ACT NOW: Tell Justin Trudeau to fire Tariq Chaudary

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

As promised, here's my follow up on my report about the Liberal candidate for Edmonton--Riverbend who once helped organize an event that was supposed to feature radical Muslim speaker Dr. Zakir Naik:

I called the candidate, Tariq Chaudary, so I could get his side of the story.

As you'll hear, he says he didn't know very much about Dr. Naik at the time, even though Naik is one of the most notorious hate preachers in the Muslim world, with controversial views about homosexuality and apostasy, among other things.

But things took a turn for the worse when Chaudary accused me of "picking on him" because he is Muslim!

My question is: Would a Conservative candidate who'd been involved in a similar event be asked to withdraw his candidacy? I think we all know the answer.

If you believe Justin Trudeau should fire Tariq Chaudary as a Liberal candidate, let him know -- SIGN OUR PETITION today.

(October 14 7:30PM ET UPDATE: After this video was broadcast, Tariq Chaudary finally returned my call. I’ll have an update tomorrow about our conversation.)

Tariq Chaudary is the Liberal candidate in Edmonton--Riverbend. While googling, I discovered his attempt to organize a June 2010 event with Imam Zakir Naik

But who is Zakir Naik?

He is a radical Muslim hate preacher and televangelist based in Mumbai, India, with a TV network ironically named Peace TV. Ironic because he once expressed allegiance to Osama Bin Laden. And that’s not the only crazy idea he has.

Back in 2010, the Canadian government blocked Naik from coming into the country, thereby cancelling Chaudary's event.

So in Tariq Chaudary we have a Liberal candidate who tried to organize an event with a hate preacher.

Will the rest of the media care?

I suspect the old adage may be true, again: If it’s not a Tory it's not a story.

Sign the petition!

We demand that Justin Trudeau fire Tariq Chaudary as a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the riding of Edmonton Riverbend. 

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