March 20, 2017

Five Arab migrants allegedly rape 7-year-old girl at refugee center

StaffRebel Columnist

A seven-year-old girl is said to be the latest victim of migrant rapes in Germany.

According to The Daily Star, “Cops are probing a “serious sexual assault” at the Central Initial Reception Center (ZEA) for refugees in the Hamburg.” The alarm was raised Tuesday at around 7pm.

Reports say that five Arabs carried out the assault.

Public prosecutor Nana Frombach said that “There had been no urgent need for action. The investigation will continue.”

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commented 2017-03-21 14:32:15 -0400
Pigs. I know what it makes me want to buy and train to use.
commented 2017-03-21 12:43:22 -0400
The joys of Islam- The religion of peace. What a crock of shit. Hang em all.
commented 2017-03-21 07:36:58 -0400
What about senator Don Meredith?
Does the following not apply?

“The Age of Consent in Canada is 16 years old. The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity. Individuals aged 15 or younger in Canada are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result in prosecution for statutory rape or the equivalent local law.

Canada statutory rape law is violated when an individual has consensual sexual intercourse with a person under age 16. There are two close in age exemptions. One allows a minor aged 12 or 13 to consent to sexual congress with an individual less then two years older. The other allows 14 and 16 year olds to consent to partners less than 5 years older. The age of consent is raised to 18 when the older party is in a position of trust or authority over the other, the younger party is in a relationship of dependency with the owner, or if the relationship is exploitative. Every act of anal intercourse is criminalized with the exemptions for married couples or 2 people over age 18. The exemptions become invalid if a third person is present of if the act does not take place in private."

Why are the police not pressing charges?
Oh, I forgot. He claims it’s a racial thing.

Dump Trudeau and Meridith
commented 2017-03-21 01:42:33 -0400
A Syrian Refugee molested at least 6 young girls at West Edmonton Mall last month, and I havn’t heard that the parents have done anything about it. They should have sued Trudeau personally as he was negligent in bringing them in too fast, therefore not having time to properly vet the refugees.
I can understand the MSM obeying their boss Trudeau, but the parents should be bringing attention to this story, so it doesn’t happen to other innocent kids.
commented 2017-03-20 22:24:19 -0400
Imagine my shock!
commented 2017-03-20 21:28:54 -0400
Controversial statement, but I hold to it …

Anyone who abuses children should be euthanized.

I have no sympathy for child abusers.
commented 2017-03-20 19:40:16 -0400
Denut and deport.
commented 2017-03-20 18:43:53 -0400
The most horrific crime a person can commit to a child and they are not in a hurry to find the perps and prosecute them? Then they wonder why men walk the streets and chase the migrants home. The legal system is seriously broken. Even in prisons, criminals will isolate and beat mercilessly, males who do such things to children.
commented 2017-03-20 16:14:34 -0400
This public prosecutor is a farce and this attitude endangers other children, “there has been no need for urgent action…” Absolutely sickening.
commented 2017-03-20 14:58:36 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,999 Attacks, 211,617 Killed, 295,685 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-20 14:42:55 -0400
Keith, you know, maybe they should be given the electric chair, anyone that evil should not only lose their “penis” they should lose their lives. Pure evil, they can go straight to HELL.
commented 2017-03-20 13:41:53 -0400
SALLY CITIZEN; More appropriate to remove the Penis, this way, the scum will still get the urge but will lack the equipment.

Can’t do a thing if you ain’t got that thing’
commented 2017-03-20 13:34:47 -0400
Roman Polanski has been chased for 50 years for having sex with an underage female, yet Muslims get away with it Scot Free.

Different laws for different people? Cowardly Judicial systems, is more like the truth.

In our new Western World, being a Muslim gives you license to do anything.

Right? Justin.
commented 2017-03-20 13:12:03 -0400
Robert, you are right, castration should be a mandatory penalty.
commented 2017-03-20 12:39:17 -0400
Before deportation, they should be castrated so that they cannot increase the population of Islam.
There are enough of these evil creatures in the world already.
However, what will likely happen is that they will be deported and end up in Canada where they will be protected as poor victims.a
commented 2017-03-20 12:16:23 -0400
This story is HORRIFIC!! Public Prosecutor Nana Frombach should be removed from any position of authority & replaced immediately with a competent public prosecutor who will uphold the law. The evil rapists need to be evicted from the country immediately and labeled as high risk sex offenders so as never to be allowed in any country as an immigrant. What a living nightmare immigration has turned out to be for Germans. My thought and prayers are with that sweet child and her family.