March 18, 2017

For Jews only: The truth about Gavin McInnes, Israel and the Media

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

We just got back from our trip to Israel, which was amazing. That’s not just my opinion, either.

Israel’s largest newspaper, Israel Today, loved one of Faith Goldy’s videos so much, they uploaded it with Hebrew captions — and it received nearly a million views in the first two days. Pretty incredible for a country of just 8.5 million people.

Not to be outdone, Al Jazeera hated one of Faith’s videos so much that after they criticized it, it got about TWO million views in the first two days.

In Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, strangers would call out to us.

They recognized me or Gavin McInnes from our videos.

A speakers bureau in Tel Aviv asked Gavin to give a talk, on one day’s notice, and more than 200 people RSVPd, and Gavin did a hilarious half-speech, half comedy routine, partly as himself, partly in character as his PLO-loving leftist brother “Miles.” So many people wanted to come work for us. I’d love to set up an Israel bureau.

If you want to see all of our videos from that recent trip, go to

Now, normally I’d end this video there.

But I have another part to this video that’s just for Jews.

Because something funny popped up during and after this trip.

Actually, a few things happened all at once:

We went to Israel; and by coincidence in the same week, one of our contributors, Jay Fayza, criticized white nationalism, in a fairly thoughtful way.

And then Gavin McInnes made some off-colour comments, as he does pretty much every day, but he went pretty far this time. That video wasn’t for the Rebel, but for another TV company he works for.

But he still made a correction that we posted at I’m glad he did.

But all these things together shook out some of our viewers who were anti-Semitic or racist. How many do you think that was out of our 600,000?

It was about half a percent.

About 3,000 people quit being YouTube subscribers to us over our trip to Israel, because they thought we were too Jewish, and Jay Fayza was too anti-racist, and Gavin McInnes was too mean to neo-Nazis. Who cares?

But there is one other group that’s really mad as us:

Liberal Jews.

Specifically, four liberal Jewish journalists.

They’re saying we’re anti-Semitic.

These people are insane.

This particular incident has taught me something about anti-Semitism that I’d like to share with you.

I hope you’ll watch and see what I mean…

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commented 2017-03-18 23:59:18 -0400
Calm yourself non-lying Jay Kelly. All you have to do is stop lying.
commented 2017-03-18 23:55:18 -0400
Ouch! Is Nnaumbua Farrell a woman or a man? I thought she was a woman. I apologize if necessary. I thought Nnaumbua is a woman’s name.

She (or he) still must answer for those anti-Jewish statements. Does Nnaumbua Farrell think that Jews are fully human?

Answer that question.
commented 2017-03-18 23:53:09 -0400
“This coming from someone who constantly has a bloody vagina over Trudeau”
Jack, what does that even mean, he makes me menstruate? How does one have a bloody vagina in reaction to something repugnant?
I love how you have taken this thread off into the ditch Jack. Its what this ‘non’ issue deserves. Lighten up Buttercup.
commented 2017-03-18 23:41:37 -0400
Great respect for women Jack. We should all listen to you.
commented 2017-03-18 23:39:52 -0400
liza Rosie,

This coming from someone who constantly has a bloody vagina over Trudeau and if he is re-elected, you just might bleed to death.

If Trump is out in 2020 as well, I am quite sure you will not be calm that America and Canada are run by liberals. I look forward to 2019/2020.
commented 2017-03-18 23:33:25 -0400
Jay Kelly as usual you go around so many corners you get yourself lost, but keep trying.

Jack, Jimmy, Mannie and all of your previous alias’s, I love to see a simple lefty like yourself set your hair on fire. But be sure to pull those twisted panties up before you fall on your face and burn your toes off.
commented 2017-03-18 23:32:08 -0400
Thanks again for your usual sophistry non-lying Jay Kelly. Ezra referring to Coren et al as insane was for their response to the activities of the Rebel not Trump.
commented 2017-03-18 23:26:01 -0400
Jack Coverdale commented

“Drew Wakariuk,

Trump won’t win and come next week – liberals are going to be laughing their asses off and relentlessly mocking the fuck out of you and others here as we say that we told you so. You are going to be shitting your pants and bleeding from your vagina over the crushing loss and it’s going to be glorious for me and other liberals. "
commented 2017-03-18 23:23:02 -0400
The unspoken truth, which TheRebel knows well, is that hatred spewed toward foreigners and Muslims lands on Jews. Most Canadians and Western Europeans do not really know the difference between Muslims and Jews. During Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States anti-semitic crimes have increased three-fold.

The liberal Jewish journalists are not “insane”. Hatred toward Jews in North America has grown exponentially since Donald Trump was elected president.

