June 22, 2017

Flint: Muslim Canadian attack on US security being treated as terrorism

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

The FBI is handling the stabbing of the policeman in Flint, Michigan as an act of terror. 

A Canadian resident of Islamic faith, Amor Ftouhi reportedly “continued to explain Allah” as he stabbed the officer.

CBC reports on various anti-terror events that took place in Montreal at and near the home of Amor Ftouhi.


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commented 2017-06-23 14:46:22 -0400
Carole, well still theoretical. Trump still has to get a win in the Supreme Court on his current travel bans. Not sure how he would justify one on Canada…
commented 2017-06-23 04:12:56 -0400
I wonder what this will do to Canada and AMerican relations.
commented 2017-06-22 17:43:15 -0400
Maurice Potvin, great post & thank you for the link.
commented 2017-06-22 17:01:08 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,559 Attacks, 216,430 Killed, 297,670 Injured that we know of

The number keeps growing every day, and it will never stop until Islam is stopped. It’s like a raging forest fire; it will continue to grow and expand until it consumes all the fuel in its path – or until it is stamped out. In one sense, Islam is not the problem. It could be contain easily if we had the political will to do so. The real problem is Liberal, virtue signalling privileged elite posers like Trudeau and his ban of followers, msm, and pompous, self-righteous, arrogant celebrities like Piers Morgan and the Hollywood elites. There’s a very short video by Professor Gad Saad talking about the Good Morning Britain show where Piers Morgan attacks Tommy Robinson. The Professor nails it! It’s just over 5 minutes long but it’s well worth watching: https://youtu.be/2ND2ViRijs8
commented 2017-06-22 16:28:47 -0400
George Luck, trudeau is not allowing us to have information on these islamic thugs. In fact he has placed a gag order on the media and the border controls regarding what is crossing illegally , how many, how many have serious criminal pasts and so on. Trudeau is in fact shutting down a lot of information from us – especially regarding these muslims, immigration/refugees/illegals , what he is doing with our money and what he is doing to us and our country. FACT!! This is why the Rebel and Spencer Fernando’s sites are so important because trudeau is effectively trying to create a news/government blackout where we are concerned. I warned he was dangerous, a dictator and would serve and protect lslam over canada and we canadians and yet here we are and NO ONE IS DOING A THING TO STOP HIM!! Guess Canadians are waiting for the good fairy to come save us from him!
commented 2017-06-22 14:35:56 -0400
Jack, forget about the Florida crowd. This will shutdown our economy. Which is exactly what Soros wants.
commented 2017-06-22 14:23:35 -0400
Carole, and this will affect thousands of Canadians that live south in the winter.
commented 2017-06-22 13:04:57 -0400
Wait TruDope until the US closes the borders with us. If there is too many of these scumbags attacking the US, the Americans will not look at us very nicely. Why do you think they elected Trump.
commented 2017-06-22 12:30:33 -0400
You send one of Your friends down to the US justin, You want to piss the Trump off? I would be careful if I was You, this is heavy shxt. Trump might stab back. This is way above your head, but keep trying, nobody will miss you.
commented 2017-06-22 11:56:28 -0400
The Canadian news he said something in Arabic . What a fuckin joke , this shit has to stop now . No problem calling white guy a terrorist but not a muslim . And you wonder why no one trusts the MSM .
I know a lot of Americans were laughing at all the fake refugees walking into Canada , but here’s the kicker if it’s that easy to walk into Canada it must be just as easy going back . Now who’s laughing .
commented 2017-06-22 11:55:34 -0400
at least this ‘canadian’ did this in the US…he’ll probably get at least 20 yrs there…here he’d probably get a suspended sentence and anger management classes…while police investigate the ‘root causes’ of who made him angry…can you say hrc kangaroo courts?
commented 2017-06-22 11:39:03 -0400
And no doubt the “suspect” will get to keep his Canadian citizenship when he gets out of the slammer in 20 years.
commented 2017-06-22 11:06:32 -0400
Isn’t it interesting that almost two days after the attack, Canadian officials have revealed almost nothing about the terrorist. Apparently there has been a search of his apartment and someone has been taken in by police, but still no information about the terrorist, how he got into Canada and who his support in Canada came from.
It makes one very suspicious that there might be a tie-in with Trudeau’s refugee programme and that the authorities are sitting on this information while Trudeau and company try to find an excuse for the terrorist’s actions.
commented 2017-06-22 10:33:42 -0400
Definitely has nothing to do with isalm. Why do people keep making this specious connection? Why? Probably one of those violent Amish dudes reading his hate filled scriptures.