December 08, 2015

Florida mayor makes light of terrorism, bans Donald Trump for saying he'd temporarily stop Muslim immigration

StaffRebel Columnist

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman tweeted that he was banning Donald Trump from his city after saying he'd halt Muslim immigration to stop violent jihad.

“I am hereby barring Donald Trump from entering St. Petersburg until we fully understand the dangerous threat posed by all Trumps,” he tweeted.

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His words were mocking the Presidential Candidate who said he'd put an end to Muslim immigration until the problem is understood.

Here is his full quote, “Until we are able to determine and understand this problem and the dangerous threat it poses, our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad, and have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

The media, Democrats and Republicans have slammed Donald Trump for his comments on temporarily halting Muslim immigration.

This comes not even a fortnight after a terrorist entered America and helped kill 14 people despite being screened by government twice.

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commented 2015-12-09 21:50:16 -0500
“Hmm, a Mayor thinks he has the authority to ban people from the city who have views different than his own.’

If Trump wants to ban Muslims, then perhaps normal people want to ban Trump.
commented 2015-12-09 21:47:19 -0500
What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.
commented 2015-12-09 13:41:23 -0500
He is being disowned by GOP establishment but what he is saying is agreed with by the public. Hopefully of course he will nuance his positions if he wins the nomination. No judge would uphold a religious test for government policy and entrants would just lie anyways. Practically though we need to at least pause access from Muslim countries. Not sure about a permanent stoppage as I wouldn’t want to leave Christians and other minorities out in the cold. Heck, I think a total pause on all immigration is long due.
commented 2015-12-08 21:46:23 -0500
Trump is 100% right! Does anyone expect a terrorist to answer truthfully any questions posed to them? Flush out your head gear people, they are already here, and gaining in numbers, and those idiots on the far left want to open the gates and let them all in. They are so stupid that they think singing liberal protest songs to them will make them change their minds! (Bono said as much in an interview) How many more acts of terrorism and killing has to take place, before these Liberal IDIOTS realize that Islam and it’s followers, is a death cult and must be stopped at all costs!
commented 2015-12-08 20:08:43 -0500
If Ezra wants to sell more copies of ethical oil, then maybe he should bundle it with a copy of crippled america.
commented 2015-12-08 17:05:55 -0500
Yeah sure thing Mayor, now go be a good useful idiot.
commented 2015-12-08 16:14:53 -0500
It is astonishing to me that no one demands their countries to change and put’s all the pressure on the us. No wonder they don’t respect us. They are use to us being the world’s door mat. Feeling guilty or calling us racist to pressure us into doing everything we are told while they never have to change or even face criticism.
commented 2015-12-08 15:44:10 -0500
I have a feeling that the Mayor of St. Petersburg FLA is not seeking reelection, nor should he be allowed to. Obviously, he has proven he’s a cretin.
commented 2015-12-08 15:43:01 -0500
This has nothing to do with racism or Islamaphobia and everything to do with demanding the same respect we afford others.
commented 2015-12-08 15:35:42 -0500
Sometimes I get embarrassed by some of Donald Trump’s comments or gesture,s however I do agree with him on this issue. Do Muslims countries allow Christians or other religions come and set up their churches and practice their faith? Until they do we need to close our borders off. Some might argue but we are the enlightened ones. We need to show them the way. Then why isn’t anyone pressuring them to change their ways? If our enlightenment has taught us anything it is that respect needs to be a two way street and it not effective if one side is the only one constantly bending and allowing the other side to never change. This is no different than Trump saying we need fair trade with China not free trade which I wholeheartedly agree with. If Muslims get angry then too bad. As the saying goes if the cat doesn’t like getting rubbed the wrong way let the cat turn itself around.
commented 2015-12-08 14:35:22 -0500
TRUMP 2016 – Maybe if he wins he can come up north here and spank Justin, Kathleen and Rachel for being complete retards.
commented 2015-12-08 14:07:50 -0500
I don’t know what the bigger threat is , Islam or Islam collaborators…………. Sheesh!
commented 2015-12-08 13:37:32 -0500
Trump is not suggesting anything immoral or unsavory. Restricting specific immigration is not at all a foreign concept in sovereign countries worldwide. However, as JT says, “It’s 2015”, and the inmates are now running the asylum.
commented 2015-12-08 13:05:06 -0500
I think most people have to agree that for someone making a serious bid to be president, this is a little over the top. I mean considering how easy it seems to be to offend Muslims and the shear volume of them I can see how more potential jihadis might get pushed over the edge. Having said that, sometimes the pendulum has to be yanked back pretty far just to get it back to centre. Certainly woke a lot of people up anyway. At any rate it is certainly time for politicians to start getting serious about this.
commented 2015-12-08 12:23:34 -0500
The MSM, and Democrats are having a fit because Trump says these things, yet gains popularity. He must be striking a chord with a lot of Americans. It’s like hes the Anti-Political Correctness leader. People are tired of being muzzled, and having to express happy thoughts about everything. It’s bound to cause a backlash.
commented 2015-12-08 12:19:22 -0500
“St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman tweeted that he was banning Donald Trump from his city after saying he’d halt Muslim immigration to stop violent jihad.”

And just how would he have the jurisdiction to effect this ludicrous proclamation?
commented 2015-12-08 12:13:12 -0500
No kidding. It is against the constitutional right of freedom of movement to ban anyone from any state or city. I think Trump is right. Hell, I’d say the US needs to seriously scale back immigration, period.
commented 2015-12-08 11:53:05 -0500
Hmm, a Mayor thinks he has the authority to ban people from the city who have views different than his own. Does anyone in the U.S. go to school anymore, and study basic laws before assuming political office? Rightly or wrongly, both Canada and the U.S. have a history of restricting immigrants from certain lands.