June 30, 2017

Five of the most amazing sniper stories you need to read

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In honour of the Canadian sniper who shattered the former record for farthest confirmed kill, here are five of the craziest, most insane sniper stories we've ever posted.

1) Sniper kills ISIS leader who was about to incinerate hostages with flamethrower by shooting its fuel tank

A British sniper has not only saved hostages, but gave an ISIS leader a taste of his own medicine by blowing him up.

The ISIS terrorist was about to kill 12 hostages with a flamethrower, but the bullet hit the jihadist's fuel tank. The result was a massive fireball that not only killed the executioner, but three other ISIS members.

2) Kurdish sniper LAUGHS after bullet narrowly misses her head in shootout with ISIS

A Kurdish sniper in a firefight against ISIS flirted with death when a bullet just passed her head. The scene was caught on video and uploaded to Twitter by Hemze Hamza.

3) Sniper kills 100th ISIS terrorists during Battle of Mosul, including ISIS leader during attempted escape

A SAS sniper has killed over 100 Islamic State jihadists including an ISIS commander.

 According to Express, the unnamed sniper is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and dozens of his past targets were ISIS fighters.

He managed to take a position outside a compound that was once a base for former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Once there, a single bullet was enough to punch through the senior ISIS commander’s body armour and kill him.

4) University shoots down decision to not show 'American Sniper' despite complaints from Muslim students

After Muslim students managed to get the University of Michigan to pull their planned screening of American Sniper, backlash made the school revisit their decision.

The change came shortly after the coach of the Michigan Football team tweeted, "Michigan Football will watch "American Sniper"! Proud of Chris Kyle & Proud to be an American & if that offends anybody then so be it!"

The school's Vice President for student life issued a statement saying the decision to cancel the film was a mistake.

5) Sniper picks off ISIS leader, causes his head to EXPLODE as he was teaching beheading class

A British Special Air Service sniper, armed with an Israeli-made large-caliber rifle took the head off the terrorist as he was teaching a class of 20.

“One minute he was standing there and the next his head had exploded. The commander remained standing upright for a couple of seconds before collapsing and that’s when panic set in. We later heard most of the recruits deserted. We got rid of 21 terrorists with one bullet,” a military official said.

Did we miss any incredible sniper stories? Be sure to post them in the comments.

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commented 2017-06-30 19:19:13 -0400
I wish numbers 1 and 5 were true….but I have my doubts. Number 3 is kind of iffy too.
commented 2017-06-30 17:09:37 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,599 Attacks, 216,701 Killed, 298,162 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-06-30 16:40:54 -0400
Good shooting!
Now draw an aim on the terrorists in Ottawa!
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