Help fund a billboard to support this initiative!

We need to get Tzeporah Berman off of the Oil Sands Advisory Group. We need to fire Berman. 

That's why we are buying billboards around Alberta, starting in Calgary, with our fire Berman campaign message on them.

We want to pressure Notley to get rid of lobbyists like Tzeporah Berman.

But really, we know Notley doesn’t care what Albertans think.

So the main purpose of these billboards it to spread the word about the nature of Notley’s wrecking crew. To show Albertans that however bad it is now, it’s about to get much worse.

Please help us crowd fund the expense of these billboards. Each one will be around $3,000 for four weeks.

Click below and donate now to help us pay for the billboards.

The more money we raise, the more billboards we can purchase.