PETITION: Convicted MP Fiona Onasanya Must Resign

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Fiona Onasanya, MP for Peterborough in the UK, is a disgrace.

She was found guilty of perverting the course of justice, and even the Labour Party has taken action. Onasanya was booted from the party and now sits as an independent Member of Parliament. If only she’d said something anti-Semitic — she’d still have the party whip and wouldn’t be facing pressure to step down.

But Onasanya is facing pressure to stand down, and it’s right. Just one month after being elected in June 2017, Onasanya was snapped speeding in her car. A couple of months later, her car was spotted speeding again, and in July 2018 she appeared in court refuting suggestions that she broke the law. She claimed she didn’t know who was driving, despite the fact she’d claimed she couldn’t have been driving as she was attending a political event.

But she was found guilty in December 2018 of perverting the course of justice and lying about her involvement. She was the one driving the car.

This has happened before. Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne was convicted of perverting the course of justice following a similar speeding case, and he simply resigned his seat. Everybody expected Onasanya to do the right thing and step down — but instead, she decided to stay and even compared herself to Jesus.  

Her behaviour goes beyond criminality, too — she’s just plain bizarre. In a recent video, Fiona even pretended to snort cocaine, before turning to the camera and saying she ‘feels inspired’.

Is this the kind of person we want in Parliament? Is this the kind of example we think an MP should be setting? When even the Labour Party thinks you should resign, it's time to go. 

And it’s not like she has a huge majority, either. She won the election in 2017 by just 607 votes!

Fiona Onasanya has let down the people of Peterborough — they deserve more. It’s time for her to resign.

If you agree that she should resign the seat and trigger a by-election, please sign our petition below. We'll deliver it straight to her.

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We, the undersigned, demand the resignation of Fiona Onasanya.

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