Musleh Khan must be removed from his new position as the Muslim Chaplain for the Toronto police.

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Toronto Police Services must fire their newest Muslim Chaplain right now or risk having a bigoted Islamic fundamentalist acting as advisor to their forces.

Here’s the background: the Toronto Police offer a chaplaincy program. That program is made up of volunteer chaplains from fifteen different faiths. Officially, the role of the chaplain is to provide spiritual support for officers and act as a liaison between police and their communities.

Chaplains don’t carry a gun; however, they are considered members of Toronto's police service. But, the force's newest Muslim chaplain is sparking outrage well outside Toronto's city limits. 

Meet Musleh Khan: Born in Saudi Arabia, Khan now lectures in Toronto’s Muslim community on subjects like Islamic Law and marriage. And, on October 26th of this year, Khan was officially appointed Muslim Chaplain for The Toronto Police.

The moment that Khan was appointed, Canada’s mainstream media rushed to release glowing articles about the man and his high hopes in his new role. In those articles, Khan expressed excitement about being able to offer authentic explanations about Islam and the Islamic community to members of Toronto’s Police force.

But, one has to wonder if Khan’s self-professed authentic explanation of Islam is the sort of advice the men and women who enforce Canadian law should be heeding to.

Consider Khan’s thoughts on marriage. In a March 2013 webinar entitled ‘The Heart of the Home: The Rights and Responsibilities of a Wife’, Khan presented several slides including ones with these direct quotes. One reads:

(a woman) should ask her husband permission before leaving the home… she should take care to seek permission from her husband before going out of the home that he has provided her.

According to Khan, a woman must ask her husband for permission before leaving their home. Seriously. Perhaps Khan didn’t get the memo when he left Saudi Arabia that Canadian women don’t actually have to ask their husbands for permission to leave the house. Canadian women are free to come and go from their homes as they please. We’re also allowed to drive cars, go for a swim, interact freely with men, and  unlike Saudi Arabia  there aren’t any religious police who impose medieval dress codes on we women here in Canada.

But, according to Chaplain Khan, women’s subordination runs much deeper than permission slips to leave home.

Khan’s instruction on wifely obedience applies to conjugal acts, as well. According to Khan in that same lecture, a wife should not withhold sex from her husband unless she has a '"valid excuse"; to which Khan provides the examples of sickness or obligatory fasting. 

Actually, no, Mr Khan. In Canada, a woman is not required to have sex with her husband (pending a doctor’s note). Canadian women are free to abstain from sex for whatever reason they please. And, unlike Saudi Arabia, where there is no law prohibiting marital rape — in Canada, we do have laws that say, even in marriage, a man cannot sexually assault a woman. 

But, perhaps most reprehensibly, Khan — the newest Muslim chaplain for the Toronto Police  that man, is on record describing how the Muslim profit Mohammed’s marriage to a nine-year-old is somehow instructive.

In a Q&A session at a Mosque in Etobicoke, Ontario, Khan said that under certain circumstances, it is permissible to marry a 9-year-old girl. Khan knows what the legal age limits for marriage in Canada, he knows it’s eighteen years of age, or sixteen with parental consent — it’s not as though he doesn’t know.

Khan knows Canada’s law but says it’s not Canadian law, it’s not any country’s law  but Mohammed’s law that has the right idea.

Khan says puberty is the right time to get married (and, if that occurs for a girl when she’s nine years old, so be it) — and, don’t forget, according to Khan, married women are forbidden from withholding sex from their husbands.

So, if you follow Khan’s logic, you might end up breaking the law. You see, it’s actually illegal to have sex with anyone under the age of sixteen in Canada — and it doesn’t matter if she’s gone through puberty or not.

If you, like me are concerned that a man who holds these views is now advising Toronto’s police force and acting as a community liaison, join me in calling for his immediate dismissal.

Tell Toronto’s police service that you don’t want our men and women in blue taking cues from someone whose idea of the good society is incompatible with Canadian law.

Sign your name below and have your voice heard!

*Correction: Toronto Police Service Chaplains do receive and carry police issued badges.

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