September 04, 2015

Five important facts about the Wildrose by-election win in Calgary Foothills

Rebel Staff

I predicted that Prasad Panda, the Wildrose candidate in the Calgary Foothills by-election, would beat the NDP’s Bob Hawkesworth and the PCs’ Blair Houston. And he did, big time.

Here are five important facts from last night's by-election:

1. Voter turn-out was huge — a sign of anger

Most by-elections have low voter turn-out to begin with. But this one was a rare summertime by-election — deliberately scheduled by NDP Premier Rachel Notley for when most “normal” Albertans are focused on summer holidays.

But turn-out was a whopping 39.5% — even higher than the by-election last year when Jim Prentice, the last PC premier, first won the riding.

That’s a sign that Albertans are concerned about the NDP wrecking crew that is running the province — concerned enough to put down the BBQ tongs and go vote.

2. The NDP election in May was an aberration and the counter-revolution has begun

For four months, the NDP and their echo-chamber in the mainstream media have claimed that Albertans have genuinely embraced the socialist party’s ideology, and that the province no longer values economic prosperity, the free market, or the oil and gas industry. In fact, an Abacus Data poll a week after the May election showed that 93% of Albertans just voted for “change” — not for NDP policies. The NDP loss in Calgary Foothills is a reality check to Notley and the media: the NDP doesn’t have a mandate for their socialist ideas. Albertans want their province back.

3. Voters have just "united the right"

The NDP losing was the most important fact of the night. But the PCs getting thrashed — just 21.6% of the vote, compared to 38.4% for Wildrose — was almost as important. Calgary Foothills has voted for the PCs in every single election since the riding was created in 1971. It even went PC in the May general election. But it’s Wildrose country now.

There is no need for dirty back-room deals with discredited PC lobbyists trying to crawl back into power. The voters have already decided that Wildrose is the only truly conservative party, the only one that’s reputable and the only one that can win. Expect public opinion polls to continue this trend.

4. The NDP will be a one-term government, and will act accordingly

By-elections this soon after a general election typically support the governing party. But the past four months have been anything but typical. The NDP has raised corporate taxes by 20%, announced a hike in personal income taxes, doubled the carbon tax, announced a review of oil royalty taxes, and announced a global warming tax review too.

That’s why they lost the by-election. But they’re in pure denial. After last night’s by-election, Joe Ceci, the social worker who is now the NDP Finance Minister, said the vote was merely a reaction to world oil prices. No — oil prices weren’t on the ballot.

Whether it’s self-delusion or ideological extremism, the NDP intend to keep up their attacks on Alberta’s key industries. They have four years to do everything they’ve ever dreamed of doing to Alberta before they’re kicked out. Brace yourselves.

5. Only The Rebel was right about the NDP all along.

We’re just a little, independent, online news organization. But we broke the news last week about how the NDP’s “Jobs Minister’, Lori Sigurdson, was out in British Columbia, campaigning for Thomas Mulcair, instead of dealing with Alberta's crisis in oil and gas jobs.

We broke the news about the NDP hiring Graham Mitchell, the Toronto-based anti-oil lobbyist, as the chief of staff to the energy minister. We broke the news about the NDP hiring Brent Dancey, the former violent criminal from Saskatchewan, as the chief of staff to the environmental minister.

We showed how fully ten out of twelve chiefs of staff for this government aren’t even Albertans — they’re NDP mercenaries who commute in each Monday morning from Toronto or Vancouver, who have no connection, understanding or love for the province.

Most of Alberta's media was swept up in the Cinderella story of Notley becoming the premier. They either agree with her on policies, or they just didn’t have the courage to break the groupthink, or both.

Well, last night’s by-election wasn’t just a rejection of the New Democratic Party — it was a rejection of the Media Party too.

