March 18, 2017

For Jews only: The truth about Gavin McInnes, Israel and the Media

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We just got back from our trip to Israel, which was amazing. That’s not just my opinion, either.

Israel’s largest newspaper, Israel Today, loved one of Faith Goldy’s videos so much, they uploaded it with Hebrew captions — and it received nearly a million views in the first two days. Pretty incredible for a country of just 8.5 million people.

Not to be outdone, Al Jazeera hated one of Faith’s videos so much that after they criticized it, it got about TWO million views in the first two days.

In Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, strangers would call out to us.

They recognized me or Gavin McInnes from our videos.

A speakers bureau in Tel Aviv asked Gavin to give a talk, on one day’s notice, and more than 200 people RSVPd, and Gavin did a hilarious half-speech, half comedy routine, partly as himself, partly in character as his PLO-loving leftist brother “Miles.” So many people wanted to come work for us. I’d love to set up an Israel bureau.

If you want to see all of our videos from that recent trip, go to

Now, normally I’d end this video there.

But I have another part to this video that’s just for Jews.

Because something funny popped up during and after this trip.

Actually, a few things happened all at once:

We went to Israel; and by coincidence in the same week, one of our contributors, Jay Fayza, criticized white nationalism, in a fairly thoughtful way.

And then Gavin McInnes made some off-colour comments, as he does pretty much every day, but he went pretty far this time. That video wasn’t for the Rebel, but for another TV company he works for.

But he still made a correction that we posted at I’m glad he did.

But all these things together shook out some of our viewers who were anti-Semitic or racist. How many do you think that was out of our 600,000?

It was about half a percent.

About 3,000 people quit being YouTube subscribers to us over our trip to Israel, because they thought we were too Jewish, and Jay Fayza was too anti-racist, and Gavin McInnes was too mean to neo-Nazis. Who cares?

But there is one other group that’s really mad as us:

Liberal Jews.

Specifically, four liberal Jewish journalists.

They’re saying we’re anti-Semitic.

These people are insane.

This particular incident has taught me something about anti-Semitism that I’d like to share with you.

I hope you’ll watch and see what I mean…

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commented 2017-03-21 17:06:37 -0400
GLENN CRAIG commented 1 day ago
@literally Hitler and all of the other trolls in their many incarnations….lighten up….FOR CHRIST ’s SAKE!!!"
Ok i will try.
Hahaha it is funny that half the Jews were murdered in the Holocaust Gavin is right we should just f****** laugh about it.
Hahaha it is so funny that Gavin says that Jews were the perpetrators of the whole of the more hahaha
Hahaha it is so funny let’s get gavin to spread more stories about the juicer that everyone that wants to murder the rest of the jews hahaha
Haha Gavin should ask the Jews to apologize for murdering Christ or everyone should kill every last remaining Jew haha good going Gavin you’re so funny
No, it is not really funny. Many centuries of spreading stories about the Jews helped people to believe that the Jews are not humans and should be killed and so it was very easy to do it. Gavin is just doing his part. No it is not funny at all
commented 2017-03-21 02:55:01 -0400
Well done Ezra. Self loathing is the ‘pop’ thing of the day now. It started with whites, but is steadily spreading onto other races and cultures as a general globalist, death cult hatred of oneself and past. Trust me, peel the onion and you will find blacks hating themselves, 1st nations hating themselves, Catholics hating themselves, Protestants, Jews, etc., etc. Most of it was started by white, nerd, Gates (complete looser, jack off, beta fk) males telling women to piss their pants and post it on the internet to support women who were raped. With the same loser, barren, green haired, fat ass, white chicks (who’s previously mentioned, white, beta dorks are too terrified and lazy to ask for sex), hating themselves and also hating white, male, ‘rape’ culture non-cucks who for some ‘strange’ reason don’t hit on them. breath BTW LH, their were plenty of communist jews. And fascist christians (and communist christians) and, well, that was pretty much Ezra’s whole point. 6 million Jews vs 5 million Russian POW’s, do we really need to have a pissing match about it?
commented 2017-03-20 12:29:51 -0400
@jack Coverdale…no Jack you’ve got it all wrong theREBEL sees YOU as not a big deal and completely exagerated.
commented 2017-03-20 05:43:13 -0400
Why I am not surprised that on The Rebel – the holocaust is now seen as not a big deal and completely exaggerated.
commented 2017-03-20 00:42:35 -0400
Thanks for the laugh. Mariah Carey impersonator should get an Oscar. Hilarious.
commented 2017-03-19 23:58:01 -0400
@literally Hitler and all of the other trolls in their many incarnations….lighten up….FOR CHRIST ’s SAKE!!!
commented 2017-03-19 23:44:36 -0400
Gavin attempts to minimize the seriousness of the Jewish Holocaust and claims that Jews are whining about it by comparing it with other genocides. However, the other genocide to use examples of are actually auto-genocide at best. That is, they are genocides of their own people so they are not equivalent and do not meet the definition of genocide.
Also, I think the Germans killed about half of the Jews in existence where is Pol Pot exterminated 1 – 2 million out of 9 million people. It is not that they forgot about it, but it took a long time even to put in the legal system for the United Nations to prosecute the people that caused the situation in Cambodia. No, they did not forget about it. I visited many museums and places where they just had two piles of Skulls in Cambodia, and that was before there was even a new government in place.
commented 2017-03-19 19:09:49 -0400
I was incorrect; the video I saw was just under four minutes. In case the part afterwards was cut and put it into a proper context and I am not aware of it, here is a link to the original video I am talking about
If someone can point me a link to the original video in its entirety I would be appreciative.
commented 2017-03-19 19:04:24 -0400
Sorry, my previous post got mangled in correction. Here is Section 1 corrected
1. I consider a claim by Gavin McInnes that Jews were the perpetrators of The Holodomor to be quite serious. I do not think it fair for you to call that whining. I would think that whining would refer to something less significant.
commented 2017-03-19 19:01:06 -0400
1. I consider a claim by Gavin McInnes that Jews were the perpetrators of the all of them or to be quite serious. I do not think it fair for you to call that whining. I would think that whining would refer to something less significant.
2 I am aware that Gavin’s comments and videos are frequently tongue-in-cheek. That was why I qualified that I watched the video that was nine and a half minutes long and that had no cuts. It is easy to change the meaning of something by taking it out of context and cutting it. That did not happen in this case unless, after Gavin claimed that the holodomor was perpetrated by Jews, he explains something afterwards. I cannot be certain that the video was not cut short after he made that claim but the entire nine and a half minute video that I saw had nothing tongue-in-cheek about it. Perhaps he was correct, I do not know enough about the makeup of the Soviet power structure at the time of the Holodomor.

