FIRE BERMAN! Help remove anti-oil lobbyist Tzeporah Berman from Oil Sands Advisory Group

Rebel Staff

The NDP premier of Alberta, Rachel Notley, announced that she hired a foreign-funded anti-oil sands lobbyist, named Tzeporah Berman, to co-chair the province’s Oil Sands Advisory Group.

But who is Tzeporah Berman?

Well, for ten years Berman was Greenpeace International’s “climate campaign” boss. She co-founded Forest Ethics, the most vicious anti-oil sands lobby group in the United States. She's an anti oil sands activist who has professionally lobbied against Canada, and against Alberta, in countries around the world. 

Berman never misses a chance to attack the oil sands.

She has said that "the oil sands are the most destructive blemish on the entire planet." She has been quoted as wanting to block all pipelines. She's even against oil sands workers themselves -- she doesn’t think people should even go to work in the oil sands. She believes oil and gas workers are corrupting democracy.

Berman wants to completely phase out oil jobs. 

She has said these things countless times. 

And she’s now the co-chair of the committee that will plan the oil sands future.

Berman doesn't support the oil sands. She doesn't even want to improve the oil sands. She wants to destroy it. Berman has called the oil sands a "scandal".

For ten years, people like Berman have tried to destroy the oil sands from the outside. Now she's getting a chance to work at it from the inside.

Berman wants to fire every single worker in Alberta’s oil sands. No: she’s the one who needs to be fired. 

Please sign the petition below to fire Berman and remove her from the Oil Sands Advisory Group.  

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Tzeporah Berman must be removed from the Oil Sands Advisory Group. 

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