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commented 2015-10-21 10:37:29 -0400
Give them enough rope and time and the Alberta NDP will hang themselves. Of course, Alberta will crater, the economy will be destroyed, and the NDP’s base will not even support them anymore. It’s a perfect storm.
commented 2015-10-01 02:26:20 -0400
I wish this would happen in Manitoba our ndp has hit an all time low.
commented 2015-09-08 20:53:18 -0400
Richard, your poll figures might be as accurate as a bank robber counting cash out to a blind man … it would be a fair comparison to the uniformed public believing the facts are trustworthy from CBC.
commented 2015-09-08 13:41:32 -0400
This still may be wishful thinking. If it was a protest vote why did it primarily go NDP and not Wildrose? The fact the NDP looks to win the next federal election points to a major sea change in voter sentiment.
commented 2015-09-08 06:14:29 -0400
Mark my words. The Albertan right will forever blame the deficits of the coming years squarely on the provincial NDP, but will forever attribute Harper’s deficits to the global economic climate.
They are THAT hypocritical.
commented 2015-09-08 06:10:49 -0400
It’s funny (but not in the humourous way) that the Rebel considers the NDP to lack in legitimacy because they won on the back of the divided right, yet never question the fact that a vast majority of Canadians support parties other than the Conservatives at the federal level.

But then again, I hardly expect more from one of the most right wing outlets in the country.
commented 2015-09-06 15:56:00 -0400
I should be remembered that a majority of people who voted in the Alberta general election, voted against the NDP. The vote splitting that happened between the PC’s and WR in the general election didn’t happen, and PC voters in this election switched their vote to WR to prevent another NDP seat in the legislature. If PC voters had of done that in the general election, we wouldn’t have the disastrous NDP government that we have.
commented 2015-09-06 13:18:33 -0400
“It seems that the ndp is leading in the polls nationally” Money talks. Wonder if this one is also being financed through Parliamentary allocations??!
commented 2015-09-06 13:16:27 -0400
Louis Guertin. Welcome to the forum. Good first post!
commented 2015-09-06 11:39:55 -0400
It seems that the ndp is leading in the polls nationally and would form a government if the elelction were held today. lt’s funny that no pollster asks who the person voted for last election or if they are a Liberal, ndp or conservative supporter or even if they are a likely voter. It seems to me that without these internal questions being answered (as they are in the states) we will have no idea who is actually leading in the polls and the media can tell us what ever they want.
commented 2015-09-05 19:10:01 -0400
LOUIS GUERTIN – You got me …
commented 2015-09-05 18:53:49 -0400
ya, but still the dippers finished second? sure, by a good margin, but still…yikes.
commented 2015-09-05 17:03:06 -0400
Louis, so close, but you forgot to close the final bracket. (grin) When one is picking nits, one must be thorough lest their nits be picked in turn.
commented 2015-09-05 15:13:02 -0400
Louis Guertin, well-written and very enjoyable to read! I’m still chortling.
commented 2015-09-05 08:42:18 -0400
Although I’ve been following The Rebel for a while now, this is my first post, so here goes:
The NDP win was a near-perfect remake of the Bob Rae fiasco: Just as Ontario did, Alberta woke up and said “Awww crap, I was just sending a message…” Guess what? So did the rest of the Province; I guess that would make it one colossal oops!
As to Richard Brinkman, rather than get worked up over his free ride on The Rebel, I think that we should start by offering free Writer’s Craft course to him. Richard, proper spelling, grammar and syntax would go a long way toward giving you a veneer (thin as it may be) of professionalism, legitimacy and credibility. Quick edit: thier is not the same as their- . Also a park-aid might be someone who helps you TO park or helps you IN a park; a PARKADE is an area or structure used for the parking of vehicles. If you take a writing course, you may just graduate from amateur hack to someone who might eventually, earn some money from your writing (either that, or just apply to the Toronto Star, they’ll take anyone as long as they have mastered the basic lefty buzzwords. So in conclusion my fellow Rebels, Mock not but rather pity the sad buffoon for his delusions.
commented 2015-09-04 19:57:28 -0400
Kenneth, short of a bloody coup, how do we get the ba-ta-ds out?
commented 2015-09-04 19:34:36 -0400
The really good news is that Albertan conservatives have clearly been shaken to the core by the lunatic radical fringe party now running their province into the ground, and they will be out in force to stop an NDP win in the federal election.
commented 2015-09-04 18:41:21 -0400
It’s amazing . No matter how many times Socialism has failed Leftists never abandon it. Why? It is a religion, an emotion-based, irrational religion
commented 2015-09-04 18:08:23 -0400
RICHARD, no,no,no, I did not say that eggen parked at a meter and went to work, I said that he parked in a metered stall and ignored the meter. What he did in the drug store is anybody’s guess.
commented 2015-09-04 15:52:28 -0400
Here is a link to a video for Jimmy, Terry and every other socialist that posts here to watch.