The claim is serious. The video was not tongue-in-cheek.
commented 2017-03-19 13:12:46 -0400
Gavin McInnes has never offended me. In fact I enjoy his show and it never fails to bring a smile or laughter.
The fact of the matter is that there are people in this world that have no sense of humor or worse yet they CHOOSE to get offended at every little thing.
As for the two faced Coren, well he should strive to be more like Gavin, after all Gavin is nothing if not honest and being himself.
The Coren’s of this world are meaningless and insignificant.
commented 2017-03-19 09:56:46 -0400
When SUN TV sank, Coren realized that at his age, what he really needed was a nice, cushy, well-paid job….you know, something along the likes of CBC. So he started his metamorphosis quite a while ago to make himself acceptable to the Laurentian elite.

It has worked. He’s writing stuff now for the CBC, and I predict he’ll be a regular soon. The only question that remains unanswered is what his next pronouncement on his religion will be – Muslim, or Atheist?

Coren reminds me of Groucho’s quip: “I have principles, and if you don’t like ’em,…well, I have others.”
commented 2017-03-19 09:43:55 -0400
Coren: a silly little man who changes religions like a prima donna changes makeup.
commented 2017-03-19 02:47:41 -0400
Jay Kelly ,Attacks against Christians in France spiked 245% from 2008-2016. Is that Trumps fault as well? Sorry but we know exactly who is doing all the hate.
commented 2017-03-19 02:29:24 -0400
The thread of logic on this post got lost a couple of pages ago, and has taken off on some very strange tangents and rabbit trail. In other words, the conversation here has gotten just plain weird….. but amusing. I’m finding it quite entertaining, actually…. not particularly informative, but entertaining.
commented 2017-03-19 01:40:21 -0400
I see Jacks vagina is bleeding about Ezra and the Rebel like it often does.
I see Jay is still a fool, trying to blame Trump for all the hate that comes from Muslims and leftists.
I see Ezra is still getting to the whiny left wing crybabies. It is so much fun.
commented 2017-03-19 00:28:34 -0400
Relax non-lying Jay Kelly, relax.
commented 2017-03-19 00:23:54 -0400
Nnaumbua Farrell, you want to leave Levant hanging?

You can do better than that.
commented 2017-03-19 00:20:12 -0400
Nnaumbua Farrell,

I am talking to deplorables here, who have no concept of class, sophistication or progressiveness.
commented 2017-03-19 00:13:12 -0400
Non-lying, take it easy.
commented 2017-03-19 00:09:26 -0400
Hey! This post responds to the reaction The Rebel received in Israel.

What is your reaction to the reaction they received?
commented 2017-03-19 00:07:50 -0400
You’re very progressive Jack.
commented 2017-03-19 00:04:47 -0400
Terry MacLeod,

It’s really quite simple, unless you are fucking stupid – which apparently you are.

If Trump loses in 2020, it will confirm that Americans acknowledge that they were stupid to vote for him and made a mistake, which they are now rectifying with their vote in 2020.
commented 2017-03-19 00:02:15 -0400
Liza Rosie,

I guess you are not that hip. It means someone who is constantly complaining/whining about something, which is what you do when it comes to Trudeau, liberals and anything associated with liberals. You do exactly what you claim I am doing.
commented 2017-03-19 00:01:28 -0400
If Trump loses I’m right. If Trump wins Americans are stupid, so I still win. Only in Cloverdale.
commented 2017-03-19 00:00:41 -0400
Like many here, I also admired Bishop Coren once upon a time. When he was with Sun, I thought he was a pretty hard-copy kind of interviewer. He used to complain a lot about the debating or interviewing techniques of those who disagreed with him, making like they were juvenile or even infantile and selling it pretty good. Then I saw him interview Jodie Emery twice. He used every dirty technique on her that I’d heard him bitch mightily about when used against him, previously. It was full of innuendo, raised eyebrows, blatant questioning of her morals and ideals with no justification, and outright lies told as accusatory truths. I realized then that all that complaining I’d kinda admired before was just whining. I’ve kinda hated him since, and everything I’ve seen about him since then has reinforced that feeling. What a two faced opportunistic weak loser. I regret ever agreeing with him about anything.
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