On what grounds does TheRebel wriggle out of this? Clue: Trump’s son-in -law is a Jew (so every thing is going to be alright).
commented 2017-03-18 23:17:29 -0400
Nnaumbua Farrell,

Everyone pretty much got it wrong – including Las Vegas odd makers. We underestimated the utter stupidity of Americans and it’s fantastic that only a few weeks in, many Americans are realizing that they are making a huge mistake.

Depending on who the Democrats run in 2020, Trump will most likely be out – which will prove that I was right all along, since most President’s get a second term. In other words – I will have the last laugh along with countless who can’t believe that America fell for a con man.
commented 2017-03-18 23:15:58 -0400
Um Jack, I don’t need you to translate for me.
commented 2017-03-18 22:39:11 -0400
Jack Coverdale commented:

“Hillary will have the last laugh when she is President and you all look like the morons that you are.

Better buy the Depends diapers now and tampons, because you are going to be shitting in your pants a whole lot coming November and bleeding from your vagina’s as you can’t believe that Canada AND America is run by Liberals."
commented 2017-03-18 21:36:12 -0400
Bravo Ezra!
Supportive gentile here. You have described the situation beautifully. These pathetic left wing kooks are the ones who are anti Semite. How can they stand against Israel and call us anti’ Semitic??

You are right. These sad excuse for journalists, hate conservatives so much they are using all the ‘nasty’ cards they can fit into an article or commentary. ‘Nazi’ and ‘anti Semitic’? We stand with Israel so how does that fly?
Coran, Brown nose, Kay jr. and Goldstein are pathetic self loathing hypocrites! Self loathing coupled with fear is a very ugly thing, and that is what these left wingnuts are running on. Shame on them for ignoring the real anti Semitic problems and culprits.
Leftists and Islam.
Leftists and Islam.
Leftists and Islam.
commented 2017-03-18 20:54:35 -0400
You have to face it. The Rebel is very successful. The Left is not going to like that one bit. They have to find something, anything, no matter how small, to criticize any conservative success.
commented 2017-03-18 20:45:23 -0400
Michael Coren is a turncoat traitor and a moral coward. A truly despicable and ball-less “man”.
commented 2017-03-18 20:30:12 -0400
Be proud! Andrew Breitbart (RIP) and his Nazi pal Joel Pollock are fellow anti-semites!
You actually have to be a news junkie to see just how biased the MSM really is.
Seriously, for 1 month do the following; Each day take the time to follow CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, Slate, Politico, Breitbart, Drudge, Huffpo, NYT, WAPO, WSJ on just one (1) news itemand at the end of the day draw your own conclusions. Sorry, I forgot CBC but Huffpo and MSNBC have them covered, so you needn’t waste your time.
commented 2017-03-18 20:24:13 -0400
I detect some grubby little Marxist espousing their BS on this page. This is really encouraging, it shows that the Rebel is hitting them where it embarrasses them most. The real truth always winds these morons up.

I wonder, perhaps one of them is known as Justin, when he is not making comments on the Rebel.
commented 2017-03-18 20:04:21 -0400
One of the clauses in a union contract is a definition of who is the legal agent of grievance…that being the union.

On many occassions as a shop stewart I had to put out fires created by freelancers and ad hoc commitees and shills of management who tried to usurp that role. But all it took was invoking that contract clause and that was the end of it.

To all who have posted on this thread attacking theREBEL or Gavin….if you are not a Jew….FUCK OFF YOU ARE NOT THEIR AGENT OF GRIEVANCE WITH LEGAL STANDING… fact nobody really is but the courts do recognize B’Nai Brith and the CJC.

I am actually glad that the democrats in the states have been telling their white members to STFU and let the grievance groups express their own grievances in their own words. The gold dust panning of the self loathing whites has been killing their legitimacy and credibility. I care little if any white liberal thinks I am any sort of “ist” or “phobe”….it’s none of their fucking business.

It is the worst thing about SJWs is that they think they were appointed to be commisars.
commented 2017-03-18 19:24:17 -0400
Michael Coren? He’s still alive? Wow I thought that whiny windbag had passed as it’s been so long since I heard or saw anything from him. Must be pretty down on his luck if taking cheap shots at The Rebel is the only way he can get his name in the news again!
commented 2017-03-18 19:12:54 -0400
Rebel Team, your fact finding mission in Israel was greatly appreciated.
I’m surprised your team is being accused of being anti-Semitic; and, I agree with Ezra that the journalists are using this term to wound. It looks like a concerted effort to create a backlash, and to discredit Rebel Media.
I support you. I’m glad to hear the neo-nazis have unsubcribed;good riddance!
commented 2017-03-18 18:20:28 -0400
Michael Coren. Poor fellow has changed churches more times than Maggie T. changed bedfellows.
commented 2017-03-18 18:14:44 -0400
Don Carlos Cervantes:

Don’t forget that M. Coren and E. Levant were also both at the Western Standard magazine for about three years. I think that the Ontario sex ed story from about two years ago may have been the issue that drove a wedge between them but I could be wrong about that.
commented 2017-03-18 18:00:57 -0400
When Coren flipped 180% and supported gay activity, he became persona non grata with orthodox Christians and his lucrative writing gigs with them dried up. Now the only few gigs left for him are Catholic bashing ones in the secular media. He sounds like the bitter loser in a messy divorce case.
commented 2017-03-18 18:00:28 -0400
One of the strange pathologies of liberal Jews is the desire to be “liked”. They don’t I identify with “a nation that dwells alone”, which the bible clearly states Israel will be. So anything they can do to show that they’re not like “them”, well so much the better. It even effects the Jewish right to some extant “A Place Among The Nations” by Bibi comes to mind.
Yet try as they might the world finds a way to single them out for special treatment.
commented 2017-03-18 17:38:07 -0400
@ Ezra Levant: You will forgive me for watching the entirety of your discussion about four Leftist Jewish journalists and their attacking of you and other members of ‘The Rebel’ for anti-Semitism. I am not Jewish, Christian actually, but sometimes I have to remind myself of that because of my largely unconditional support of Israel as well as my support of ‘The Rebel’. PS. Yes, I get it that ‘The Rebel’ is not particularly Jewish even though you as a Jew founded ‘The Rebel’, along with a non-Jew, Brian Lilley. One of the main reasons I support ‘The Rebel’ is because you are stoutly supportive of Israel.

What I find particularly disturbing about your discussion is that it involved Jonathan Kay and Michael Coren. Jonathan Kay really not so much, because I have read enough his articles for The National Post to appreciate what a die hard, knee jerk reactionary Leftie he has become. I have his number. It is when I contrast him with his wonderful mother, Barbara Kay, who is such an articulate and bedrock reliable conservative journalist that I find myself amazed that they are even related. I hope they keep separate residences because I suspect breakfast table conversations would be a challenge.

It is however about the descent to which you allege that Michael Coren has sunk, which bothers me the most. I have followed Coren for years, first on his old TV show on CTS (now Yes TV), called I believe, ‘The Michael Coren Show’ and then later on the now defunct SNN (Sun News Network), where he had his own prime time slot along with you and Brian Lilley, at different times. In those days, I, as a Christian conservative, respected Coren because I thought he was one as well. You were a frequent guest of his shows on both networks and I seem to recall the both of you getting along very well and having a lot of time for each other. What has happened that a onetime friend and supporter like Coren has fallen into such disrepute?

I realize that Coren is a bit of a loose cannon religiously, rolling back and forth between Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism. Now its beginning to appear that he is a loose cannon ideologically, rolling back and forth between conservatism and, ugh, liberalism.

I hope he hasn’t taken to attending the mosque with Justin Trudeau.
commented 2017-03-18 17:29:16 -0400
“Chester Koenig commented 3 hours ago
F**k Ezra Levant and f**k The Rebel. Seriously. "
Fuck off Chester. Assholes like you are not required.
commented 2017-03-18 16:50:11 -0400
@ Elton Braun

Yes, I witnessed the same transformation. It was an almost surreal “real time” shift in his thinking. I thought it was rather creepy. I stopped watching his shows on Sun News after that and never watched any of them on The Rebel. Now it seems he has gone full throttle to the left. He was only here for a couple of months at the beginning and I am so very glad he did not stay at The Rebel.
commented 2017-03-18 16:41:22 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,990 Attacks, 211,567 Killed, 295,670 Injured that we know of.

When Michael Coren first came to Christianity, he was inspired to do so by TV Evangelist, Terry Winters, and he became an Evangelical. But as he began to dig into the Christian faith, he became convinced of the headship of Rome and the succession Peter, thus his conversion to Catholicism. He then came out with that New York Times best seller, “Why Catholics are Right”. He made a lot of very cogent arguments in the book, and while I didn’t agree with them, there was a thread of sound logic throughout, and I had to respect that. But then this screwy weird conversion to Anglicanism, and not orthodox Anglicanism, but Anti-Biblical, homosexual affirming Anglicanism…. that embraces same-sex marriage and the ordination of practicing homosexuals. I had always considered Michael Coren to be a very intelligent man, and certainly far better educated than myself. But in this latest conversion, he abandoned all logic, all common sense and Christian doctrine, and went with “feelings”. He says he can understand them because he also was sexually active before marriage. Big deal! So was I! I’ve never been married, but I sure had a lot of fun in the 60s. BUT IT WAS SIN!!! I never considered anything but sin. But I thought I was going to live forever so I just didn’t care enough at the time. But I never tried to rationalize it or justify it. If you call yourself a Christian, there is absolutely no way you can make it OK. You have to own it and repent. It seams to me that Michael Coren has become a spineless schizophrenic, who bends which ever way the wind blows at any given time, and that’s too bad.