Watch the video that Tim Ball has in his article.
commented 2015-09-04 14:58:03 -0400
There has been quite a turn around in sentiment for the NDP in Alberta. In the weeks before the election “Nutley” was getting dozens of likes on her facebook page. NDP supporters wanted “change” and they really got it now, a disastrous change that is sending our province down the drain. Now the sentiment has turned right around AFTER NDP supporters now realize how badly she is continuing to screw up this province since she was elected. She increased corporate income tax by 20%, increased the carbon tax, increased income tax for higher income earners, postponed the budget until this fall because she doesn’t have a caucus that have enough experience to put together a budget, postponed the royalty review for a year while her no nothing energy minister tries to figure out the oil and gas industry. She borrowed 6 billion dollars to keep the province going until her budget comes out. The deficit just announced will be 6.5 billion this year and could be a lot higher with the spending she has announced.
commented 2015-09-04 14:51:46 -0400
The recent announcement buy our no experience energy minister just exacerbates the problems for the Alberta oil and gas industry. She announced that royalties will be unchanged until 2016 which means that an increase could/maybe? come in the future. Oil and gas companies cannot budget in an uncertain environment that the NDP have created. As a result there will continue to be more cutbacks, layoffs and NO investment in our province for a long time. I hope the NDP supporters are realizing the disaster that was predicted is now happening. Lord help us if voters are also naive enough to vote in the federal NDP this fall.
commented 2015-09-04 14:29:12 -0400
Orion, the tax rate was 10%. The NDP want to raise it 2% to 12%. But that jump (2/10) is a 20% increase from previous. That 2% increase is a 20% proportion of what it was.

Make sense?
commented 2015-09-04 13:57:28 -0400
Can I ask a seemingly silly question. How did the ndp go from saying they’re were going to raise corp taxes 2% to 12% to actually jumping that to 20%? How did we get that discrepancy? That’s not splitting hairs that’s major.
commented 2015-09-04 13:55:18 -0400
No, Brinkman, it’s self-promoting spamming. Only you call it “freedom of the press”.
commented 2015-09-04 13:15:05 -0400
Maybe when Albertans kick out the NDP it will include Brinkman. Sadly that is four years away. Maybe they will act sooner in his case.
commented 2015-09-04 11:51:17 -0400
CHARLETON G commented Brinkman stop spamming on the Rebels dime.
It’s not spamming Mr G – It’s called Freedom of the Press – In return The Rebel Media has made use of my free news video work. Maybe you should learn to be polite and respectful with others instead of being judgmental.

Editorial Cartoon of – The Rebel’s Video Editing Room – Reflect’s last night’s WILDROSE WIN in Calgary/ Foothills Now posted on Edmonton’s Active Citizen – Free News Sharing =
commented 2015-09-04 11:41:58 -0400
You had it correct, PK.

Charles said, It is amazing how little time it takes socialist destroyers to destroy,"

It’s always been easier to wreck something than build it up. What is the most frightening is that even while Alberta’s economy crumbles under our feet, and the feet of the NDP, they will not grasp that it is their policies that are doing it. As Ron said, “ideology over brains.” And the main stream media will be all too happy to cover for them by not covering their screw-ups, of by putting lipstick on the pig … no, not Miss Piggy. :)
commented 2015-09-04 11:16:17 -0400
Too sadly true Prince Knight. It is amazing how little time it takes socialist destroyers to destroy, Ontario being the most recent case in going from Canada’s economic centre to Canada’s basket case in 4-6 years.

The oil sands will be destroyed in four years. A sustainable, ecological project that has built over 40 years. To be fare, one of the prime supporters for the sands was Jean Chretien while in cabinet during the 70’s and as P/M during the 90’s; so the Liberals did have a hand in creating and building. A creation to be destroyed in 10% of the time it took to build.

How much else of Alberta will be destroyed by this political ENGO subsidiary government.
commented 2015-09-04 10:48:01 -0400
Didn’t I say at the outset of the Alberta provincial election that the NDP “win” was just a backlash against the provincial Progressive Conservatives? (Check the back stories — it’s documented!)

Looks like I was proved right.

This provincial government will be a one-term-and-out. But to KEEP them out, Brian Jean will have to have a 2-term plan to deal with the aftermath of NDP policies and actions, and a further 4-year plan for prosperity. In other words, for Jean to be entirely successful against all political opponents, he will have to have a 12-year plan for the province of Alberta… at the MINIMUM.