Did you see our new "Fire Wynne” billboard? It’s right across the street from Kathleen Wynne's office!

Kathleen Wynne and her staff can’t go to work at her constituency office on Eglinton Avenue now without seeing our giant sign staring down at them, day and night, with the message: Fire Wynne!

It’s important the Wynne know that Ontarians are unhappy with her atrocious conduct. And it’s important that other like-minded Ontarians know they’re not alone in opposing her.

If you only watched the CBC and the mainstream newspapers, you’d be convinced that all of Ontario loves high taxes, high power prices, huge debts and the corrupt Liberal ruling elite.

That’s why this billboard is so important — it’s out in the street, and in Wynne’s face!

Billboards aren’t cheap, but they’re an important way to show the community that not everyone is going along with the Liberal corrosion of Ontario. We're flying the flag, to let people know how to fight back.

This billboard was 100% funded by viewers like you. If you’d like to chip in to help us put up more of these, or to fight back in other ways too, please click below to contribute.