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UPDATE: 10,000+ signatures -- and one outright lie

The petition to Fire Graham Mitchell (the Toronto registered anti-oil lobbyist who was appointed chief of staff to Alberta's new NDP Energy Minister) now has more than 10,000 signatures. In this update, Ezra presents more evidence of Mitchell's hatred of the province's oil and gas industry. Plus, see proof that the Energy Minister is telling a blatant lie in attempt to defend Mitchell.  

Click here to see Mitchell's registration with the Office of the Commissioner of Lobbying as head of Lead Now.

Click here to see the details of Mitchell's registration as an anti-oil sands lobbyist.

SHOCK: Toronto anti-oilsands lobbyist the new chief of staff to Alberta’s Energy Ministry

G2mRg_gZ_400x400.jpegGraham Mitchell is a Toronto NDP activist who has spent his career attacking Alberta’s oil and gas industry. Most recently he was the executive director of a foreign-funded lobby group called LeadNow, that ran attack ads on the oilsands, and organized street protests against pipelines.

Mitchell also worked for the Broadbent Institute, where he trained activists how to campaign to ban fracking.

He’s actually a registered lobbyist, whose public filings show that his goal was to stop pipelines from being built.

It’s shocking that such a man is now in charge of Alberta’s oil and gas future.

Please sign our petition to Margaret McCuaig-Boyd, the Energy Minister herself. Tell her she’s got to fire Mitchell.

Here's my UPDATE on how many people have already signed the petition, and what we're planning to do next:

Our next step is to air a #FireMitchell radio ad with stations throughout Alberta. You can listen to it here:

Here's our radio ad, asking Albertans to sign our #FireMitchell petition today:

CLICK HERE to fund these radio ads! 

(Each ad costs $68.78, including GST. Please help us buy an ad or two — or ten!)

This is so bad, we have to go one step further. We have to contact McCuaig-Boyd directly. Send her an e-mail to Tell her she has to fire Mitchell.

And if you have the courage, pick up the phone to her office: 780-638-9457. McCuaig-Boyd herself won’t answer the phone, but leave a polite but firm message with her staff: she’s got to fire Mitchell.

This is about self-respect. No Albertan can tolerate a Toronto anti-oilsands lobbyist being installed as the boss of Alberta’s energy department. The NDP is testing what they can get away with. They’re making a bet that Albertans roll over for this, they’ll roll over for anything.

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PS: Watch my video proving just how extreme Graham Mitchell is:

Sign the petition!

To: Margaret McCuaig-Boyd - We the undersigned Albertans demand that you fire Graham Mitchell, the Toronto anti-oil lobbyist who was assigned to you as your chief of staff.

Will you sign?