May 10, 2018

Ford’s “hand-picked” Toronto Centre candidate is a stellar example of why PCs might LOSE

David MenziesMission Specialist


Doug Ford was adamant that unlike in the dark days of Patrick Brown, the new PC Party would be beholden to the grassroots, but consider Meredith Cartwright, the Ford appointed candidate in Toronto Centre.

She’s a human rights lawyer and a lifelong Liberal who once ran one of the largest Liberal women’s clubs in the country.

There was no nomination process, and Meredith is about as left-of-centre as you can get.

Prior to the Ontario leadership debate on Monday, I spoke to a few Cartwright supporters, and Meredith herself, assembled outside the CityTV studio in downtown Toronto.

They didn’t really seem all that engaged on the issues. We found out why later.

As for Meredith, she didn’t seem to know very much about human rights commissions.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your hand-picked PC Candidate for Toronto Centre, and yet another stellar example of why the PCs might just blow this election come June 7th.

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commented 2018-05-11 21:49:36 -0400
So disappointing. All enthusiasm gone.
commented 2018-05-11 18:09:18 -0400
You are the best David. The latest videos on the Ford betral were well done. The following is a comment from a best friend:
“I cannot think about these things without feeling sick to my stomach at the hopelessness and the dishonesty.” I encouraged her (along with others) to join the PC party so she could help vote to get Ford nominated and this is the thanks we get. I have now declined any help for the local candidate. I’m not standing in the rain to put signs out at 2 AM for this piece of garbage.
commented 2018-05-11 11:15:02 -0400
Deborah, yup.
commented 2018-05-11 10:58:57 -0400
Democracy has been hijacked and needs to be corrected. Doug is trusting the wrong people and he needs to correct his errors. Tanya was the only one I would trust out of the other candidates. Princess Caroline had enough pull in the party, to have David Menzies from the Rebel removed during the leadership vote, because of the questions he had asked her about her dad. I’m putting my money on her backstabbing backers.
commented 2018-05-11 10:54:26 -0400
The government is supposed to support and uphold the WILL of the people. If this woman(?) had been the people’s choice, she would have won the candidacy, not been handed it, her by her fellow lieberals against the will of the constituents and of the entire base in the province. This is an outrage.
commented 2018-05-11 10:49:39 -0400
‘Hand picked’ candidates are an insult to the electorate. ESPECIALLY when they are put in place after the people’s choice is given the boot.
Stupid. Doug is weak for listening to these wingnuts. Ignore your base at your own risk.
commented 2018-05-11 10:46:29 -0400
“Are you calling Doug Ford a Liberal? "
Ford is allowing himself to be co opted by conservatives IN NAME ONLY. Do you know what that makes him? A pathetic wanna be. An ineffective, neutered turncoat. If he continues on this road, he will have earned the CINO title as well. He didn’t need this to get in.
commented 2018-05-11 09:43:12 -0400
That’s an interesting interpolation from a simple statement of political strategy. Probably a bit overboard, though. Your “irony” is pretty much a gigantic strawman – you’ve set up a fantasy and are arguing against your own speculation, rather than reality.

Are you calling Doug Ford a Liberal? Or perhaps, that tabling a candidate that has some chance of actually winning in a very left leaning riding is a bad idea? No wonder conservatism is being left in the past – you’re wilfully refusing to be relevant to modern, urban society if you do that.

Governments are supposed to represent ALL their constituents. Not just a small, vocal subset of them. I maintain that Ford is unfit to govern, but he’s a canny campaigner.

The pretend offense about “Judeo-Christian” values is nothing more than manufactured outrage intended to drive pageviews. I am not Judeo-Christian and have no interest in being forced to live under its dictates. Luckily secular law greatly overlaps religious values (the disparities being mostly in matters of individual freedoms vs arbitrary religious doctrine, of which the government lets you choose which you personally want), and thus gives the freedom for both subscribers and non-subscribers to co-exist within it peacefully. State endorsed religion is unequivocally wrong – the government should not be picking cultural winners nor losers.
commented 2018-05-11 00:48:59 -0400
“I wouldn’t just throw away ridings on principle.” – Andrew Stephenson

