September 06, 2016

Fiscal update fallacies: NDP policies harmed economy more than wildfires

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

I’ve previously discussed how Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s fiscal update confirmed Alberta suffered losses totalling $900M which was more than the NDP projected and much of that was due to lower corporate tax revenues.

Minister Ceci’s explanation was that the Fort McMurray wildfires accounted for the majority of the deficit but that didn't add up.

I spoke with Paige MacPherson from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation about how this could be explained.

Paige points out that the loss in corporate tax revenues shows that increasing taxes doesn’t necessarily increase government revenue.

Additionally, as noted in this story detailing the debt servicing costs, it also means Albertans are being denied billions of dollars that could be better spent on necessities.

The only way to get rid of the province’s deficit is to reduce the NDP’s out of control spending, but it’s clear that this won't happen any time soon.

During his update, Joe Ceci refused to answer questions about spending ceilings, indicating that the sky is the limit for the NDP.

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commented 2016-09-08 01:38:02 -0400
It’s all accounted on the Alberta gov page. If rebel actually checked before posting this article. They would be actually might do something right for a change….but we’re still waiting…sigh.
commented 2016-09-06 20:27:53 -0400
Brent I guess somebody in Fort MacMurray has to have the gumption to initiate a class action law suit.
commented 2016-09-06 16:06:39 -0400
commented 2016-09-06 15:31:45 -0400
2 years 8 months and counting.
This election can’t come soon enough.
Of all the years I’ve followed politics; between Trudeau, Wynne and Notely, this is the most divisive our Country has ever been. Run by the most incompetent managers in our history. First of all, budgets don’t balance themselves. Secondly, nearly eliminating the Alberta fire fighting budget for this year (when presenting the budget) then blaming the provincial growing deficit on the Fort Mac fire is pretty rich.
Any front line supervisor’s cridentials could easily compete with these three professional politicians. What were voters thinking?
commented 2016-09-06 14:04:11 -0400
@ron Voss;
Ron, I agree completely, but how do you get the ball rolling?
commented 2016-09-06 13:40:13 -0400
Cici – this buttsurfer embodies pretty much everything that’s wrong with Alberta. From Toronto, Degreed in “social work” (AKA professional commie) total career govt. worker, City ward boss of one of the most crime ridden wards in Calgary, then a golden parachute into socialist party politics – a total govt. drone who never worked an hour on a real job, and has no idea about working class concerns – there’s your professional Dipper right there – insulated sinecured government worker, who uses the working class tax revenues like a no-limit credit card for insane social experimenting.
commented 2016-09-06 11:59:30 -0400
Brian Jean. If you want to “Beat” Notley, that’s OK. Don’t apologize to the sjws either, they never will
commented 2016-09-06 11:32:19 -0400
Brent, civil suits should be filed beginning with her negligence in gutting the fire fighting budget at a time when it was known that there was a high risk for wildfires.
commented 2016-09-06 11:21:46 -0400
Notice how the mainstream media is silent on all the lying, wasted tax dollars, NDP scams, etc.
Notice only the Rebel exposes these things.
I have family in Fort Mac, some of them lost everything.
Does anyone know of any civil suites filed against Nutley and her band of idiots for liability for all those losses?
She gutted the fire fighting budget,
She failed to respond in a timely matter,
She refused outside help.
That is negligence and culpability.
commented 2016-09-06 11:08:46 -0400
The ndp is like a wildfire it destroys everything in its path, consuming every tax dollar it can till they are all gone.
commented 2016-09-06 11:04:45 -0400
Rachel’s idea of diversifying the economy is to get rid of oil and plant thousands of wind turbines and solar panels. This will magically create and replace 100,000 laid off oil and gas workers. That idea might buy her another year that the media can embellish while Notley hits us with more tax increases to compensate for reality.
commented 2016-09-06 10:46:54 -0400
Surprised that they haven’t blamed the deficit on man-made climate change. Oh, but they have! A friend of the anti-oil NDP and the unions, Naomi Klein, told a gathering at the University of Calgary earlier this year that the Fort McMurray wildfires were caused by climate change.