November 05, 2015

Alberta Finance Minister Ceci's Norway comparison shows stunning ignorance of facts

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Finance Minister Joe Ceci seems to think that Alberta is a lot like Norway, but he’s completely off base.

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, the two regions couldn’t be more different.

Norway has access to pipelines, while pipelines are protested with foreign money in Canada. In fact, Eastern Canada would rather import oil from unethical sources instead of building a pipeline and obtaining their resource from their own countrymen. We've spent over $26B in oil imports in the last year alone. 

And although Norway has a trillion dollars stashed away, there’s a reason why – they don’t have to make equalization payments to have not provinces. In 2013 - 2014, these provinces received over $16B in transfer payments. Norwegian citizens also pay ridiculous amounts of taxes. This makes it easy for Norway to bank all of that money, since the people pay for all of their social programs. In Alberta, the government has the responsibility of paying hefty sums for education and healthcare.

When it comes to government, Alberta is just a branch of the federal system while Norway has a national governing body. This means that they have much more control over taxation and the economy – the state owns the majority of the oil and gas companies and controls the economy. More control also means no infighting with other provinces to get pipelines built.

Norway’s oil resource is also light sweet crude which comes with a higher price tag, so overall they get a higher Brent pricing. Alberta oil is heavier and is subjected to a different refining process, plus there are issues with transport due to lack of pipeline infrastructure. This causes bottle necking in the US, which drives the price we acquire for our resource down. This means our heavier resource garners Western Canada Select pricing, which is lower than Brent.

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, Alberta couldn’t be any more different than Norway.


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commented 2015-11-06 12:45:57 -0500
Canada was a province of a million people when the oil really started to flow in the early 70’s. Now we have 4 million people. Norway had 4 million people in 1970 and 5 million now. The difference in the amount of infrastructure that has been built over the 45 years is astronomical. Sure, I’d like there to be more money in the Heritage Fund, but think of all the highways, water and sewer, hospitals and schools that Alberta has had to build compared to what Norway has had to build over the same period. Streets and infrastructure there has existed for centuries not decades.
commented 2015-11-06 11:50:16 -0500
@ LLRFU – I am with you on that one. Canadians lefties seem to love Norway since they worship Norway as their perfect model of a socialist country, so let’s send them there, and no doubt the few conservatives in Norway are not so happy at living in a socialist hell … ummm I mean socialist “heaven”, so we can take them in exchange … now, how do we go about arranging that? ;o)
commented 2015-11-06 11:06:26 -0500
Ceci is stunningly ignorant, and fits in well with Rachel the traitor, and her children. This guy is a joke and so is his leader, or should I say his follower, Rachel the communist!
commented 2015-11-06 10:15:51 -0500
(Norway – sorry)
commented 2015-11-06 10:13:32 -0500
Fucking Lefty’s and their mythical Sweeden. Seeing as they don’t believe in borders anyways, I don’t understand why they simply don’t move there?!?!?! I bet most Swedes would take stupid Lefty’s from Canada over the Muslim rapists any day, and heck, we’ll take both their conservatives in exchange. 2 or 3 conservatives for 10 million Leftys – sounds like a good deal to me!!!
commented 2015-11-06 09:51:26 -0500
I think everyone in Alberta should take 6 months off like me (not by choice) and let the NDPigs tax 100% of 0
commented 2015-11-06 01:51:29 -0500
As pointed out Norway does not pay for leeches like Quebec and their health care costs less, and in Alberta the oil companies pay the development costs which is why royalties are lower. In Norway the state pays those billions up front. And they also tax gas by around 80 cents more a litre than we do and hold far more debt.
commented 2015-11-06 00:10:32 -0500
STEVE your on to something. Who in their right mind would do this to their province and fellow man unless there was big payoff. It’s going on all across Canada.
commented 2015-11-05 23:18:43 -0500
What do you expect from social worker who pretends that he’s got any fucking brains,go back to dealing with the people he is used to dealing with and leave the finances and oil and gas to the big boys with the experience whoknow what they’re doing and/or talking about ….Cici is a moron.
commented 2015-11-05 19:52:09 -0500
This government needs to go… No matter what it takes.
commented 2015-11-05 18:12:03 -0500
Why not just build a pipeline from Alberta to Churchil, Manitoba? Saskatchewan is oil friendly, and Manitoba could use the cash and traffic at the Churchil Hudson Bay port.
commented 2015-11-05 16:49:48 -0500
And the Liberal/Socialist Slush Bucket fills up
commented 2015-11-05 16:46:41 -0500
Norway is also a tax tyranny where the people have nothing. Eleven dollars for a gallon of gasoline. Near 100% tax on a new vehicle and 40% income tax keeps them enslaved.
commented 2015-11-05 16:21:13 -0500

commented 2015-11-05 16:07:44 -0500
Kelvin said, " I’m really sick of this shit."

I am with ya on that one.
commented 2015-11-05 16:03:04 -0500
Darryl said, "we would also have money in the bank if we didnt have to pay billions each year to have not provinces especially quebec, "

Hear, hear!
commented 2015-11-05 16:02:25 -0500
Good points, Holly!
commented 2015-11-05 16:01:07 -0500
I know one douche bag who voted for the Alberta NDP because he was an ex military mechanic that had been working in the Petroleum Industry … WHAM BANG POW holy bat guano Ceci, could you get his job back? Stupid idiot is probably picking lint out of his navel or playing “Nick nack paddy whack time to sodomize a ram” waiting for the NDP to call and give him an offer.
Jesus still loves him.
commented 2015-11-05 15:52:48 -0500
Ceci is an idiot along with the rest of the commie boneheads in this government. And as for the dumb fucktards that voted for them, they will be the first to move back to where ever the hell they came from. Just to let you idiots know that when we over throw these assholes and get our economy back on track, I’m making it my life’s work to keep you freaks out. I already know of a dozen employers that are saying the same thing. Maybe it’s about time we become as protectionist as the leftie and take care of ourselves instead of spreading the wealth around like we normally do. I’m really sick of this shit.
commented 2015-11-05 15:42:08 -0500
Alberta Finance Minister Joe Ceci has to lie in order to mask the purposeful destruction of the Alberta oil industry.

If Alberta gets their oil to the BC coast and then to China, Saudi loses and Russia loses.

So if Saudi Arabia and Russia write large sums of money to the Alberta NDPs and the Trudeau liberals, this oil is going nowhere.

And guess what has happened. The oil is going nowhere.

Canada the proud, with voted in treasonists now running the country, who need to be shot and buried instead.
commented 2015-11-05 15:32:06 -0500
Norwegian government only owns 57 percent of the state-owned Statoil corporation. Much of the oil and gas industry is operated by foreign multinationals. Norway has a super-abundance of hydroelectric power to supply its own domestic economy enabling it to export up to 90 percent of its fossil fuel production. If alberta had great gobs of cheap hydro then extraction of the oil sands would be “greener” and Obama would have a harder time killing Keystone. Norway is in a very fortunate geographic position. Comparing Albera to Norway is ridiculous.
commented 2015-11-05 15:16:18 -0500
The goat raping NDP are probably foreshadowing the 80% taxation they want to implement, and the Royalty Review is just a ruse to Confiscate all Petroleum Infrastructure due to unmanageable royalty hikes. When these sodomites raise Royalties so high that no company can afford to extract a single ounce, they will have to shut down, then the Notley will personally take it over and her husband will provide all the union jobs to staff it.
commented 2015-11-05 14:50:46 -0500
we would also have money in the bank if we didnt have to pay billions each year to have not provinces especially quebec, One wonders if the finance minister and nutley run there personal finances the same way they run government.