That’s because you’re a liberal and principles are a foreign concept to liberals. Expediency is everything to you. That’s why your ‘reality’ is constantly devolving and will eventually will devolve into total barbarism. That has been underway under your sway for some time now, as human life gets ever cheaper under liberal rule. Eventually anyone who disagrees with you will be considered expendable. Such is liberal madness. It will come to an end when your tolerance of anything and everything except Judeo-Christian principles of civilized human behavior brings a completely intolerant fascist force down on you like a ton of bricks because accepting it uncritically and unreservedly without the guiding principle of critical historical analysis was the liberal thing to do. Even now it is beginning, and you are welcoming it. Such a delicious, if tragic, irony.
commented 2018-05-11 00:09:28 -0400
So, he’s wrong for picking a candidate that actually has a chance of picking up Toronto Centre? If I was a politician that actually wanted to win I wouldn’t just throw away ridings on principle.

Not sure why you’d expect someone who has never once shown a hint of ideological consistency, would suddenly start now.
commented 2018-05-10 23:51:30 -0400
oye vay.
commented 2018-05-10 20:49:34 -0400
commented 2018-05-10 18:54:47 -0400
Doug needs to clean house. The party elite are playing him for a fool. This event looks like a setup.
commented 2018-05-10 18:43:36 -0400
This Country is in massive trouble.
Do not I repeat let these lying liberals back into power.

If you vote liberal you are the cause of Ontario’s problems. Not lying scheming Wynne, not your mother, not your spouse, YOU.
commented 2018-05-10 17:51:55 -0400
As an Ontarian, I want Wynne out! I’m not staying home or voting NDP.
I’m dismayed with what’s happening, and, IMO Doug Ford has to clean house. Will he do this before the election, I doubt it.
I will continue to e-mail my concerns, perhaps if he gets enough Conservatives telling him to find a spine where the media is concerned and stop back stepping & back stabbing, he just might listen.
commented 2018-05-10 17:15:58 -0400
It just goes to show you the depths these globalists will go to for power and control over the masses. They are all following the UN’s Agenda 21 plan to a Tee. They have infiltrated all governments, and political parties.
commented 2018-05-10 16:48:43 -0400
What a sh#t show!
commented 2018-05-10 16:30:14 -0400
Provincial parties are no different that Federal. Your choices are Communist, radical Socialist, or Lib-lite. There was a lot of optimism in MB when we dumped the NDP, only to find out all we got was a name change on the Provincial stationary. Hold your nose and vote for the party you hope will do the least damage.
commented 2018-05-10 16:28:17 -0400
Great. Another “conservative” who drops his principles to reach for the brass ring. MEH. No wonder most people don’t bother voting any more.
commented 2018-05-10 15:54:56 -0400
I’m going to make a wild guess about who is behind this, and that is the Wynne, the snake, and her globalist friends, including the PM, who don’t want to lose her power and control.
commented 2018-05-10 15:28:36 -0400
Doug Ford—I second John Zealand’s post.

DOUG, please send this fake conservative packing back to the libtards…please. Meredith Cartwright has only one job and that is to sabotage the party. Find out who did this and fire both saboteurs.
commented 2018-05-10 15:08:46 -0400
Yipes! Looks like a plant to discredit Doug by astroturfing with paid actors.
commented 2018-05-10 14:38:43 -0400
At least Ontarian get a choice. Extreme left, far left and left. Of course that will be construed as left, centre left, and extreme right.
commented 2018-05-10 14:37:23 -0400
The swamp should have been drained but the swamp is draining the PC Party. When, oh, when will the conservatives ever learn?
commented 2018-05-10 14:00:29 -0400
David Menzies, have you ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? Or the statement, ’Be careful what you wish for?" If Doug Ford does lose this election what do you imagine that will do to your conservative street cred? Just a thought.
commented 2018-05-10 14:00:27 -0400
Boy she had a perfect opportunity to explain her change in values and couldnt. Well, at least she didn’t lie.
commented 2018-05-10 13:29:11 -0400
DOUG, please send this fake conservative packing back to the libtards…please. Meredith Cartwright has only one job and that is to sabotage the party. Find out who did this and fire both saboteurs.