Fire the Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips

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UPDATE: Fire Phillips billboard is up to expose the TRUTH about Alberta’s lying Environment Minister

March 5, 2019: It’s finally here. The big, beautiful Fire Phillips billboard has made its world debut! 

Shannon Phillips is a liar with her face on a billboard on the side of Highway 2, just south of Leduc, Alberta.

The billboard, generously funded by Rebel supporters, will greet those leaving the Edmonton area to use the Bighorn backcountry while we still can.

Today's video was a cold one to shoot, but I could barely contain my excitement as the banner was unfurled. Someone even stopped on the side of the highway to take a picture of our banner before we even had it up!

Thanks to all of the donors who made this happen.

If you want us keep that billboard in place for even longer, please click below to help.


Alberta's environment Minister Shannon Phillips is a liar and we just can't trust her. That's why we need your help to fire her.

You see, those consultations on the Bighorn land use changes are not going the way the NDP government wants them to.

The changes will make vast tracts of land in an enormous portion of Western Alberta off limits to the people who live there and use it every day. It will be rezoned to become a provincial park with new onerous rules.

Obviously, citizens who live in these areas are resistant to having their backyard playground re-designated by a bunch of cubicle-dwelling New Democrat bureaucrats in Edmonton.

And now the NDP government has just cancelled the consultations.


Well, Environment Minister Shannon Phillips is the one responsible for cancelling them.

Here is her press release:

“I have heard stories of Albertans afraid to attend community events, Albertans berated in public, Albertans followed home, and Albertans feeling intimidated to not speak their mind or participate in this important discussion. These reports are not only deeply concerning, this behaviour is not reflective of the values we all share. I call on all of my elected colleagues to denounce the bullying and harassment being faced by Bighorn supporters.

“As we do not feel we can guarantee the public’s safety or freedom from intimidation at this time, I am very disappointed to announce that the upcoming sessions for Drayton Valley, Red Deer, Sundre and Edmonton will be cancelled."

But in a dangerous act of journalism, the Calgary Herald’s Licia Corbella actually reached out to the police. She reported:

Const. Mike Hibbs, the media relations officer for Alberta’s RCMP K Division’s southern district, said Monday that he hadn’t heard of any threats.

“I’m not aware of anything — of any threats at all,” said Hibbs.

But Phillips persisted in her lies. This is from the CBC:

Phillips also told reporters the next day after the cancellations, that "advice from the RCMP and security officials, along with reports of harassment, prompted the government to cancel the open houses. Fraser Logan of the RCMP said the police service did not provide any official advice."

In a teleconference with reporters Wednesday, Phillips said the RCMP were investigating at least two complaints. She said:

"I know that there are at least two open investigation —open files — with file investigation numbers, with respect to allegations of safety concerns for the public in and around, in central Alberta.”

But again, the police busted her lies. From the same CBC article:

"We can confirm we have been contacted by some members of the public who wanted the police to be aware of some concerning social media interactions around the Bighorn public consultation," RCMP spokesperson Fraser Logan wrote.

Phillips has lied repeatedly, both about the RCMP and the citizens affected by her massive land use changes.

She’s done this to smother democracy, to prevent those voices in those affected communities from being heard. She doesn't want to hear from those residents, so she's willing to lie about them and ruin their reputations.

Remember when she co-authored a book with an anti-oil Greenpeace activist named Mike Hudema? The book was called An Action a Day Keeps Global Capitalism Away. She has always hated Alberta and everything we do for work, and now she hates what we do for fun.

She must be fired.

Now, of course, we know we can't fire Shannon Phillips until the election. That’s when the voters in her riding can certainly show her the door.

The only person who can fire her right now, who can remove her from cabinet post, is Rachel Notley.

Let's put the pressure on. 


1. We have a petition. Let's get as many names on it as possible, to show Premier Notley and the NDP that Albertans don't appreciate our national police force and Albertans being lied about because a failing minister wants to shut down democracy in rural Alberta. You can sign it below.

2. We have a big beautiful billboard truck on the side of Highway 2 near Innisfail, in between Red Deer and Calgary. Right now it has our gorgeous billboard on the truck, but I would love to replace it with a Fire Phillips billboard. If you can help cover the cost of that big, beautiful and impactful billboard, please donate today by clicking here.

A lot of people like me, who actually use the Bighorn country for quadding and hunting and fishing and camping, travel along Highway 2 to get there and drive right past that billboard. I want as many people as possible to know what Shannon Phillips was willing to do and say about Albertans and the RCMP to get her way.

With your help, we can ensure that there are over one million monthly impressions of that billboard on Highway 2.

No one who lies with such impunity about innocent people and our honourable police officers serving our rural communities deserves to spend another day in cabinet serving us.

Sign the petition!

Due to the lies told by Environment Minister Phillips both about Albertans and the RCMP, Phillips no longer has any credibility and Albertans cannot trust her. We, the undersigned, are calling on Rachel Notley to remove her from cabinet.

Will you sign?