23 20:33:44 -0400
Ron, never underestimate the rabid insanity of the MSM. I think they will still be loyal to the Alberta NDP and attack the new United Conservative party with a hateful vengeance even after the NDP are soundly thrashed next election. Just look at the MSM in the US. They still adoringly love Killary even though she was soundly thrashed.
commented 2017-07-23 20:25:08 -0400
BILLY HOWARD===I believe many people here over estimate the loyalty of the MSM to a NDP Party that is going to have its Head Handed to them. The MSM will be like rats trying to leave a sinking ship. They will be on the winners side .

You mentioned that Wilders and Le pen didn’t hold their ground like Trump.
In a sad way Wilders won, as all the Opposition Parties except two, took his center right policies and ran with them. The remaining two left-wing parties are to small to worry about. In an odd way, the right won the election without the guy that did the work that made the right popular. Le Pen would have done better, but Facebook cancelled 30,000 of her supporters before the election, keeping in mind that each one of these may have had 1,000 or more followers. The MSM also censored her by only writing and showing Macron stories.

commented 2017-07-23 18:47:33 -0400
Space Moose said, “I will support anybody that did not badmouth the rebel rally that chanted lock her up.”

I cannot remember, did Derek Fildebrandt badmouth The Rebel?
commented 2017-07-23 18:45:12 -0400
Billy said, "The first test will be how he treats the RebelTV. If he treats Ezra, Sheila, Holly and the team with the same respect as CBC/CTV/Global, he’ll be attacked mercilessly for it. "

Yea, treating RebelTV the same as the MSM will be like poking a stick in their (the MSM) eye since they have nothing but contempt for The Rebel. I hope he does.
commented 2017-07-23 18:22:27 -0400
I will support anybody that did not badmouth the rebel rally that chanted lock her up.
commented 2017-07-23 18:06:29 -0400
Peter Netterville: You’re likely right about the MSM vehemently attacking Fildebrandt.
Kenney, Jean, Scheer and numerous other conservatives have steered left/SJW in order to kiss the arse of the Media party.
It would be entertaining to see the accusations against Fildebrandt (or any other politician that stands up against the MSM). I’m sure the leftist media will call him (or at least insinuate) “alt-right”, Nazi, white supremacist, Islamophobic, climate-denier, etc., his followers “deplorables”. Donald Trump stood his ground and won, others, like Wilders and Le Pen, lost.
But knowing Albertans, I think the vicious MSM attacks may very well backfire and help a candidate that actually unabashedly speaks his conservative mind.
The first test will be how he treats the RebelTV. If he treats Ezra, Sheila, Holly and the team with the same respect as CBC/CTV/Global, he’ll be attacked mercilessly for it. Question is: will he bow to the mainstream media pressure and cower like a wuss?
commented 2017-07-23 17:28:29 -0400
I hope he runs. He appears the have the strongest conservative values, but does he have the backbone to stand up to the main stream media jerks. If he does, then they will mercilessly and venomously attack him. Can he withstand the hatred of the socialist MSM?
commented 2017-07-23 17:27:21 -0400
For me, the big decider Oct 28 as to who I will vote for is the positive policies of the candidates. Reversing the carbon tax, bill 6, labour code amendments, ham stringing resource development regulations, and SJW education policies is a no brainer and all candidates will advocate such reversal. What I am interested in is the plan for recovery from the NDP destruction and the plan to move forward after recovery. None of the ‘big three’ have shown their positive plan.
commented 2017-07-23 16:59:20 -0400
I like the fact that Filderbrant isn’t supporting Jean. I think Jean is no longer deserving of the loyalty.
commented 2017-07-23 16:36:09 -0400
On the surface, Fildebrandt’s “freedom and liberty” stance seems very attractive, in comparison to:
Kenney, who has a “Red Tory” history and seems too “politically correct”
Jean, who doesn’t seem sincerely conservative and is trying to get cozy with union leaders.
The CPC and other conservative parties across Canada seem to be drifting left, it would be nice to see a freedom-loving REAL CONSERVATIVE lead their party into government.
commented 2017-07-23 16:19:07 -0400
Derek Filderbrant is the guy we need to bring AB back if it can be brought back at all..
Brian Jean will end up giving Alberta to the socialist crowd for appeasement and Kenny will grow his fourth or fifth chin at our expense.!!
commented 2017-07-23 16:17:38 -0400
I think it would be a natural progression of the party’s libertarian turning to have Fildebrandt as a leader. I like his ideas and most of all I like the fact that he never seems comfortable in a suit.
commented 2017-07-23 16:16:48 -0400
The fact that he called out Wynnie in our legislature made me proud! He’s the type of leader that we need. True grit, not cowering and apologizing for things that the NDP and media deem as issues.