Help us rent a "Fire Morneau" mobile jumbotron to drive around Ontario

Morneau has to go. His tax hikes, his spending sprees, his huge deficits, his carbon tax — it’s a war on the Canadian middle class. But more than that: you just can’t trust a word he says. He lies — to the public, to the ethics commissioner, to his own staff.

If he won’t resign, he needs to be fired.

We've started a petition — we’d like to get 100,000 signatures, and we’ll personally deliver them to his office. He’ll probably ignore that.

But here’s something else we've done: we rented a big Jumbotron truck, this one: 


We drove it around Bay Street, in Toronto. So all the bankers, all the stockbrokers, all the masters of the universe could see the unethical man Trudeau is keeping as finance minister.

Then we took it to Ottawa, so all the politicians and bureaucrats would see our message too. 

We had a big, blazing messages on the truck’s massive TV, pointing out how Morneau lied; how he covered up; how his own department says there are no records of him recusing himself. We drove the truck for hours, with all those facts on the big TV on the back.

That truck costs about $1,600 every time we drive it. If you can help us recoup the cost, please do — you can chip in a few bucks right here. 

Thank you!